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This Is The Cheapest S550 Ford Mustang On eBay


If you’ve ever looked at a rental spec Ford Mustang with its tiny wheels, wheezy V6 engine and yawn-inducing black interior and thought to yourself “oh yeah, that’s the car for me,” then we have the eBay listing of your dreams!

This 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible, listed for sale by Ultimate Motorsport Inc. in Houston, Texas, is the cheapest S550-generation Mustang currently for sale through the online auction site. It’s packing 3.7-liters of V6 power under its hood, which is paired with a six-speed slushbox. This setup has powered it through 53,545 miles of driving and everything seems to be in decent shape, with the car showing no obvious signs of mistreatment.

The mileage may be quite low, but this car is cheap due its options – or rather its lack thereof. This is essentially the cheapest Mustang Convertible you could buy in 2015, featuring the standard TFT display stereo and cloth seats. It’s not all bad though, with respectable standard equipment like 18-inch wheels, a remote starter and a power driver’s seat sweetening the deal a little bit. 

According to Kelley Blue Book’s valuation tool, the average going rate for a Mustang in this spec and condition is a little bit less than this. Such tools are a bit conservative sometimes, though, so this seems to be a decent deal if you’re in the market for a V6 Ford Mustang Convertible. It should be noted that a Mustang in a similar spec could be bought new for not too much more than $15k, however.

Check out the listing at this link and feel free to let us know if you think this Florida/Hawaii vacation rental spec Mustang its worth its $15,000 asking price in the comments down below.

(source: eBay/Ultimate Motorsports Inc.)

Photos via Ultimate Motorsport Inc.


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  1. Richard Pennington

    You can find S550 convertibles for less in South Florida. That market has the nation’s lowest prices. Craigslist is your friend….

  2. Paul

    Cheapest meaning least expensive I gather.


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