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Here’s What’s New For The 2019 Ford Flex

The Ford Flex crossover will be discontinued in 2020, which means that the 2019 model year will be its last on the market. For one reason or another, the Flex never really caught on with consumers in the same way as other crossovers from the Blue Oval, with sales of the squarish crossover/wagon only being a fraction of those of the similarly-sized Ford Explorer. In fact, Ford Flex sales were about 8 percent of Ford Explorer sales during the 2018 calendar year in the United States.

For its final model year, the Ford Flex is getting a few small changes, based on information compiled by Ford Authority.


Two new colors are begin added to the color palette of the 2019 Ford Flex: Agate Black and Stone Gray.

Meanwhile, Ford has removed Shadow Black and White Gold from the lineup.


The trim level lineup for the 2019 Ford Flex carries over unmodified from the 2018 model, offering the following trims, from base to range-topping:

  • SE
  • SEL
  • Limited


No changes are being made to the 2019 Ford Flex powertrain, with the following two gasoline engines remaining on tap:

  • 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 in either FWD or AWD making 287 horsepower and 254 pound-feet of torque, and
  • 3.5L EcoBoost V6 only in AWD making 365 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque

Both engines are mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with SelectShift capability.

It’s worth noting that the standard 3.5-liter V6 can be optioned with front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive. Also, an engine block heater is now available in all states as a standalone option. Previously, it was standard in the states of AK, MN, ND, SD, MT, WI and WY and availability in all states required a Fleet Identification Number (FIN).


No changes are being made for the 2019 Ford Flex besides the aforementioned color-related changes.


The wheel lineup for the 2019 Flex will not receive any changes. The wheel options are as follows.

Size Description Availability
17 inch Sparkle Silver-Painted Aluminum Standard on SE
18 inch Sparkle Silver-Painted Aluminum Standard on SEL
19 inch Premium Luster Nickel Painted Aluminum Standard on Limited
20 inch Sparkle Silver Painted Aluminum Optional on SEL
20 inch High-gloss Ebony Black Painted Machined Aluminum Included with Appearance Package
20 inch Polished Aluminum  Optional on Limited 300A and 301A; Included in Limited 303A


Inside, the 2019 Ford Flex sees only one rather minor change, if it can be called that: the power converter 110V outlet is now called “110V/150W AC power outlet”. That’s it. Nothing more.

Safety & Security

No safety and security changes have been made for the 2019 Ford Flex.

Drive Assist

Drive Assist systems go unchanged for the 2019 Ford Flex.


No packages have been created, changed, or removed for the 2019 Ford Flex.

And that’s all that’s new and different for the 2019 Ford Flex. With Ford withdrawing from offering cars in the North American market, the automaker will look to crossovers to fill the void in terms of sales volume, but the Flex won’t be part of what will make up the difference, since the wagon-like CUV will be discontinued after the 2019 model year. So if you want one, better grab it now.

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Austin is an automotive enthusiast from Buffalo, NY with a passion for speed. When Austin isn't writing about the auto industry you can find him racing go-karts, competing in time attack events, or autocrossing his 2017 Toyota 86—with a manual transmission, of course!

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  1. Jersey

    As a Flex owner I could not understand why Ford created it and then dropped all marketing of it. The styling change of the nose did not help sales either. It is a very flex-ible station wagon/cuv that has more 3rd row legroom than most.

  2. Independent Vyu

    I have found the Ford Flex to have the bread box lines that all have complained of but I have been truly amazed at the individual reviews I received from the Flex owners. I constantly have approached Flex owners for years in parking lots to get their feedback of this vehicle. I was pleasantly surprised to hear every owner say that they absolute love the vehicle. Most of the Flex owners told me that it was the best vehicle they ever owned. Almost every owner overwhelmingly loved the comfort, ride, handling, powertrain, capabilities, capacities, fuel mileage and the flexibility. More than half of the Flex owners informed me that they previously owned minivans and said they would never go back. Not one of the hundreds of owners that I approached complained to me of the Flex.

    Ford got out of the minivan market at the termination of the 2007 Freestar production and replaced it with the 2009 Flex as a crossover vehicle. Ford could have addressed the controversy styling of the vehicle but absolutely refused. Every Flex owner informed me that they would never consider the Transit Connect since it became available stateside in 2010. Ford apparently created a good vehicle that would have been wildly successful only if they could have got potential owners past the controversial exterior styling or made/adjusted the Flex styling to be more appealing. The Ford Explorer and the Ford Transit are the only other available vehicles in the company portfolio to appease this 6/7 passenger market.

    I have owned both the Ford Windstar and the Ford Freestar but never owned a Flex even though me and my wife both wanted one. We are still considering one at this time.

  3. George S

    All what was needed was to get a license to name it Range Rover XL and Ford probably would need three shifts to keep up with demand. Take a look at he Rover, just what mentioned above, it needed a little styling make over.

  4. Bob Dobson

    While working with Ford on some of the Fleet vehicles one thing I noticed was the use of the Flex by the employees and the engineers on various programs. So one day I asked one of them and they said its the best all round vehicle for hauling people and equipment. It drives like an Explorer Sport but has tons of room for all their gear. They had nothing but good things to say about it. I agree with the above comments if the styling was improved and some marketing support was added I bet the sales of the Flex would vastly improve. Oh well too late now it’s gone.

  5. Donald hayes

    After trading my extremely disappointing 2015 Chrysler 200S V6 for a then new 2017 Escape Titanium Awd 2 0. I was considering a Flex during my vehicle shopping. I found it an attractive vehicle, specially with the right color and large wheel package. Being empty nesters, it was larger than needed since my wife had just purchased a then new 2017 Edge Sport, moving to a Ford product for the first time. I have to add we both love our Ford Suvs. The Flex is an amazing vehicle with it’s handling, room, technology and somewhat quirky looks. My Dealership only had one in stock and didn’t seem interested in selling the Flex. This was mid 2017 and when discussing different SUV options. It never made the conversation until I stumbled across it hidden in the rear of the lot. I was never offered a test drive, but requested one and as mentioned earlier. I was was pleasantly surprised. Just to large for my needs. Ford simply forgot the Flex, which is a shame. Especially for families or those who needed more hauling space for passengers. It’s hard to sell a good product when you hide it or fail to market it and that’s what Ford did with the flex. When my kids were younger I drove a Windstars and Expeditions and with a family I would have definitely considered the flex. I feel bad it didn’t get a fair shake and I think it’s a great vehicle that Ford should have been successful with. I just think it’s a complete failure on Ford’s part. Like mention in other comments. The few people I’ve come across driving a Flex said they loved it. The problem is most people didn’t even know the flex existed.

  6. Gloria

    It is heartbreaking that Ford did nothing to really advertise this wonderful vehicle after the first two years. I am a repeat Ford Flex owner after coming out of 2002 Ford Explorer in 2011. I didn’t like the redesign of the Explorer and now they are dropping the Flex.

    Next year when I am in the market to for a new vehicle I hope there will be something worthwhile.

    Very disappointed customer.


    A friend of mine had a Flex as a rental vehicle a couple of years ago. He absolutely loved it.

  8. I've been around the world, I've seen a million girls

    Maybe the bronco or bronco mini will replace it

  9. I've been around the world I've seen a million girls

    Maybe it will be replaced by the bronco or mini bronco

  10. john bell

    I had a 2009 w/ 6 passenger option. Drove it 155,000 miles and traded it in 2012 for a F150. No I am going to get a 2019 Limited/Platinum ecoboost AWD 6 passenger.

  11. Chris

    I feel like the Flex is basically going the route of the Scion. It’s a super USEFUL vehicle, but looks kind of goofy.

  12. Sharon

    My husband is 6’3″ and I did some research on what was the best vehicle for leg room in the front and back seat. Our brand sons are very tall also and I wanted something they would be comfortable in. The Flex was one of only two vehicles, recommended for tall peoples comfort. We just happened to .com across one at a local dealer, that had been a company car ,at a great deal that we could afford. I was in need of a hip replacement at the time,and it worked wonderful for me before and after my hip replacement. It is the limited edition and has so many perks that have made my life so much easier. I Absolutly love my Flex and I feel blessed to have found it. I am sad that Ford never got behind them, and they won’t be making them any more. I want to add, my grandkids love it also and love to drive it every chance they get, so I think there would have been a future for it with better marketing !!

  13. ACDII

    “For one reason or another, the Flex never really caught on with consumer”

    Gee, one would wonder how any of them sold since Ford never MARKETED the Flex!!! It was never shown in the line up, never in their brochures, never in commercials, at least none that I have seen. Only way I found out is by seeing one locked up on display at the 2009 auto show. I bought one the next year, and LOVED it! I made the stupid mistake of trading it for an F150. I got another one in 2013, it was Tuxedo Black Appearance package Limited Ecoboost. I called it Darth Wagon, because it looked like a Sith lord from the front. Loved it, sadly crashed it in a blinding whiteout into a white car that was dead in the road with no lights. If I didn’t need an F150, I would have another one, Great car!

  14. Arnold W. Mooney

    How did Ford expect to promote the Ford Flex if no one ever bothered to advertise it? It seems to have been something that was produced and then neglected. No wonder it never ‘caught on’. I own a 2013 Flex and it is a great machine. Very disappointed Ford has elected to let the Flex silently slip away…………….

  15. Tabetha Cetrangola

    The Ford Flex filled a void in the market which provided tall people the headroom they needed and people who were shorter or had hip issues the ability to access easily. So many vehicles do not take into account that most couples have height differences that are not easily overcome when choosing a family vehicle. Ford actually hit this out of the park with the Ford Flex, but savvy consumers will ask, when do the parts become obsolete when purchasing? and this will lower its sale value. There has been little or no advertising of this vehicle and its value to the consumer, which I feel would have turned the page for sales. Ford she have a better company working thier vehicles and audiences for advertising, someone who understands a target audience.

  16. DJSwanson

    We had a 2011 Flex and really liked it. Roomy, great handling, no mechanical issues whatsoever. Put 89,000 miles on it. Considered getting another one and almost did – went to a crew cab pickup instead for more usefulness. But if I could have a second vehicle it would be a Flex. Too bad the car never got the marketing support it needed. Furs is making a BAD decision dropping cars from the U.S. lineup. I bought Ford for years but they’ve lost my business- goodbye.

  17. B Lindner

    I won’t just repeat what all have said above, just that it’s clear that if the Flex had been marketed properly Ford would have had a winner on it’s hands. All it took was for me to ride in my sister’s new 2009 model to know that eventually I would have one. I love my Flex and I’m sorry that it took me so long to get it. It’s a real shame that Ford is letting it go. Looks like I’ll have to start collecting replacement parts and I can’t imagine owning another Ford or another car. I spoke to an Explorer owner just yesterday who approached me in a parking lot and asked if I liked my Flex. She said she’d had a Flex before she bought the Explorer, said the Flex was much more comfortable and she missed. She also mentioned that she had heard that Ford was dropping the model, which led me here. What a shame! It took us months to find our Flex because there were so few available! Wake up.

  18. PMarshall

    My husband is in a wheelchair, and the Flex is perfect for us. We have a 2012, and he can easily transfer himself into the vehicle with it being lower than other SUV’s, and there is enough room in the back with the 3rd row down for his chair to go in without me having to break it down at all. We were going to be replacing our Flex in about 2021, and I am so disappointed that there will not be new Flex’s. Hopefully we will be able to find something equivalent.

  19. Suzanne

    The Ford Flex has been my favorite vehicle ever and I will tell anyone that will listen. I currently have 174k miles on my Flex and will be in the market soon for a new vehicle. I had every intention of getting another Flex but now I have no idea what I will consider. I do not understand why it is being discontinued. I have had more people ask me about my Flex than any other vehicle. I have had people ask me to roll down my window while sitting at stoplights to question me about the Flex. I’m so disappointed that I will not have the opportunity to purchase a new Flex.

  20. Nickson

    I have been in my 2011 Ford flex for about four years already and I absolutely love it. I’m actually trying to trade it in for a 2019 and I am so sad to hear it will be the last of the flex years. The car is amazing it has so much space for me to put anything I want with the third row down so much room for my two young daughters in the backseat and still so much room for myself and my passenger. I’m only even trying to trade in the one I have nowBecause at the time it was all I could afford and now I definitely want Bluetooth in the back up camera. I already have 120,000 miles on it and it runs like a gem!! You’d never feel the difference of 3k to now

  21. Bill

    I love my flex and have just ordered a new one. Had a hard time finding a dealer that would order one but finally did. It is the most comfortable and roomy car I have ever had. It fits families and large people. I’m so sorry they have discontinued it.

    1. apl

      You are very lucky. I did not find out Ford was discontinuing the Flex until recently. We have had four and were hoping to lease our fifty Flex. Ford does not offer another vehicle like the Flex – in either value, capability, or comfort. The other Ford vehicles fall short on the price value, do not the roominess and the every row leg room available, or offer so many features as an affordable price. Neither does any other manufacturer. Will look to see if possibly there is a Flex AWD in a dealership inventory with all of the features we need and the features we do not want. There was rumor of a short model year for 2020, but guess someone at Ford made the awful mistake of cancelling the production year and the model.

      1. Bill

        Picked up my new 2019 Flex last week. I guess it will be the last Flex I’ll own, however, I got 10 years out of my last flex and hope to get at least that many this time. Hope some company picks up the torch for a Flex look alike during the next 10 years

  22. Stephen Dunn

    I have had 2 Ford Flexs and would have certainly bought a 3rd. There is no other car they offer I would ever consider. I always considered Ford head and shoulders above other car companies but their failure to promote this car and now discontinue it makes me believe otherwise. Someone at Ford has their head in the sand!

    1. ACDII

      Ford has been downgraded to Junk bond status. With stupid moves like not advertising a great vehicle that is far above what any other company offers, Not enhancing it or upgrading over the years and then discontinuing it though it is sought after, can anyone blame Moody’s?

  23. Glenda

    I sold my 2012 flex to a friend that needed a car. Big mistake. I purchased a Toyota Highlander, and really miss my Flex. I would have purchased another Flex, but read Ford was discontinuing it ☹️

  24. Angela Dpid

    I own a 2012 Flex – I wish they were not discontinuing them – They are a great car and lots of buzz about them now. I agree that Ford did not do do diligence in marketing them and if they would they would see the sales increase. I have let people test drive mine, and when I got rear ended last month barely did any damage to mine and totaled the Nissan that hit me.

  25. Angela Doud

    I own a 2012 Flex – I wish they were not discontinuing them – They are a great car and lots of buzz about them now. I agree that Ford did not do do diligence in marketing them and if they would they would see the sales increase. I have let people test drive mine, and when I got rear ended last month barely did any damage to mine and totaled the Nissan that hit me.

  26. kristina zimmerman

    Is it a really bad idea to buy a discontinued car? We’ve had our Mazda MPV for years, discontinued in 2007 I believe, and never had a problem getting parts for it

    1. Todd

      No, there are plenty of spare parts for the Flex in case it needs body work. The engine and transmission is common among platforms, as well as the majority of electronics. Usually there is a 10 year inventory of parts after the last vehicle rolls off the line. Get it now while you can.

  27. Richie

    Big mistake Ford! Most enjoyable Highway vehicle I’ve ever driven and feels so safe the way it rides ( with some oomph ). Where can I get a ‘19 ? I’ve got a ‘13 with 100k on it. If I’m out of luck I feel as if I can put 200k on this one. Once again BIG MISTAKE!! Ford

  28. David

    I bought the 2017 Ford Flex SEl in March with only 19,000 KM on it. It’s a great SUV. Looks great and drives great. I’m actually thinking about trading it for the 2019 sel ford flex.

  29. Dawn

    I currently own a 2013 Flex SEL it is the most comfortable safest car I’ve ever own. We are currently looking to add a 2019 SEL to our cars. Wish they weren’t discontinuing this great vehicle!!!

  30. George S

    I’m having a hard time understanding the full wholesale elimination of car manufacturing by Ford. Look at the sales number and the Ford Focus sales though dropping is near an impressive 200,000 units a year, but the Flex is barley selling 20,000 a year.

    That is a big reason to drop the line. It is barely worth turning the lights on at the plant. Another big reason is it’s age. Look up the it’s crash rating and it does not make 5 Stars and the testing starts to get tougher so it becomes a liability issue.

    Because of it nice big box design the A pillar is like the old cars, very upright for great access but it does hinder crash requirements. Look at all vehicles and this pillar has been getting lower and lower to help in the strength for frontal impacts but it makes it more difficult to egress. To continue the Flex production would require an entire redesign, spend millions of dollars to meet safety standards but you have to look at the sales numbers. If it was 200,000 it would have a fighting chance but dollars speak loud,

  31. William J. Offutt Jr.

    I have a 2016 Ford Flex and Ford keeps pestering me about a Ford extender plan. The auto works fine. I even carried a 84 in. Grandfathers clock and the clock was fine. I can carry 7 people in it and the Flex carries all my groceries and other items. Its very versatile. Ford really knows that people love the vehicle, but when something works ; they want to sell a car that needs service and parts. Just change the oil at the intervals and its does fine. Ford knows that the Flex has a real cult following and wont buy another Ford while they drive this vehicle. Shame on them !

  32. Bea

    Hello. Where can I find information on how many 2019 Ford Flex limited AWD Ruby Red

  33. Jerome

    I am leasing a 19 flex sel awd and I love it. I have owned mostly fords since i was 18 and this by far is the nicest one. I will no doubt buy it after the lease is up or either look for another 19 Flex. Very smooth ride and comfortable also handles well in the snow does not fishtail nor does it slide it holds really well to the road. As a single man a lot of people laugh at me in my soccer mom station wagon and wonder why i chose such a different unique looking vehicle but once they get in and feel the smooth ride and how quiet and comfortable it is they have no more to say because they answer their own question and the quality they experience speaks for itself. I Just wish that ford would have continued this vehicle and marketed it better it would have gotten even better with age loyal buyers and it is a solid car.

  34. Stephen Dunn

    I have had 2 Flex’s and totally agree with every statement you made. Only a Flex owner can appreciate just how enjoyable this car is and also how disappointing it was when Ford discontinued production.


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