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2019 Ford Ranger Incentives Offer $2,000 Off

The 2019 Ford Ranger is selling well, and when cars are selling well, often the manufacturer doesn’t offer incentives. Ford had added overtime production at its Ranger factory to meet demand and was able to sell 9,421 Rangers in the first quarter it was available. Ford is expecting a massive gain in earnings at the factory where the Ranger is currently built and where the Bronco will be built with a gain of $1 billion in earnings compared to when the same factory made discontinued Ford cars.

With sales doing well it might surprise some to hear that the very first 2019 Ford Ranger incentives have been announced. Ford is prepared to spend money to buy more of the mid-size truck market that is dominated by Toyota currently. Ford is offering $2,000 off for the first 2019 Ford Ranger incentives. However, there is a caveat to the incentive.

Everyone can get $500 off the Ranger, to get the additional $1,500 off requires you to be a conquest customer, which is a customer coming from another brand. It’s unclear how someone qualifies as a conquest customer, presumably if you own or drive a Ford car or truck right now, you won’t get the $1,500 incentive. If you are in another brand presumably, you can get the other $1,500.

Those who have credit that qualifies can opt to take a 1.9 percent interest rate for 60 months instead of the $500 cash back. That would seem to be the better deal, $500 off won’t impact your payments very much and depending on the standard rate, 1.9 percent could have a significant impact on your payment. It’s not clear if a conquest customer with qualifying credit could take the $1,500 off for the conquest portion of the 2019 Ford Ranger incentives and forgo the additional $500 to take the 1.9 percent along with the conquest incentive.

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  1. Steven McCormick

    I’m a Ford guy and have been for 50+ years. That being said let me address the elephant in the room. If I had bought the competitions brand in the past but now agree to buy a Ranger Ford will give me $1,000.00 additional off the price. But Ford will not give the 50 year loyal Ford buyer the same deal? I get what Ford is trying to do but Ford might end up with a lot of loyal Ford buyers giving brand X a try.

    1. George S

      GM has had the same offers for non GM vehicle owners. Just walk into a showroom and state you want the same offer. If the dealer bucks, then just walk out after you give them your phone number. The next day you’ll probably get a call to make a deal. You always must keep in mind that the dealers need you more than you need them.

  2. Jaap van de Neger

    The Ranger is selling like shit. The 15 year old Nissan Frontier is outselling it. Ford is being stubborn.


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