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2020 Ford Escape Cargo Cover Is Unique


Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference in how happy buyers are with their new cars. More fuel economy or power are great, but those things aren’t that important to lots of car buyers. What is important are the little usability features that will have a significant impact on the satisfaction of owners over time. The 2020 Ford Escape has one of those types of features.

We’ve all seen cargo covers in the back of SUVs before. These are typically roll-up devices that look like old-fashioned window shades. The idea is that when you need to put tall items into the back of the vehicle, you can unlatch the cargo cover and it rolls up mostly out of the way. Some SUVs have rigid plastic cargo covers that you have to take off and store in the garage or on the floor of the cargo area. The all-new 2020 Ford Escape cargo cover is a bit of a mash-up of those two styles.

The cargo cover connects to the rear hatch of the Escape and is supported at its front edges, near the rear seats, by a pair of straps that support the cargo cover so that it’s not attached to anything behind the seats. With this setup, when the hatch opens the cargo cover goes with the hatch and leaves an open cargo area for loading items, a big help when the seats are down if you need the entire cargo area.

The cover is made from a thin, opaque material that you can see through in some light, but appears solid when in a dim environment like the trunk of the car. The thin design makes the cargo cover very lightweight, and if you need it to be out of the way altogether, you can remove it from the hatch and store it elsewhere.

The 2020 Ford Escape cargo cover is a significantly better design than the one in past-generation Escapes and will be one of those features that make using the new 2020 Escape much more convenient. To get an idea of the difference in the new 2020 Ford Escape cargo cover and the one in past generations, look at the last-gen orange Escape in our image gallery to see the old cargo cover.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. mike roman

    I cant find this cargo cover anywhere…where can i buy it? cant find one website inc ford itself

  2. Wayne Arkelian

    Looks like a hoax to me and “no cover” is a deal breaker for me. Hopefully it will be on the 2021’s when my Infinity QX30 lease runs out.Test drove a gasoline model-Awesome ride!!!!!!!!
    Hybrid is 5.5 L/100km and 200HP

    1. Paul Stagaman

      It is a factory build option only. The mounting points are integrated into the sides and hatch. Someone did create 3D-printed mounting points but Ford is asking 300+ for the cover after-build. (It is only 135 as part of a build)

  3. mike romano

    yea…just when leave a work bag in car dont like leaving it in plain view…like when goto gym …

  4. Eric

    I have had the 2020 Escape since November, still can’t find this cargo cover from my Ford dealer or 3rd parties, also no window vent shades. After paying the kind of money I did for the Titanium model, this should have come with the car. Ford dropped the ball on this one

    1. Zach Johnson

      Man, I soooo agree with you! I have the Titanium Hybrid and love the car, but cannot find this cover anywhere!! Dealer offered a solid plastic for $389!! Hell no!

  5. Janyce

    Ford scammed me also….Since Dec. I have been getting the run around from Ford….would NEVER have bought a SUV with no cover the car show a cover was clearly flaunted……..It’s now perfect for the criminals……they just look in and decided when to break in…everything is clearly displayed for them…….Ford Customer Service has been rude and unconcerned……lies lies lies……we all got scammed……and what about that huge blind area where the rear view mirror hangs down so low……I have to duck to see who is possibly on the right on a sidewalk etc…only about six inches between mirror and computer screen………as they say…NEVER buy a newly released style….we all are the fools…GOOD JOB FORD! ….and keep hiding when I try to discussed this with Customer Relations! ……another big joke! ..DO NOT BUY if you are considering……

  6. Eileen Kirchner

    Sept 2020… looking to buy a Ford Escape 2020 Cargo Cover. Where are they?

  7. mike

    you cant find one because there is no where in back they fit into….they dont make them

  8. Eric

    Ford droped the ball on this one. Should have made it a simple drop in accessorie like all other Esapes. Instead there are two round circles in your trunk area, on the car interior. There are clips supposed to go there to hold the trunk cover. If you didn’t order the car with these built in, it costs about $500-$700 for them to replace the panels. Then the cost for the trunk shade if you can find one. I saw someone on this sight selling plans to make the clips on a 3D printer and gluing them in if you want to go that route. Bad design from Ford, I am disappointed in the whole 2020 design.

    1. Gary S Meredith

      These SUV’s should have the SAME TYPE OF CARGO COVER AS THE PREVIOUS Ford Escapes .

      That is the Type that Click into place / and can be removed when the customer wants to remove it .

    2. joe culver

      Get the clip kit on eBay ($75) and glue them in, they work as good as factory installed and NO need to change out any rear panels. You then just need to purchase the cover which is available. Not cheap, but available. Mine worked perfectly. I no longer have an extra cargo cover for sale that I mentioned in another post. MOST dealers are clueless about this procedure.

  9. eileen

    Less than two weeks of ownership… the backup camera has to be replaced

  10. Chris

    I bought the Ford Escape SEL on a Saturday and was told that I would be able to purchase the cargo cover from the parts department on Monday. When I returned I was informed that there was no cargo cover for that model and there was no place to put one. I will NEVER buy a Ford again.

  11. Eileen

    I bought a Ford escape SE 2020 and was told the same thing!
    Having a cargo cover was very important to me also and I feel like the salesman was either uninformed or just lied to sell the car. Sad either way.

  12. Gary S Meredith

    Attn Ford


    There are some people like ME that NEED A CARGO COVER ,

  13. David Maynard

    Would like a cargo shade for my 2020 escape

    1. Ray Hanoski

      Is this the David Maynard from Bako? Ray Hanoski

  14. Ron Parker

    The 2020 Ford Escape only has the cargo cover if ordered. Ford designed it so you can’t add one even when you find the cover. Ford dealers do have them but won’t work

  15. eileen

    Ford designers for this gets ‘F’

  16. Ron Parker

    Ford did not design it to add as an accessory. You either spent your $35K on an escape with it or without it.

    Is there not a ford engineer reading this?

  17. Ron Parker

    Ford dealers can order and are available

    Long Lewis Ford has gotten some but had to send back to Ford cause customers returned them.

    If not ordered with escape, the side panels have no way to install it.

  18. Cat

    I’m late to the party since I didn’t get my Ford Escape 2020 SE until Dec 19, 2020 & I too was told it was available via the parts department at the dealership. Anyway, I found out today that Ford is making the cargo covers and they should be shipped out to warehouses in the next two weeks. The parts rep I spoke with this morning (01/25/2021) at All American Ford in Hackensack, NJ looked up the info and that’s the status he provided me with. He also said the original price for the privacy cargo cover was $100, now it’s listed as $285.00

  19. Eric S

    Only problem is it won’t fit your 2020 Escape unless you replace the two rear panels which will add around $500.

  20. Joe Culver

    I ordered the cover through Fairway ford in Ohio on line. $243.97 delivered and for an additional $70 bought the clip set on eBay needed to install and put it all in today. Good as factory new. Do your homework and order it on the car and it’s only a $135 option completely installed.

    1. Joe Culver

      If anyone is looking for a 2020 Ford Escape OEM factory cargo cover I have an extra new one but you do need to purchase the clip set on eBay to install it. I did that and it worked perfectly.

      1. Hey Joe,
        Any chance you still have that extra cover?

      2. Victoria Davis

        Are there any plans from aftermarket vendors that are willing to create a shade that attaches to the rear headrests and then hooks to the hatch?

  21. Merna C Farrell

    I’m also frustrated Ford doesn’t have the cargo cover for my 2020 escape! My dealership told me they would get one for my new car when I bought it. It was a deal breaker accessory for me. But after a month of them saying they get one for me, they now say not one can be found anywhere,,,,WHY? So dissatisfied & disappointed with Ford. Been a loyal Ford buyer for yrs!!

  22. Ron Parker

    Bought the parts to hold it up on eBay. About $80 and the cover will be about $280. Works great.

  23. Zach Johnson

    I had a 2017 gas model, traded up to the 2020 Hybrid and LOVE it more than my wife!! Oh, guess so, I divorced her!!LOL Car is such a pleasure to drive!!

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