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2020 Ford Explorer Pricing Goes Live On The Configurator

Lots of people who are thinking about a new car first take to the web and use the configurators to build the car they want and see what it would cost. Lots of people like to play with the configurator even if they have no intention of buying a car. Ford Explorer fans who feel like playing with the configurator or those in the market for a new SUV can now check out the Ford Explorer configurator with pricing that went live recently. The configurator for the 2020 Ford Explorer has been live for a while, but pricing information was missing.

The new 2020 Ford Explorer pricing isn’t cheap. If you checked all the boxes you could check on a 2020 Explorer Platinum, you would run the price up to $64,610. Anyone wondering what the monthly payment on that much SUV would be, it’s about $1,125 monthly for 60 months assuming you get a decent interest rate.

2020 Ford Explorer pricing for the ST is very near the same price as that fully loaded Explorer Platinum. A fully decked out Explorer ST will set you back $63,300. The list of options you can add to the new Explorer is long and some of them are very costly.

Among the pricy upgrades include a dual headrest rear entertainment system for $1,995. If you pile on the Premium Technology Package, you will pay $995. That tech package does come with some nice stuff including the 14-speaker stereo, 10.1-inch touchscreen in the center stack area and active motion front seats.

Buyers needing all the space inside the 2020 Explorer they can get can swap the Platinum’s second-row bucket seats for a bench seat for $495, allowing you to get one more person inside. On the flip side, if you take the 2020 Explorer XLT and add no options, you will shell out $37,770 with the $1,095 destination fee added in. No matter where in the range buyers are shopping, it’s handy to have 2020 Ford Explorer pricing live on the configurator.

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    The link to the Explorer configurator is broken. Please check and test the link before posting it.

    1. Raymond Ramirez

      The link works now, but it doesn’t have the Hybrid models yet.

  2. Ajax

    Wow they blew it with the iPad v1 glued to the a/c vents. What were they thinking?

    1. Donald Hayes

      If you have shopped other brands. This is the new norm for attaching the infotainment center. If it’s built in the dash, the design by the experts call it dated. My guess is most who order the new Explorer will pass over the bigger screen due to cost plus the 8″ screen works great. Looking at possibly ordering an ST. That screen option in my case is not a consideration. My guess is if the large screen becomes a popular option. Ford will redesign the dash to accommodate it in a more attractive manner. Something FCA has done with the Ram. It’s current after though location doesn’t fit the attractive new intererior of the 2020 Explorer. But like mentioned earlier. If you don’t like it. Order the 8″ screen.

      1. Ajax

        The 8 inch screen is an iPad mini glued to the a/c vents. It’s clearly an afterthought. So many other companies have come out with really nice displays. I’m buying a new SUV and have dropped the explorer off my list because of this. They seem to have gotten the rest of the car right, but this litterally looks like a botched after market job. My question stands I guess. What were the designers thinking?

  3. John Dorsch

    $37k for an XLT and it comes with a bunch of plastic trim parts. Sounds like cost cuts and moon margins…

  4. Andy Gippetti

    Does anyone know what “Active Motion Front Seats” are?

  5. Bill

    Balls deep


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