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This Is The 2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost High Performance Package

Ford has just revealed the Mustang EcoBoost High Performance Package for the entry-level pony car. No, it’s not called the Mustang SVO, but it is the model we saw in spy photos earlier this month, and when it reaches dealerships this fall, not only will the Mustang EcoBoost High Performance Package represent the most powerful four-cylinder sports car offered by an American automaker, but it will also be the best EcoBoost Mustang yet.

The package starts out by swapping the standard 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 with a unique variant of the motor used in the Ford Focus RS. It then adds Mustang GT brakes, along with aerodynamics and suspension components from the Mustang GT Performance Package.

The engine makes 330 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. It features a die-cast alloy block and high-performance cylinder heads, the along with a five percent larger (63-millimeter) twin-scroll turbo compressor, as well as a larger radiator. Models equipped with the Mustang EcoBoost High Performance Package will be available either with the 6-speed Getrag manual or the Ford-developed 10-speed automatic transmission.

Ford claims the package will enable the Mustang to make a zero-to-60 MPG run in the mid-four-second range on to a top speed of 155 MPH. Over 90 percent of peak torque is made between 2,500 and 5,300 RPM – which is a 40 percent wider power band than the standard EcoBoost engine. The package also includes a fully active quad-tip exhaust system with a tuned exhaust note specific to this model.

The high-performance EcoBoost pony features an (almost perfect) 53/47 front/rear weight distribution as well as a fully-independent suspension, along with chassis and aerodynamic upgrades from the Mustang GT Performance Package. To further stiffen the chassis, an alloy strut tower brace is present and accounted for. Underneath, there’s a 32-millimeter solid front sway and a tubular 24-millimeter rear sway bar.

Ford tweaked the electronic-controlled power steering for the Mustang EcoBoost High Performance Package and there will be five selectable drive modes. There will also be brake cooling ramps from the Mustang GT Performance Package to keep maintain braking performance at the time.

Visual enhancements to the Mustang EcoBoost High Performance Package include package-specific 19×9-inch machined-faced aluminum wheels wrapped in 255/40R high-performance summer tires. The HPP also includes a large black front splitter and belly pan, a blacked-out grille with an offset Mustang tri-bar pony badge, and a unique 2.3-liter High Performance Package badge on each side of the car. Magnetic gray side mirrors and a raised blade rear spoiler are part of the package, as are unique metallic gray stripes on the hood. Inside, there’s an aluminum instrument panel with oil pressure and turbo boost gauges, and a serialized dash plaque to identify the unique performance model.

And if all of that wasn’t enough to get Mustang fans excited, Ford will also offer a new Handling Package that can be added to the EcoBoost High Performance Package. The Handling Package includes semi-metallic brakes, MagneRide dampers, and a Torsen 3.55:1 limited-slip rear axle. The model will ride on 19 x 9.5-inch painted aluminum wheels wrapped in 265/40R Pirelli P Zero Corsa4 summer tires and feature a 24-millimeter solid rear sway bar, up from 21.7 millimeters.

The Mustang EcoBoost High Performance Package is available for Fastback Coupe and Convertible models. Meanwhile, the additional Handling Package will only be available for Fastback Coupe models. Both models will reach dealerships this fall alongside the 2020 Mustang.

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Austin is an automotive enthusiast from Buffalo, NY with a passion for speed. When Austin isn't writing about the auto industry you can find him racing go-karts, competing in time attack events, or autocrossing his 2017 Toyota 86—with a manual transmission, of course!

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  1. vbond1

    Well, it’s pretty much what I figured but not what I was hoping for. The red one definitely looks better than the orange one though. Hopefully Mountune will offer performance upgrades for this like they offer for the Focus RS. Intercoolers, blow off valve, cobb access port, intake manifolds, etc. I’m also hoping that companies like HKS and Greddy will get on board with the new Ecoboost mustang and offer exhaust systems both cat back and turbo back. Overall, it has potential. I’m a little underwhelmed knowing that Ford could have done better but maybe this is just the interim until the new car comes out

    1. Keith Johnson

      Over 90 percent of peak torque is made between 2,500 and 5,300 RPM – which is a 40 percent wider power band than the standard EcoBoost engine.

      that Torque Curve is the Hallmark of Ecoboost Engines, but if you want to Modify it
      Ford has one of the biggest Aftermarket’s of any Manufacturer

  2. vbondjr1

    The more I read about this car, the more I like the car as an entry level car. I read something shortly after this post where a Ford official said that this is the most powerful ecoboost engine to be in a mustang yet. Meaning that the possibilty of a 3.0L 420hp/420tq twin turbo ST variant could be offered when the car gets a body change in 2021 or 2022 along with a few other things! this isn’t necessarily a bad thing

    1. Keith Johnson

      the Mustang GT has 420 TQ

      a 3.0L EB will have 420 TQ

      so what’s the point?

  3. trailhiker

    It is nice to see Ford offer a better package for the Ecobost Mustang. It is a fine sports car.

    What I would like them to do now, is give the Mustang GT a much bolder and more aggressive look, including sheetmetal changes. I’d love to see it look like a proper muscle car again. This would give Ford a one-two punch in the market.


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