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Ford Files Trademark Application For ‘Bronco Scout’

Ford Motor Company has filed applications to register Bronco Scout and Bronco as trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Ford Authority has discovered.

Filed on April 15th, 2019, the applications specify two different goods and services categories:

  • Scout (serial number 88386371):
    • Land motor vehicles, namely, passenger automobiles, pick-up trucks, sport utility vehicles
  • Bronco Scout (serial number 88386362):
    • Land motor vehicles, namely, passenger automobiles, pick-up trucks, sport utility vehicles
    • Land motor vehicle parts for passenger automobiles, pick-up trucks, sport utility vehicles, namely, shock absorbers, shock absorbing springs, vehicle anti-roll bars, braces for suspension struts, exterior metal decorative and protective trim, exterior plastic extruded decorative and protective trim, differentials, gear shifts, hoods, fascia, steering wheels, seat trim, parking brakes, wheels, brake discs, brake calipers, brake pads, engines, engine or motor mufflers, exhaust pipes, exhaust headers, air intakes, oil fill caps, coolant fill caps, engine valve covers, ignition coil covers, radiators, and exterior insignia badges

The Ford Authority Take

These Ford trademark applications suggest that The Blue Oval is very interested in obtaining rights to the Scout and Bronco Scout names. As is often the case with trademark filings, the real question is what the Dearborn-based automaker has planned for the names. The way we see it, there are two distinct possibilities, both related to the upcoming Ford Bronco.

Ford’s upcoming “Baby Bronco” (in orange, foreground) alongside an outline of the “regular” Bronco (background)

The first involves the future crossover that we have been referring to as the “baby Bronco”. The vehicle is expected to be a crossover sharing the new Ford new scalable front-drive platform, the very same used by the 2019 Ford Focus, 2020 Ford Escape and 2020 Lincoln Corsair, while being more off-road-oriented and having a more rugged exterior design. It was previously reported that this vehicle would create a family of Bronco vehicles.

The second possibility is that Scout is a trim level of the upcoming Ford Bronco, which is due in 2020 as a 2021 model year vehicle. The baby Bronco is set to go on sale a few months before that.

Stay tuned to Ford Authority for more Ford Bronco news, baby Bronco news, as well as for ongoing Ford news coverage.

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  1. Ryan

    Please have mercy and don’t use the scout name. The scout was a competitor for the bronco, and actually came first. The original broncos are a shameless copy of a scout. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for these broncos, as long as they are decent the wife and I are planning to replace our escape with one. But, I’m not sure I could put a bronco scout next to my international scout in the garage. I’m sure for 99.99% of the population that isn’t an IH truck fan they won’t care, but please Ford do the right thing and leave the IH grave undisturbed.

  2. Ken

    Copied the original IH Scout and now stealing the name? Next suv will will be called Travelall.


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