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South Carolina Ford Dealer Takes Another Shot At Chevy


Ford versus Chevy. It’s a tale as old as time, right? Right. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that a South Carolina Ford dealer decided to further the rivalry by way of a billboard that has since ignited an entire billboard war.

Ravenel Ford and Marchant Chevrolet are a mere two miles from one another, making for a competition that hits close to home both figuratively and literally. It all started when the Ravenel Ford dealership posted a billboard featuring a 2019 Ford Ranger with the words “Behind Every Good Ford Is A Chevy.” Marchant Chevrolet was not about to let this go unnoticed, so it responded with a billboard of its own. The ad shows the new 2019 Chevy Silverado beside the words, “Because You Won’t Move Out Of The Fast Lane.”

The Chevrolet dealership took to their website and wrote, “The battle has begun, but the war is far from over! Marchant Chevrolet’s team is hard at work in the war room. Our competition has awoken a sleeping giant!” The dealer also tweeted the image containing both billboards saying, “Our enemy has thrown a decisive blow, but fortunately WE ARE MIGHTY! The billboard war in Ravenel RAGES on!”

The South Carolina Ford dealer, Ravenel Ford, also voiced its opinion on the war that has ensued. The Ford dealership has an entire page on its website devoted to the event explaining that “We will accept nothing less than victory” and that the Blue Oval store “is about to embark upon the Great Crusade.” The business goes on to take another jab at Chevrolet by saying, “The task will not be an easy one. The enemy is well trained and well equipped. LOL It’s a Chevy never mind.”

Well, the wait is finally over. Here is Ravenel Ford’s latest response. It’s a shiny new ad showcasing the 2019 Ford Mustang, with the question: “Is This Fast Enough For You?”

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Michelle Marus is an automotive enthusiast with a passion for writing that has turned into a career involving both interests.

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  1. Clark Platt

    im a ford man for all my life ,had alot of fords in my 66 yrs,and two genital motors cars.but i saw on tv what chevy did to the BLAZER,i almost peed myself .looks like every other suv they have ,no ain’t no BLAZER LOLLOL.CHEVY IS CRAP ,AND GETTING CRAPPIER,they have nothing no more lol,just because you put more makeup on something,change a name ,don’t make it what it is supposed to be,can’t polish a turd.go ford,and toyota ,the rest ,well don’t worry about it.

    1. Alex Luft

      The new Blazer is in the same segment as the Edge – a crossover. Don’t get too stuck on the name. Interestingly, the new Blazer has topped the Edge in every comparison test to date… so if the Blazer is “crap”, then what does that make the Edge?

      I think I’ve made my point… which isn’t to bash, but to illustrate that your perception doesn’t correlate with reality.

    2. Cody Sheets

      I think Chevrolet really messed up with the Blazer. They could have done what the Blazer was originally meant to do, compete with the Jeep and upcoming Bronco; yet we get stuck with another crossover that cannot go off-road. And to me, the commercial was just stupid.

    3. mark

      I agree!! Fords the best!! Screw the rest. Turdatha can go suck a turd!!! Shuvanlay can just go away just like the Crapmaro!!!

  2. paul mez

    …it only took GM ten or so years to reach It’s benchmark.

  3. Cody Sheets

    I really don’t see much like this; I guess because in one instance, a Ford and Chevy dealer are owned by the same guy. But that is one interesting ad campaign to say the least.

  4. mark

    You must be a chuvie biased IDIOT!! WHY are you even on here? No body in their right mind even cares what you have to say when you start bashing an american icon like FOMOCO!!!


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