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The 2019 Ford F-150 SuperCab Might Be A Better Choice Than The SuperCrew

When it comes to fitting rear-seat passengers into the Ford F-150, the SuperCrew is the obvious go-to answer. However, most folks forget that the Ford F-150 SuperCab configuration is another totally viable alternative. What’s more, the SuperCab actually provides several benefits that the SuperCrew does not. So we decided to take a few moments to make a case for why the 2019 Ford F-150 SuperCab is the better pick over the Ford F-150 SuperCrew.

Let’s begin with price. The 2019 Ford F-150 SuperCab starts at $32,240, which is noticeably less than the $34,695 price tag attached to the 2019 Ford F-150 SuperCrew. Right out of the gate, the Ford F-150 SuperCab has a $2,500 advantage over the SuperCrew.

Ford F-150 SuperCab

Ford F-150 SuperCrew

But what about interior room? The SuperCrew is obviously more spacious, right? Indeed it is, as the SuperCab offers 33.5 inches of rear legroom, a sizable 10.1 inches less than the 43.6 inches offered by the SuperCrew. While an extra 10.1 inches is nothing to sneeze at, the SuperCab’s 33.5 inches is still a decent amount of room for rear-seat passengers. Meanwhile, the shoulder room, headroom, and hip room are nearly identical between the two trim levels.

2019 Ford F-150 SuperCab vs. SuperCrew Dimensions
SuperCab SuperCrew
Front Headroom (in) 40.8 40.8
Rear Headroom (in) 40.3 40.4
Front Shoulder Room (in) 66.7 66.7
Rear Shoulder Room (in) 65.8 65.9
Front Hip Room (in) 62.5 62.5
Rear Hip Room (in) 64.7 64.7
Front Leg Room (in) 43.9 43.9
Rear Leg Room (in) 33.5 43.6

Additionally, the SuperCab offers some very cool rear-hinged doors. Not only do these look slick, but they provide easy access to the rear seat thanks to the lack of a dividing B-pillar, unlike the SuperCrew that has a B-pillar between the front and rear rows.

The SuperCab also comes with a longer standard bed, measuring in at 6.5 feet compared to the standard 5.5-foot bed offered on the SuperCrew. Customers can still opt for a 6.5-foot bed with the SuperCrew for an extra $1,305, but if it’s maximum bed space that you’re after, the SuperCab is the right choice, as it comes with an optional 8-foot bed configuration. By comparison, the SuperCrew maxes out with the 6.5-foot bed.

Ford F-150 SuperCab

Ford F-150 SuperCrew

Finally, when both models are equipped with Ford’s glorious 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine, the SuperCrew comes out on top in terms of payload rating, posting an impressive 13,200 pounds, as opposed to the 12,000 pounds offered by the SuperCab.

All told, the Ford F-150 SuperCab might not offer as much rear-seat legroom as the SuperCrew, but it still boasts enough rear seat space, while featuring numerous benefits that the SuperCrew simply does not match.

So, which cab of the F-150 would you opt for? Vote in the poll and sound off in the comments to share your opinion.

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  1. trailhiker

    Nice article.
    How do they measure legroom in cars/trucks? There has to be a big difference depending on the position of the front seats. Is it measured all the way forward, all the way back, or right in the middle?

  2. Sean

    I feel this article struggled to make a legitimate case for the super cab model over the super crew. The only positive to the super cab was the available 6.5′ bed and price differences. The other statements about legroom and payload were all in favor of the super crew.

  3. Bob Kahn

    It would be great if you compared the 2019 Ranger super crew vs super cab like you did the F 150.

  4. Sukhoi31m3

    I bought an ‘18 supercab, trading in a super crew. For me rear seat passengers factor in less than the longer bed. Also the s-cab is lighter than the s-crew making it faster and able to tow/haul more weight. Fuel mileage is probably a draw but I can tell you this: in the truck universe it’s a rocket.

  5. John Derrick

    Have no desire for a 4 door pickup with a short bed. Owned a Supercab Ranger back in the ’80s would love to have 1 just like it today. All I see advertised is the 4 door model.

  6. Jim

    Where’d you get those payload #s from? No F150 has anywhere near a 12,000 or 13500lb GVWR. A superduty dually gets to like 14.5K pounds. An F150 gvwr is like 7100lbs leaving like 1500-2000 lbs available/useable payload. My F350 Tremor 6.7 has a gvwr of 11500lbs and a curb weight of around 8000lbs leaving around 3500lbs of actual payload.

    Maybe you’re confusing payload with “towing capacity”


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