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Ford Lawsuit Over Fiesta And Focus Transmission Isn’t Over

A Ford lawsuit is nothing new; there are many of them ongoing at any given time. Several suits are going on over alleged misleading fuel economy for the 2019 Ford Ranger truck right now. Lawsuits are also still going against Ford that are focusing on the transmissions used in some models of the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta.

This Ford lawsuit was a class action against Ford claiming that 2012 through 2016 Ford Focus and 2011 through 2016 Ford Fiesta sedans with the dual-clutch transmissions were prone to all manner of problems, including premature wear, shuddering, slipping, bucking, jerking, and hesitation. The complaints in the case also allege that the transmissions in the cars could cause sudden or delayed acceleration.

Ford faces a potential $4 billion liability over the transmission issues in those cars. More than 1.9 million customers who purchased or leased one of the cars claim that Ford lied to unload the cars with faulty transmissions and then blamed the drivers for the issues.

Ford came to a settlement in the class action for $35 million negotiated by a lawyer called Ryan Wu. Wu argued at an appeal on April 8th for a panel of appellate judges in Pasadena, California to leave that $35 million settlement in place. However, Michael Kirkpatrick of Public Citizen, a Washington, D.C. nonprofit consumer group, argued that the settlement is a good deal for Ford and a bad deal for the customers.

Judges are still deciding on whether they will uphold or toss the settlement. The ruling will likely come by December according to lawyers involved in the case. Ford says that it denies any allegations in the lawsuit, but decided it was better to settle the case and move on. Ford has warned shareholders of the pending litigation having to do with the transmission in question indicating the automaker thinks the settlement will be tossed and the Ford lawsuit will resume in court.

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  1. Sukhoi31m3

    Makes one wonder just how thoroughly Ford tested this transmission while development.

  2. Catherine A Quick

    I just bought a 2019 ford fiesta and I had no idea there were transmission issues with these cars and what really kills me is that the finance guy suckered me into paying for an extended warranty like he was doing me a favor..knowing full well that there were documented issues with the trany. and that I’ve read that ford was including the 7 yr 100,000 mi. Warranty on these cars.. Mine has already started bucking when I step on the gas and gets stuck in a lower gear and over revs.. I really feel screwed… I feel like this issue should have been disclosed and I was taken advantage of.. Very disappointed with Ford..

  3. angrymonkey_13

    I took mine into the local dealership and they checked it, put in a new shift sensor, and pronounced it ‘cured ‘. Well, it wasn’t. Mine does all the things that others are reporting. It hesitates really badly. Acts like it’s playing ‘guess what gear i’m in’ a lot. Shudders really bad under certain situations as well. Really don’t know what to do with it. It’s warranty ran out many moons ago, and I can’t afford another ‘it’s cured’ type issue. Not to mention the money involved.. Sheeeeeze…

    1. Regina Brock

      I purchased a 2015 ford focus.I got sucked in purchasing an extended warranty like he was doing me a favor. I have already had to have another control mod trans(TCM) several other things. It started shifting & shurttering & not wanting to go. Took it back to dearler service department my warranty is already expired so they gave me the run around. I read where ford extend the warranty for 7 yrs are miles ? They still gave me the run around . This was the first time of purchasing a car right off the lot. So sad I have been stuck paying and not knowing when my car is going to just quit are just keep jerking & not wanting to go then all of sudden it shot you like rocket. Very scary

  4. Deb

    We have a 2016 Focus (purchased new in Jan 2017) that is an ongoing nightmare. It’s working on it’s 6th repair in 2 years (5th one was just 6 weeks ago). I have been a diehard Ford owner, but this car has ended that. All I want is to have this car put out of it’s misery and be free from the loan, so we may purchase a reliable car.

    1. angrymonkey_13

      I understand … But I refuse to give up on them … But this one hurts … A lot ..

  5. charles clark

    I bought a 2012 ford focus in 2014 not knowing of the problems with the transmission. It drove okay on the test drive but started having problems within a few days. I went back to the dealer and we went on a test drive. They determined the problem was with a seal leaking fluid onto the clutches. They fixed that problem. Shortly after I had more problems with shuttering when starting from a full stop. Went back to the dealer and they did something with the computer a couple of times. No real change. Finally I heard there was a new clutch assembly available that would fix the problem. I got on the waiting list for this new clutch assembly. I was thrilled about the prospects that this would fix it. Again, disappointment. The transmission was okay for a while, but soon started the same old problems with the shuttering. I finally realized that a design problem can’t be fixed. Got rid of the Focus and lost a lot of money, but am happy with my Honda. I have sworn to never ever buy a Ford product. They knew for a long time what a piece of crap that transmission was yet they continued to use it for about nine years

  6. Angie

    I am having transmission issues. Called the dealership and they told me it was out of warranry due to the mileage. I still have issues, have not gotten the problem fixed and need to get answers, being that this is my only vehicle. How can I file for class action lawsuit?

  7. julie romano

    I think it is terrible that they cannot do the right thing!!I have been waiting and waiting do the right thing I had to buy a much older car and again pay up ford to the customers! !!

  8. Mistie

    I have a 2015 ford focus I’ve had it to the dealership 10 times for transmission issues they have done clutch replacements reboots you name it still no fix. Really tired of issue don’t know what to do…

  9. Doris Kittrell

    I purchased a 2014 Ford Focus with 19,000 miles. A week after i had it they replaced the double clutch and the motor for the winshield wipers which 6 months after that the winshield wipers came on when it was sunny and stayed on and quit working when it rained The next day they replaced a sensor and the fuel pump. Two weeks after that the they replaced another sensor, the gas tank and the water pump , the fan because my car started over heating, the belts and little part in the transmission. This was ridiculous then i got a notice for more recalls. Oh yeah my car finally just stop working one day out of the blue and said on the dash transmission fault. That was the last time that car that was on the road. The worst thing i tried to trade it in before it died and left me stranded at a Ford Dealership they told me point blank we don’t want that car but if we change our minds we will give you 3,000 for it .

  10. Philip Cotner

    I have a 2011 ford fiesta with transmission issues and also a ford 2012 focus issues call dealer in town I live in ,they gave me A time to bring the car in ,witch was 6 and 7 week later .I had to and buy another car to drive witch is 2009 mini copper where i could go to my doctor app.This TRANSMISSION SUCK ON BOTH CARS

  11. Nancy Pawelec

    I have a 2012 Focus and have had the transmission( clutch system) fixed 5x. TCM module went out once and it was replaced. Ford did extend warranty on transmission for 7 years/100,000 mi and TCM for 10yrs/150,000 mi. Well 7 yr warranty was up in July of 19 and now I’m SOL with a still decent vehicle I love to drive that is having transmission problems again and now we have to pay.. Just cant go out and buy another car.. Got a small settlement from ford a couple years ago so they wont even talk to me now.
    Always had Ford products but never again!!

  12. Tyquan Dawkins

    I have a 2016 Ford Focus se I have had so much work done on this car I have children newborns this car is not reliable at all I missed the law suit that happened in 2020 I want answers I want to know how do I file a claim on it or should I get a lawyer it has been so many problems with it what’s my next step any one ???

  13. Robert Sullivan

    I bought a 2012 Ford focus SE sedan and I really liked it. It was really a nice looking little car and it was really good on gas. Within a couple of weeks my nightmare was just about starting. It started bucking and doing other crazy things with a gear shift lever I didn’t even know what it was doing . but it was a nightmare. The last Ford I bought was a 1976 Ford elite which I drove for 12 years and it was still going with no problems.

  14. Kathy Revor

    I have a 2015 Focus which has been a nightmare from the beginning. Bought it at 1 year old, continual transmission problems, taking it back and forth to the dealer. Also recalled for other items. Was told in the beginning the tranny was acting “normal”. I have had not one minute’s pleasure driving this car. What a lemon. Ford should be required to stand behind their massive mistake.


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