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Man’s Original 1965 Ford F-250 Enrages HOA


When it comes time to buy a home there tend to be two camps – those willing to tolerate a Homeowners Association (HOA) and those not. The latter group will happily walk away from the perfect house at an ideal price because HOAs are often the devil. The ostensible purpose of an HOA is to ensure that the neighborhood doesn’t turn into a bunch of poorly maintained homes with junk in the yard that hurts property values.

In practice, HOAs are often more about a few individuals who feel like they have the right to complain about everything from how tall your grass is to phone numbers on a company car. A man who owns a vintage 1965 Ford F-250 has run afoul of the HOA in his neighborhood due to the original condition of his classic truck.

Lipka’s truck is the ancestor of the modern F-250 seen here.

The HOA says that according to the bylaws vehicles with “moderately severe body damage” can’t be parked in the driveway. Andy Lipka says that his 1965 Ford F-250 has no body damage, but it has the original paint, and the paint on the truck is what a 54-year-old vehicle looks like. The HOA wants Lipka to put the truck in his garage, but Lipka says that the garage houses two other vehicles. His other option is the paint the vintage 1965 Ford F-250 truck.

So far, the fight between Lipka and the HOA has resulted in Lipka being fined almost $3,000, and things could get worse. The lawsuit the HOA attorney filed implicates Lipka’s home and could lead to foreclosure. A local news station conducted an investigation and spoke to the HOA attorney who stated that the association is asking the court to enforce its covenants. The attorney says that Lipka agreed to follow the covenants and was aware of them when he purchased the home. Lipka has filed a countersuit. We talked about a nicely restored 1961 Ford F-100 restomod truck with a Mustang engine last month.

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  1. Juanito Ibanez

    “Andy Lipka says that his 1965 Ford F-250 has no body damage, but it has the original paint, and the paint on the truck is what a 54-year-old vehicle looks like.”

    I guess the HOA doesn’t understand the concept of “patina.”

    It’s things just like this, and recent stories about HOAs which demand a person to remove a flag pole flying the American flag from his front yard, and the more recent story about an HOA that demanded that an elderly woman remove her just-painted curb address because it contained the American flag … because they considered it to be “art” and “art” is prohibited by HOA rules … which make me wonder just WHY anyone would choose to live where outsiders can tell you such things as above.


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