MS-RT Ford Transit Connect Proves Work Vans Can Be Cool

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The cars they get over in Europe, we often don’t get in the States. If we had to have a van, we would certainly want the Ford Transit Sport vans that Ford Europe offers. If you want something that looks different from what Ford offers from the factory, a tuner called MS-RT has a slick little Transit Connect van that has a body kit and fully custom interior. Just because you have to work, doesn’t mean your work van has to be lame.

While there are no pictures of the interior, MS-RT says that the van has a handcrafted suede and Nappa leather interior, and a carbon inlay sport steering wheel. The gold wheels you see are 18-inch OZ Racing alloy units. Take a careful look at the back of the MS-RT Ford Transit Connect cargo van, and you’ll notice quad exhaust tips peeking out.

The big feature of this van is a very nicely integrated body kit that gives the van a much meaner look than Ford ever considered from the factory. The MS-RT Transit Connect will include all the bits you see here in the “Launch Edition.” If you are wondering, the engine is left stock.

That means the little beastie has a standard Ford 1.5-liter 118-horsepower EcoBlue diesel for motivation. The MS-RT Ford Transit Connect will start at £23,995 with a 6-speed manual. Note that the price includes the van itself.

There are options available to order, including an automatic transmission, full carbon fiber steering wheel, and black exhaust tips; pricing on the options is a mystery. This might be the perfect van for workers who still want something cool. It’s too bad the Transit Sport and MS-RT Ford Transit Connect aren’t offered in the States.

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Source: Top Gear

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Written by Shane McGlaun

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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