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Mustang Rumors Swirl And If True, Would You Buy One?

Rumors are swirling everywhere about the next-generation Ford Mustang. Word is that around 2026, the smaller Pony car we all know and love will die. Mustang rumors suggest that in its place will come a much larger car on the CD6 platform that underpins the 2020 Ford Explorer and 2020 Lincoln Aviator.

The move to the new platform means the Mustang will get larger and heavier with rumors suggesting that the larger CD6 platform Mustang will be on par size wise with the current generation Dodge Challenger. Mustang fans into track days and road racing know that the current car is already getting too heavy. An even larger Mustang could turn the road racers to a different car altogether. If the Mustang does grow to be the same size as the Challenger, would you still buy one?

The upside to a larger platform that supports SUVs is that it will give the Mustang room for the long-rumored Four-door version to possibly break cover. There are a lot of Mustang purists out there who would never buy a four-door version of America’s pony car. There are a bunch of Mustang fans out there with a family who can’t justify the current S550’s small two-door design with barely usable rear seats. If the Mustang has to grow, we should at least get a 4-door option out of it. However, we don’t think anyone wants to see the Mustang go four-door only. Would you ever consider a four-door Mustang?

The cumulation of all these Mustang rumors is yet another rumor, and this one is a certainty no matter the size of the future Mustang. A hybrid version of the Mustang has been tipped possibly with a V8 driving the rear axle and an electric motor driving the front axle. Ford has proven that it can make impressive horsepower and torque with its hybrid powerplants. A four-door hybrid Mustang with a V8 and loads of torque might not be the best car on the road course.

It would certainly be interesting for the street/strip guys needing to haul kids during the week and run the drag strip on the weekend. We love the idea of a hybrid Mustang, not for fuel economy because the vast majority of sports car buyers don’t give one iota about fuel economy. We want it for performance. Would you buy a hybrid Mustang?

We want the readers to chime in on these Mustang rumors, what do you think? Would you buy a larger, heavier, hybrid, or four-door Mustang? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Elizabeth A Jost

    Must be kidding! No way a four door Mustang! If you have kids to haul around get an SUV and for a pony car the two door Mustang, period, end of story!!!

    1. Keith

      I agree with Elizabeth 100%. A Mustang is a two door car, period.
      However, if the want to use the Mustang platform and create a 4 door performance sedan WITH A DIFFERENT NAME, that would be fine

      1. Juanito Ibanez

        Of course, the ‘legacy’ Dodge Charger had only two doors, but look at the new four-door Charger SRT Hellcats. 🙂

    2. Ed

      I’m all for a 4 door.
      A few mandatory Musts for the ‘stang
      Unremovable wood paneling on side of car
      Unremovable VW flower on dash
      Only engine option is a 4 cylinder from the Ford Escape
      Radio only plays the Disney Channel
      “Proof of skirt” seat sensor, proving the driver is wearing a skirt.Male or female
      A rear facing DVD player with Toy Story installed and the “eject” button removed.

    3. Pete Musick


  2. Allan B. Saracco

    Don’t make the mustang bigger and don’t make a four door. If some guy needs a family car then that’s what he should buy. I have a family car and a Mustang GT. If you want a high performance SUV, drop a bigger power plant and handling package in the Ford Edge. Look what happened to the thunderbird. Do you think General Motors will make an SUV Corvette with four doors. If you want too sell more Mustangs you have to advertise them more. Every advertisement I receive from local Ford Dealers only show SUVs, Vans, Trucks and never any pictures of a Mustang.

  3. Mark Masten

    If there is a four-door Mustang in Ford’s future, don’t call it Mustang. Change the body panels, don’t use the Mustang’s dash design. And please don’t make either model too big. The ’71-’73 model was a step in that direction. They had the Mustang’s look but lost its soul.

  4. John b

    do not F with mustang……no to the four door mustang…….in case you did not hear me NO TO THE F…ING Four Door MUSTANG.

  5. Thomas Frazzini

    No. It would no longer be a Mustang. Build all those cars if you must but leave the Mustang alone. It’s already not what it once was. A few years back Ford shrunk it. Didn’t work. Then they at first made look like another Japanese sedan. Didn’t work. They grew the T’bird and eventually killed that car. It is the great American sports model from Ford keep it that.

  6. gareth furlong

    I think it should not go bigger or go four door.I think just keep the fusion and modernize the platform and do another performance version that way there is a four door option if people really need four doors.

  7. gareth furlong

    I do like the idea of using the design cues from the mustang though on a different model like the electric cross over that coming

  8. John

    Don’t rune the Mustang like you did the Thunderbird . Keep it a 2dr only.

  9. Paul

    At this point it is all speculation. No I wouldn’t buy one as it is not my cup of tea product-wise.

  10. Matt G

    So they give the ax to the Taurus SHO, which is already a great high performance family sedan, then they make the mustang bigger to make a high performance family sedan? This would be kind of a dumb move.

    1. Juanito Ibanez

      RIMSHOT! 🙂

  11. Elvis Prince

    Don’t make a 4 door like the dodge charger

  12. David

    Ford seems to be on track to go out of existence from product line consolidation. So keep cutting and soon there will be nothing left.

  13. RON


  14. Rich

    They are fantastic machines today, but at this time in our lives (Senior citizens) our 1987 Mustang GT is the last one we will own. It’s unbelievable how far advanced these vehicle have come. First On Race Day

  15. Vincent J Amico

    Are you really kidding me that you’re gonna change the Ford mustang to something else four-door very stupid that car is been an icon for years I’m very happy that my Mustang is a to door

  16. Kenny

    Are you kidding me? That would be a DA move on Fords part, I currently own an 07 Shelby and there is know way in H#%^ Id ever buy a four door Mustang, When I need to haul the family I use my Sport Explorer – if you need a family vehicle buy a family vehicle !!!!!

  17. Dan

    I didn’t know the Mustang was or is broke. Keep the millennials hands off the icon. Two doors is just fine. Mustang owners and those in the future don’t want a bread box on wheels. Enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Juanito Ibanez

    “Would you ever consider a four-door Mustang?”

    How about a slightly-stretched Mustang with “rear doors” like the F-150 Extended Cab and ‘Raptor’ pickups [and the right side of the Hyundai Veloster 😉 ] ?

    Without exterior door handles, the overall appearance would still be that of a “two-door” vehicle, thereby, hopefully, satisfying the two-door Mustang ‘purists’.

  19. Eric

    So when are the Mustang pick-up and cargo van coming?

  20. Dennis Cirucci

    As much as we all love our Mustang’s, I get it, as a public company Ford has to continue evolving and staying equal or ahead of the competition. But the Mustang is an iconic car that just turned 55. I love my 1967 GT Fastback and I really love my new 2019 GT Premium convertible. A four door Mustang is about as interesting as a four door Ferrari. If they believe the trend requires a four door performance car, then build it with a new name like Porsche did with the Panamera. Sadly it will come down to who buys these cars once all the baby boomers (like me) die off. The millennials don’t even want to buy any cars let alone a limited use sports car. Time will tell. Maybe the Gen X’rs will fill in the gap as they age. In the meantime let’s keep social media churning in support of the 2 door version.

  21. Garrett Marinacci

    I am 70 years old it’s time to change the complete look of this car.

    1. Allan

      I’m 71 years old and own a 2016 Mustang GT with the performance pack. I also own a 95 Mustang GT which I have owned for 24 years. My first Mustang GT was a 1967 fastback with a 390 cai engine. Don’t mess with a good thing.

  22. L.kinch

    I currently have a 2017 eco with premium and handling package. What a great car!
    I would not be in favor of and would not purchase a four door or SUV or larger model. That would defeat the whole concept.

  23. Mark

    Don’t Wreck an Icon!!!!! It will be the Death of Mustang

  24. Ed

    If it looks bad, it won’t sell and no one will see it.
    If it looks good and performs well, why not?
    Asking for a friend.

  25. van

    Let me, if i may, suggest a more sensible approach to this. I’ve owned two mustangs at this point in my life (a 94 and an 02) and I was absolutely impressed when the 2010-2014 Mustang was around because i loved the larger size of the car in comparison to my extremely cramped 02 GT. A Challenger sized mustang wouldn’t be a terrible car however it would have to be done right. I’m not talking that hybrid crap (unless ford wants to use that hybrid 10-speed auto trans thing they have, I’m okay with that) But what I’m referring to is a more powerful next generation V8 engine. I think people tend to forget that mid-size muscle cars were what ruled the world in the golden age of muscle cars (the late 60’s and 70’s) it wasn’t Mustangs and Camaros, it was cars like the Chevelle SS454, the Pontiac GTO Judge, the Plymouth GTX and Torino Cobra Jets. The Challenger and Charger aren’t the boats that everyone makes them out to be and they are very capable muscle cars and they are pretty decent sellers in the market place even with their elephant sized engines and dated 8-speed transmissions. While I’m not a Dodge fanboy, I still love and respect them and think they have a lot to offer. IF the Mustang is going to move to a larger body, as i said, it needs more power, specifically, more torque. A good base engine would be the 3.0L V6 tuned to about 425hp/425tq but the V8 should be something a little bit more special. Ford has done a great job with the Coyote V8. learning from the Boss 302 and even the Voodoo 5.2L FPC V8 and the Predator 5.2L Supercharged V8. However, it’s time that the Mustang bump the displacement numbers a bit and still keep the naturally aspirated V8 under the hood. I’m thinking a 5.8L N/A V8 engine that keeps the same goals that the trinity motor had of not dipping into the gas guzzler range with an target horsepower range of 495hp/475lb-ft of torque. With all Ford has done with the modular v8, these aren’t hard numbers to reach, nor would it take a whole lot of rocket science to engineer. For starters, Ford just recently had a supercharged 5.8L V8 in the 13-14 GT500 (the trinity V8). A Predator 5.2L styled block engineered for a naturally aspirated 5.8L rotating assembly shouldn’t be out of the question along with the Ford Performance GT350 style heads for the coyote V8 block, the corresponding camshafts, direct and port fuel injection, GT500 style exhaust manifolds, a performance intake manifold and induction system shouldn’t be an issue. Backing that with a 10-speed automatic with the optional DCT transmission pioneered on the new GT500 would truly make this a great vehicle. I would, however do something with the exhaust on this new car. I love the sound of the coyote but i would love if this vehicle a transverse rear muffler with two straight through center resonators and a resonated crossover chamber to add more depth to the sound of the vehicle. As far as style and design are concerned, a modern take on the SN95 (94-98) Mustang would be cool with a better style of taillamps (more like the 87-93 LX but modern and LED). The inside should still be recognizable as a mustang but it should be more modern. The digital dash should remain but there are other classic mustang layouts than the two big round gauge style that every mustang from 94 thru current has. The ’66 Mustang had an option for a flat speedometer or a large single round speedometer in the center with gauges on the sides and a rally pack gauge option on the steering column. I prefer the latter of the two, still in digital style for the main gauge and two digital “Rally-Pac” gauges on the steering column. The infotainment display should be a 12″ vertical unit and the center stack should flow into the center floor console. Honestly the interior should be a modern take on the 94-04 Mustang interior where everything is comfortable but still mustang. Another thing about this car is this would actually allow for a coupe with a more usable trunk.
    As far as the four-door mustang, I like the thought of a four door coupe (like the Mercedes Benz CLS or the 8-series BMW Gran Coupe or something like that) however I don’t think it should share the Mustang’s name. Could it be styled and inspired by the next gen mustang, absolutely, I’m all for that. Truthfully I would love to see that and a performance Crossover four door coupe in the upcoming Ford performance lineup all with V8 options like the 5.8L I listed above. There’s nothing wrong with it. Why shouldn’t ford get back to making more Mustang inspired muscle cars like it did before? As long as your adding strength with your mass, you’re fine. Hey isn’t that what going to the gym and gaining muscle is all about? I say, yeah. make the mustang a little bit bigger, give it a slightly bigger engine, a better chassis, a better drive train and some crazy stable mates and lets go kick ass! Keep it under 6-liters and let’s go. Honestly, while they’re at it. Bring back a Lightning pickup truck, a different off-road F150 (not the dune jumping Raptor but a real let’s go in the woods and get dirty kind of truck) a stump pulling, mudding F250 High-Boy with the 5.8L V8 and a high output 7.3L V8 and a diesel option, and a few other things. No i don’t see a problem with Ford doing this kind of stuff. I’d prefer them to go this route than change the world into electric autonomous vehicles and stuff like that. Yeah Ford, go ahead, just don’t half ass it, don’t call the four door car a mustang and make sure you do it right. If you guys can do this like what’s mentioned in this comment, then ya’ll will have my vote.

    1. Larry C Brown

      Compare 1964 1/2 – 1968 Mustang body to the 1969-1973 Mustang (Cougar) body. Sales actually slowed down when Ford tried the economies of scale approach by dumping the smaller body style.

  26. Mark B

    Ford please take notice what happened over the last Two years to Holden ( General Motors) in Australia.
    They had the Holden Commodore since 1978 a rear wheel drive 4 Door V8 until they ceased production of it in late 2017.
    It was replaced with a Four Door Turbo charged 4 Cylinder, similar to a Mazda 6 it isn’t a Bad Car, but has been a sales Flop!!!! The reason? The should not have called it a “Holden Commodore “ the name should have been retired when the ceased production of the 6.2 V8. It should have been called Holden Euro or something, anything but Commodore!
    The new Holden Commodore has Tarnished the Name and people have stayed away in Droves!
    Please Don’t Wreck the iconic Mustang Ford!!!!!!

  27. Greg

    They tried a larger Mustang from 1971 to 1973. It was ugly and a flop. Ford tends to do stupid things. The last one was discontinuing the Ranger in 2011. Keep the Mustang a Mustang. As far as building it the size of the Challenger/Charger, Fiat can’t give them away. The only thing keeping Fiat, North America alive is Jeep and Ram.

  28. gene oisten

    remember what happened to the thunderbird

  29. daryl

    NO DO NOT touch the Mustang, leave it as a two door and V8, we don’t want to see the Mustang destroyed like all the other Ford cars that have now disappeared. Leave it, some one at Ford is trying to destroy the company, first they get rid of all the cars and try and force people into buying SUVs which drive like trucks and handle like a block of flats, now they are using “2015 Mustang headlights ” on all their cars, GT350, GT500, trying to get people turned away against Mustang, pushing more people towards Rice buckets, Japanese cars by saying Mustang is going four door. Get with it Ford, use the gorgeous 2018 Mustang headlights on future cars, not that old fashion 2015 Mustang headlight that Ford is using now on the GT350, AND in the future decade by using them again on the GT500. Did some one at Ford make six billion 2015 Mustang headlights by mistake, and now Ford has to find a way of using them all up over the next twenty years.


    Technology in design has evolved since the old days. Many are skeptical because we are so use to having one option for the Mustang. The success of other brands show that 4 door cars sell. Shall I drop a few brands e.g. Dodge, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Acura. I don’t have give the series or other nomenclature The bottom line is cars with style and power sell. If I could be on the Ford design, it would be dream come true. Back to the Mustang. We have give it that 5.0 rumble, with the speed to match, and an interior that says this is the best of both worlds. Yeah, I would buy one!

    1. Allan

      Any true car guy doesn’t like 4 door cars. Socker moms like 4 door cars so they can get those clunky baby seats secured in the back seat. There are plenty of 4 door sedans and SUVs to choose from and they can be made to perform and handle. It is not necessary to ruin the Mustang. I have no problem making the Mustang all wheel drive and adding electric motors to enhance performance like a 918 Porsche. You guys that want a Mustang buy one. The 4 door / SUV vehicle is for the wife / family car.

      1. van bond jr

        So, you’re saying car guys don’t like the STI or the Mitsubishi EVO? How about the Charger SRT Hellcat or the 1963 Continental with suicide doors? What about the 1994-96 Chevrolet Impala SS? The Australian Ford Falcon or any of the Holden cars such as the GTS, Holden Commodore, etc? What about the Cadillac CTS-V sedan or the CTS-V wagon? There are alot of car guys out there who LOVE 4-door cars. While I agree that the mustang should always be a 2-door, rear wheel drive V8 powered coupe, It would be nice for Ford to give the mustang a bit of practicality and room. It would also be nice for Ford to give the US a mustang inspired Ford Falcon performance sedan and a mustang inspired performance V8 crossover coupe all on the CD6 chassis. It’s not like 1971 where we’re going to have an over sized and under powered car (if ford does it right)

        1. Allan

          What I’m saying is that of all he vehicles you listed I personally would prefer them as a 2 door and would not purchase any of them with 4 door. It’s unfortunate that these vehicles aren’t available as a coupe or sedan.

        2. Dennis

          I just can wait to get a glimpse of the 4 door Corvette

  31. Mark

    Let mustang v8 roll for years to come best car on road mark

  32. GT for me

    No 4 dr. Mustang, no hybrid Mustang, no SUV Mustang. If and when the time comes, Ford should let the Mustang go “out to pasture” with the dignity and respect it deserves.

  33. Tim Gonzalez

    Since the coyote came out and the Crown Vic was discontinued I’ve been hoping for a four version that would compete with BMW and the Charger. As far as the Mustang name, it needs to stay as is,period! But a similar looking 4 door or SUV with a name like Gran Torino or Maverick would be awesome!


      Yeah! Bring back the Grand Torino. (My first car). It could look similar to the Mustang; possibly with a big mouth grill, a wide rear end, the 5 liter engine, and dual exhaust. I’ll settle for that, if the 4 door Mustang isn’t a possibility. Great idea ?.

      1. trailhiker

        I agree the Grand Torino should be the 4 door. I would love to see that.
        The Mustang could still be light, IF they use a shorter wheel base and aluminum panels.
        I’d then like to see a Ford Capri like the old ones on a smaller platform.

  34. Wworld1

    make the Stang a little lighter if anything
    make Fusion with Lincoln v6 400hp engine
    make ST versions of all SUV’s!

  35. Rob

    Someone is having a lot of fun right now laughing their head off at all these comments from horrified readers. You need to recognise “Fake news”

  36. David

    This is to ED we’re talking Ford not Chevy I’m sure you ware a skirt and drive a Chevy this blog is for Ford men only not Chevy Boys

  37. Joe Yoman

    Nope I would not buy one

  38. David Shipe

    I have no plans to buy a larger Mustang based on the S650 Explorer platform, and strongly believe the decision makers at Ford will drive the company out of business through their continual consolidation. They may save money and increase profits with some lines in the short run, but the Mustang is not one of them.

    Good luck on retaining your hallowed fans, Ford, because no one will be loyal when you bring the wrong product to market. Your CEO is not a car guy and the Board of Directors is asleep at the switch!

  39. Jeremiah

    I think it’s a terrible idea, my opinion only but in this day and age Ford perfected (as much as possible) the Mustang, Chevrolet perfected the Corvette (as much as possible) and evening Mazda perfected the Miata (once again as much as possible) with just enough power. Rumors of a Crown Vic and even a Torino are exciting news to a ford fan but please leave the Mustang alone.


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