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2019 Ford Ranger Underseat Storage Hides Your Junk


We’ve all got a bunch of stuff that we need a place to store in our vehicles. Often, it ends up all crammed in the glovebox or the console. Additional items end up tossed somewhere, like the trunk, if you are in a car or SUV. In a truck, there often isn’t a lot of storage space to be had. So when Ford designed the new 2019 Ford Ranger, it put time into giving owners a place for their stuff. Enter the 2019 Ford Ranger underseat storage.

The 2019 Ford Ranger underseat storage gives owners a place to store their stuff in a hidden way. The fuel tank is on the driver’s side of the truck, making the underseat storage bin on that side significantly smaller than the bin on the passenger’s side. Specific capacities for the 2019 Ford Ranger underseat storage bins are currently not known.

Both the driver and passenger side bins are wider at the top than the bottom, with slanted sides that meet a narrower bottom. The bins are rigid plastic and appear to have no drain holes. They might make an excellent spot for holding extra fluids.

When the seat is down, the 2019 Ford Ranger underseat storage is completely out of site. In fact, the bins might make the perfect place to hide gifts. In cold weather states, they would be ideal for winter survival kits such as blankets, water, and some food… so if you get stuck somewhere in a blizzard, you can safely wait for help. Meanwhile, offroaders could use the bins for tow ropes and deflate tools.

The driver’s side bin has straps at the top, but we don’t know precisely what those straps are for. We expect that is where the tire iron would be strapped down, and the Jeep Gladiator has almost that exact setup for its tire iron. But since we took these photos at an auto show (the 2019 New York Auto Show), we imagine that the tire iron was removed so that nobody steals it at the show. 2019 Ford Ranger owners – feel free to chime in with the purpose of those straps in the comments.

If you feel like getting in depth with the 2019 Ford Ranger, check out our images of the underside of the truck.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. DrRoger

    The pictures are for the SuperCrew (short bed) version. The storage on the SuperCab (6-foot bed) is much smaller.

  2. scorpionking0102

    The long awaited Ranger was such a disappointment to me when I started reading the comparison test between the Toyota, Colorado and the Ranger.
    I am a devoted Ford fan with Ford products gracing my family drive and my father’s for the last 50 years.
    I can’t quite wrap my head around why Ford didn’t see the attributes of they’re composition and reengineer the new Ranger to outdo or at best mimic them. The Asian automotive market have been doing this for years. That is why the Toyota Tacoma is the number one selling truck, in this segment, all around the world. Why do you think even in some of the most “hostile” environments around the globe, you will always find a Toyota Tacoma, albeit, with another nameplate.
    This was supposed to be Ford’s calling to get back into this segment of the truck market, in which they failed sorely.
    Yes, I am a truck enthusiast and an automotive engineer. So, this message is to Ford, please find your way, or your company may go the way of the Edsel!
    Also, while I’m at it, you decision on not making cars just opened up a market for the Asian and German automotive manufacturers to capitalize on and drive up the cost of “used” cars.
    So much for the “American Dream”, shame on you!

  3. Clint

    Indeed this truck is a failure.

  4. Joe B.

    SUV’s don’t have a trunk. That’s one reason I don’t own one. Your junk is behind the rear seat. That bin looks small. But I love my ’17 Mustang n/a V6 w/trunk.

  5. Jason Dawson

    This is a story? Trucks have had storage compartments for years. My Ram was designed in 2009, so that’s at least 10 years of storage bins. Yeah I’ll admit Ford has dropped the ball. I used to be a Ford guy before I bought my Ram.

  6. Mark reisen

    The new Ranger is a nice truck for what it is and not so much for what it’s not. Their is no regular cab model, no 5 or 6 speed manual trans, no v6 option, no Raptor model yet AND no real base model that most buyers would not want to buy any way do to the near f15o asking price. I would buy one any way if i could find one that is a truly AFFORDABLE list price, So i.m still looking at a Nissan Frontier that is more reasonably priced and more engine options than the Ranger. Pull your head out FORD and build the truck more like the original one.


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