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Awesome 1959 Ford Ranch Wagon Is A Land Yacht

Until the last decade or so, if you wanted to haul a lot of people and stuff and didn’t want a tuck, you went with a station wagon. This 1959 Ford Ranch Wagon reminds us of a time before SUVs took over the roads, a time when fins and chrome was the style of the day. This car is a very low mile survivor, the 1959 Ford Ranch Wagon has only one owner and 12,000 miles on the odometer.

The Ranch Wagon was the first all-steel Ford station wagon, before the Ranch wagons had wood bodies. This particular 1950 Ranch Wagon wears its original two-tone paint from 1959, and the paint looks fantastic. Inside the Ranch Wagon looks just as clean and well maintained as the outside complete with loads of beige upholstery.

One of the coolest things about cars of the ’50s is how fancy they made the instruments, just look at the speedometer inside the car. Under the hood of the 1959 Ford Ranch Wagon is a 292 cubic inch V8 engine that was an option when the vehicle was ordered. The V8 is paired up with an automatic transmission.

One of the only changes to this car from when it was new is an aftermarket carburetor, but the original is included with the sale. Other changes include new tires, new brakes, and a new gas tank since the Ranch Wagon rolled off the assembly line in 1959. The owner says that the car was never driven in the winter and always garage kept. Since wagons of the late ’50s aren’t as popular as other types of cars, this survivor seems to be a very good deal with an asking price of $22,900 at Showdown Auto. This wagon isn’t as swanky as the Crown Victoria we saw a while back, but it’s very cool and less than half the price.

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  1. George S

    Ford station wagons of that era were king of the road. When Ford came out with the three way tail gate in the late 60’s, no one could touch them. It was great watching TV commercials with Chevrolet and Ford going head to head in this market. GM finally by 1977 model year did they come with the three way tailgate. Probably the Ford patent ran out.

    This model, notice the rear window. It lifted up and the tailgate dropped, a clam steel configuration but no one complained. The radio might be a vacuum tube unit but transistor radios were just coming to the market. The windshield wiper motors are vacuum motors. Notice the plastic bag for the washer fluid. Probably foot pump operation. The seat belts had to be added recently and the undercoating is a spray on, maybe a Rusty Jones product but the coil shocks? Not sure if they are original and if coil shocks were even available back then.

    Still an awesome car, which I had space for it for my garage.


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