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Base 2020 Ford GT500 Looks Fantastic: Video

So far, we have seen plenty of images and video of the 2020 Ford GT500 test mules running the streets. The GT500s we have seen so far all appear to have the optional Carbon Fiber Track pack tacked on. Those carbon fiber tidbits will certainly make the car better on the track, but for those not wanting to shell out whatever the assuredly massive price is for the Carbon Fiber Track pack might want to know more about the base 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

A YouTube channel called StangMode was on hand at the 2019 Ford Nationals in Pennsylvania, and a couple 2020 Ford GT500 cars were on display. The one seen in red on the video is the base model giving us a look at what the car will look like with no options installed. We certainly miss the style of the Recaro seats inside the vehicle, and anyone that hits the track will miss the support.

Opting out of the Recaro seats could save some big money, but how much we don’t yet know as Ford is still mum on pricing. One exciting thing about this video is that the sign that is with the 2020 Ford GT500 calls out “700++ Horsepower.” naturally we and a lot of other GT500 fans are wondering if the “++” part means that the 2020 GT500 might have more power than we expect.

Until now Ford has always said “700+” horsepower and the fact that the automaker has stayed mum so long on the exact power figures has led to speculation that perhaps it is still trying to get more power from the 5.2-liter supercharged V8 engine. While the extra “+” has Mustang fans aflutter, it could simply be that the person making the sign felt cheeky that day. Also on the video is the aerodynamics test mule giving us a look at a different iteration of the car. A GT500 engineer also walks us through some bits about the car; the video is worth a watch.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Mark

    A couple months back, I saw a video posted online for which Jim Owens, the marketing manager, was speaking at a private invite-only event showing off the GT500 to fans. It was the first time the “++” appeared. People asked him what the “++” is, and he said he added it to simply denote that the 2nd number is not a zero, and that 700+ does not mean only 701. He was implying at least 710 horsepower, but did not directly say it for some reason. He went on to say that the reason they haven’t released the horsepower number yet is because they’re doing final testing and want to see how far they can push it within compromise of EPA fuel economy and emissions testing, etc before the actual date that it’s going to be out for sale. I thought the video was posted either by StangMode or SpeedPhenom, but I cannot find it now. The private event might have been in Las Vegas, but I do not recall. Maybe someone on here knows.

  2. Chuck Petersen

    The “WHEELS” on that red car are different than the one’s I’ve seen elsewhere all over the internet. I love them much more than the Carbon Fiber wheels. Will there be “2 Options” for wheels once they start taking orders for the new 2020 Shelby GT500??????? Somebody in the know “PLEASE HELP ME OUT”. Iam #1 on my Ford Dealers list to get a car. He has 1 allocation and Iam the guy getting the car. Also would love to know the exact date when the order bank opens up. Is there a way to call Shane Mcglaun?????

  3. Ken

    How do you get on a wait list? I would like to purchase one as a retirement gift to myself after serving 27 yrs in the Army. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Chuck Petersen

    Ken; You just need to start calling all the Ford dealers in your area. Thats what I did and after talking to over 40 Ford Dealers I finally landed one. Its just alot of work and there’s a possibility you may have to wait and get a 2021. But even then you need to make a deal and put down a deposit and get it in writing.


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