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Ford Dealer Chatom Ford Launches “God And Glory” Promotion

Yesterday we talked about an Alabama Ford dealer called Chatom Ford that was running a promotion that it called “God, Glory, and Freedom” that had the dealership giving everyone who purchased a new or used car a copy of the King James Bible, an American flag, and a gift certificate for a shotgun at one of two local retailers. Ford Motor Company reached out and asked the dealer to end the promotion after a double murder occurred at a Ford dealer in California this week.

Ford stated that it was neither involved nor aware of the promotion the small Ford dealer in Alabama was running. Ford did say that Chatom Ford would be allowed to fulfill all the obligations it had made under the promotion before it asked the dealership to end the promotion. The dealership pointed out that it wasn’t directly giving away the shotguns, it was giving certificates for $200 at local stores where the car buyer could go in, fill out the appropriate background checks, and get the shotgun.

The dealer removed the original video from its Facebook site as it was asked to stop promoting the “God, Glory, and Freedom” giveaway. What the dealer did was come back and rebrand the giveaway as “God and glory” and is still giving away the American flag and the King James Bible along with a $200 certificate that the user can spend on whatever they want. Whatever the buyer wants could still be a shotgun, the dealer just isn’t pushing that as part of the deal.

Dealership personnel say that the original promotion was just them catering to their local customers with dove hunting season coming up. The dealership said of its local customers, “They love their faith, they love their country, and they love to hunt.” The dealership says that it averaged about one sale per day with the promotion since it was announced and that before Ford insisted the promotion be canceled, it had received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

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Source: The Washington Post

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  1. Kendal

    The only thing that i doubt is “they averaged one car sale per day with the event”. I think that with half of the country voting for Trump and 75% of Alabama bleed American Red…..if i were gonna buy a new Ford……regardless of where i live, i would buy from them. And so would everyone else. Great sales promotion. Too bad some loser like the guy that is anti gun up there has to ruin it for everyone.
    These people shooting up everywhere are kids that were raised without fathers. Thats the way they turn out. All of the mass shootings were carried out by kids that grew up without fathers.

  2. Laura Wesselmann

    I’m a ford owner-a 2012 Flex. If Ford opposes hunting rifles as a promotional tool to sell its brand, they should scrap their truck line and go go electric. Join the soy boy club.

  3. Eden

    Despite his perceptions of the program, Ford didn’t quite see it his way and the promotion, which was to continue until the end of the month, was shut down. For Ford, it was likely a matter of sensitivity to the tragedy that befell the California dealership. That the Chatom promo was massively insensitive to the shooting seems somehow to have escaped Ward. It was good while it lasted, but, the fact that another dealership lost employees, while Chatom was offering shotguns for new-truck sales has no good optics, no matter how you look at it. The ?Cadillac? ?CTS-V? packs he same ?LT4? engine as the new ?Chevrolet? ?Corvette? ?Z06?, but the big Caddy could offer more consistent performance than the most track capable Vette of all time.


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