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Ford Edge Orders Stopped In UK Due To Poor Sales

The Ford Edge was redesigned and introduced to Europe and the UK only last December. Ford had big hopes for the SUV in the UK, but those hopes have been dashed thanks to poor sales. Ford has now stopped taking orders for the Edge in the UK with the vehicle continuing in seven different European markets. Customers in all European markets can get the Edge as long as stock lasts.

A Ford rep told CarScoops that the Edge hadn’t been profitable in certain markets. Ford has been mercilessly cutting products from the lineup that aren’t profitable in markets around the world. Poor profitability is why the U.S. lost all cars but the Mustang. The Ford rep said that the limiting of the Edge to seven key markets was just an extension of its strategy to strengthen the Ford brand and create a “sustainably profitable” business in Europe.

Interestingly, the 2019 Ford Edge is still on the UK website for customers to configure. The least expensive Ford Edge in the UK starts at £37,020 or $46,817 in Titanium trim. The Ford Edge ST is listed at £43,035 or $54,424 while the Edge Vignale is listed at £46,035 or $58,218. These prices are significantly higher than the starting cost of the Edge in the U.S. with the SUV offered in SE, SEL, Titanium, and ST trims starting at nearly $30,000 and topping out at $42,355.

Ford noted that the hole in the line left by the Edge vacating the UK would be filled with other products. The Ford rep said that Ford has other products debuting soon. Ford is expected to debut three new vehicles at the Frankfurt auto show in Germany, including the Ford Puma. The fate of the Ford Edge will not be mirrored in any other markets, for now, according to Ford. That could change, Ford Edge sales in the U.S. and Mexico declined in Q4 2018, and fell in Q1 2019 as well.

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Source: CarScoops

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  1. EuropeSucks

    Euro sissies would rather drive electric and hybrid rubbish, all the while not shaving their pits.

  2. Chris VL

    This is terrible news for Ford, and not just in the United Kingdom. Having made the decision to cull all of its traditional sedans from most markets, notably North America, Ford really needs its crossover vehicles to perform brilliantly. Not only has that not happened with the Edge in Britain, but the worse news, buried near the end of the above article, is how badly Edge sales have fallen off on this side of the pond through the first quarter of this year. The Ford Edge is a quintessential two-row family crossover utility, a bread-and-butter vehicle in what we keep hearing is a booming segment. But if Ford can’t successfully flog the Edge in this environment, what does it say about Ford’s viability in other segments? I love the Expedition and F-150 as much as the next man, but they surely can’t be the only cash cows in Ford’s stable. Maybe Ford needs a good big sedan after all…

  3. Ed Peters

    Why are all the changes in Ford vehicles all overseas? I do not care what is happening in china. We are losing ford models here in the US with no replacements. My choices are going to be non existant for the vehicle I need and want. I hate to say it but I am going to have to look at Japanese and Korean vehicles. I have edges, focus and escapes, and Mr. Farley wants me to get a Mach-E. Get REAL …….


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