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Ford Fiesta R1 Entry-Level Rally Car Unveiled

Getting into the sport of rally racing isn’t cheap. There are plenty of amateurs who do get into the sport and have fun racing. Ford wants to make a new entry-level ride for drivers getting into Rally racing and has unveiled the Ford Fiesta R1 as the ride for these folks.

The Ford Fiesta R1 sits right below the Ford Fiesta R2 rally car that was unveiled last December. The Ford Fiesta R1 is based on the road-going Fiesta ST that we no longer get here in the States. The R1 is the first step on the ladder and is billed as “perfect” for those looking to start a rally career. The Ford Fiesta R1 was built in conjunction with M-Sport Poland.

It has an upgraded engine, transmission, brakes, and electronics for improved performance. The engine is a 999cc Ford EcoBoost tuned for 150 horsepower at 5,750 rpm and 200 Nm of torque at the same rpm. The transmission is a Sadev 5-speed sequential gearbox with plated limited slip differential that can be adjusted across three ramps. The transmission has an AP Racing single disc clutch.

The suspension has Bilstein ride height adjustable dampers and Eibach springs in hard, medium, or soft and an optional anti-roll bar. A power-assisted steering column is fitted along with a Life Racing F88 ECU and ECU Master gear dispaly with shift light.

If the buyer supplies the donor Fiesta ST, a conversion kit to build the car is offered at €26,990.00 + VAT. If you want the car complete and ready to race, you can get it for €45,990 + VAT. Once the driver gets used to the R1 and wants to move up a step, a conversion kit is offered to upgrade the Ford Fiesta R1 to R2 spec.

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