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Ford Focus Sales Decrease 71 Percent To 10,349 Units In Q1 2019


Ford Focus sales decreased in the United States and Mexico during the first quarter of 2019.

Ford Focus Sales - Q1 2019 - United States

In the United States, Ford Focus deliveries totaled 10,349 units in Q1 2019, a decrease of about 70 percent compared to 35,046 units sold in Q1 2018.
MODEL Q1 2019 / Q1 2018 Q1 2019 Q1 2018
FOCUS -70.47% 10,349 35,046

Ford Focus Sales - Q1 2019 - Mexico

In Mexico, Ford Focus deliveries totaled 82 units in Q1 2019, a decrease of about 56 percent compared to 185 units sold in Q1 2018.
MODEL Q1 2019 / Q1 2018 Q1 2019 Q1 2018
FOCUS -55.68% 82 185

Ford Focus Sales - Q1 2019 - Brazil

In Brazil, Ford Focus deliveries totaled 894 units in Q1 2019, a decrease of about 51 percent compared to 1,808 units sold in Q1 2018.
MODEL Q1 2019 / Q1 2018 Q1 2019 Q1 2018
FOCUS -50.55% 894 1,808

Competitive Sales Comparison

Ford Focus sales continued to decline in the first quarter of 2019, with the compact model range posting one of the three largest sales volume declines in its segment.

The lackluster performance brings the Focus down to tenth place in its competitive set in terms of U.S. sales volume during the quarter, behind the Toyota Corolla in first, Honda Civic in second, Nissan Sentra in third, Hyundai Elantra in fourth, Chevrolet Cruze (see Chevrolet Cruze sales) in fifth, Volkswagen Jetta in sixth, Kia Forte in seventh, Mazda 3 in eighth, and Subaru Impreza in ninth. Notably, the top three Japanese contenders accounted for more than 50 percent of the segment’s overall sales volume.

Sales Numbers - Compact Mainstream Cars - Q1 2019 - United States

MODEL Q1 19 / Q1 18 Q1 19 Q1 18 Q1 19 SHARE Q1 18 SHARE
TOYOTA COROLLA +1.01% 78,608 77,820 22% 18%
HONDA CIVIC -4.83% 78,185 82,149 21% 19%
NISSAN SENTRA -5.35% 56,793 60,002 16% 14%
HYUNDAI ELANTRA -23.27% 36,112 47,064 10% 11%
CHEVROLET CRUZE -41.51% 23,311 39,855 6% 9%
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA SEDAN +58.04% 23,089 14,610 6% 3%
KIA FORTE -9.93% 21,374 23,731 6% 6%
MAZDA MAZDA3 -22.59% 15,215 19,655 4% 5%
SUBARU IMPREZA -16.26% 13,779 16,454 4% 4%
FORD FOCUS -70.47% 10,349 35,046 3% 8%
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI -29.96% 3,590 5,126 1% 1%
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF SPORTWAGEN -55.88% 1,802 4,084 0% 1%
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF -27.50% 1,387 1,913 0% 0%
FIAT 500L -57.47% 168 395 0% 0%
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF R -58.74% 144 349 0% 0%
DODGE DART -96.83% 8 252 0% 0%
MITSUBISHI LANCER -99.78% 3 1,384 0% 0%
TOTAL -15.35% 363,917 429,889

The Focus outsold the remaining segment contenders, including the Volkswagen Jetta Sedan, Subaru Impreza, Kia Forte, Mazda3, Volkswagen Golf (which accounted for a combined 6,932 sales), Fiat 500L, along with the discontinued Dodge Dart and Mitsubishi Lancer.

The compact mainstream car segment contracted more than 15 percent to 363,917 units in Q1 2019.

The Ford Authority Take

We attribute the ongoing decline in Ford Focus sales in Q1 2019 to the following factors:

  1. An ongoing shift in consumer buying dynamics that favors crossover utility vehicles at the expense of other vehicle types like sedans and hatchbacks
  2. Strong Toyota Corolla sales and a surge in Volkswagen Jetta sales following the launch of the all-new model
  3. Plans to discontinue the Focus in North America

We envision that Ford Focus sales will continue to slip at increasing rates as the nameplate is phased out of the North American market. It’s worth clarifying that sales of the Focus will continue in other markets, including Europe.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford Focus Q1 2018 sales, except as noted
  • In the United States, there were 76 selling days in Q1 2019 and 76 selling days in Q1 2018
  • Model sales specifics:
    • Chevrolet Cruze sales include Cruze sedan and Cruze hatchback, plus all variants thereof
    • Ford Focus sales include Focus sedan and Focus hatchback, plus all variants thereof (see Ford Focus sales)
    • Hyundai Elantra sales include Elantra sedan and Elantra GT (hatchback), plus all variants thereof
    • Volkswagen:
      • Volkswagen Jetta sales include Jetta sedan plus all variants thereof such as Jetta GLI and Jetta Hybrid (see Volkswagen Jetta sales)
      • Volkswagen Golf sales include Golf 3-door hatchback and Golf 5-door hatchback (see Volkswagen Golf sales)
      • Volkswagen Golf GTI sales include Golf GTI 3-door and Golf GTI 5-door (see Volkswagen Golf GTI sales)
      • Volkswagen Golf R sales include Golf R (see Volkswagen Golf R sales)
      • Volkswagen Golf SportWagen sales include Golf SportWagen and Golf AllTrack (see Volkswagen Golf SportWagen sales)
      • Volkswagen e-Golf sales are not included in the numbers (see Volkswagen e-Golf sales)
    • Honda Civic sales include Civic sedan, Civic hatchback, and Civic Coupe, plus all variants thereof
    • Toyota Corolla sales include Corolla sedan and Corolla hatchback
    • Nissan Sentra sales include Sentra sedan, plus all variants thereof such as Sentra SR
    • Subaru Impreza sales include Impreza sedan and Impreza hatchback, plus all variants thereof such as Impreza WRX and Impreza STI
    • Kia Forte sales include Forte sedan, Forte hatchback, and Forte coupe (Koup), plus all variants thereof
    • Mazda3 sales include Mazda3 sedan and Mazda 3 hatchback, plus all variants thereof (see Mazda3 sales)
    • Mitsubishi Lancer sales include Lancer sedan, plus variants thereof such as Lancer Evolution sedan
    • Fiat 500L sales include 500L (see Fiat 500L sales)
    • Dodge Dart sales include Dodge Dart sedan, plus all variants thereof (see Dodge Dart sales)

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