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Future Ford F-150 Shows Headlights For The First Time

Anticipation is growing for the future Ford F-150, which is expected to gain a litany of changes for the 2021 model year. Now, we’re getting a better look at the pickup’s fascia thanks to a recent set of spy shots that reveal a test mule on public streets, exposing what appear to be brand-new headlamp housings.

With this new glimpse of the future Ford pickup, we’re starting to get a better idea of what the fourteenth-generation F-150 will offer in terms of front-end styling. Granted, this test mule is obviously draped in heavy camouflage, so we still need to use our imagination to piece it all together.

However, if what we see here are indeed the standard production headlamps, it looks as though they’ll come with a new inner design for the light projectors. While the headlights on the current F-150 best-seller offer a more angular aesthetic, with curving reflectors and LED surrounds, these new lights seem to be more square and upright.

It’s also possible that what we have here are nothing more than placeholder headlamps, though if they are standard production pieces, they are likely for a base trim level of the future Ford F-150, as higher trims would offer bright HID or LED lighting, rather than the low-tech halogen units seen here. For reference, earlier 2021 F-150 mules have been spied with LED headlamps, with a similar vertical-stack style.

Speaking of high-tech, the future Ford F-150 will offer new hybrid power under the hood, as well as an all-electric powertrain option to boot. Additionally, the new fourteenth-generation F-150 is expected to offer a full range of gasoline and diesel engines, including four-cylinder, six-cylinder, and V8 configurations, albeit with more power and improved efficiency over those on offer today.

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  1. vbondjr1

    It almost looks like the 90’s style headlights. It would be nice if Ford gave the truck more of that style (along with the Ranger). It would be nice if they went back to that simpler style but of course, a modern rendition of it. Quite honestly i wish Ford would do like GM does and move back to pushrod engines with slightly larger displacements (405hp 5.0. 475hp 5.8 and 525hp 7.0L V8) but that’s just me. I know it’s not gonna happen but, wishful thinking

    1. trevor

      7.3 is a pushrod. But not in the f-150 though

    2. Steve J

      Seriously vbondjr1, if you love inefficient OHV engines so bad why don’t you, like GM did> move backwards to pushrod engines & “be happy”. 🙂
      Oh join the GM/Chev forum site instead, perhaps. Probably find many like-mind “pushrod” friends like yourself, too.

  2. gareth

    No need to go back to pushrod engines when they have perfect modern engine’s in the ecoboost forms

    1. Steve J

      Totally agree there gareth. This is the 21 Century NOT the 1950’s.

  3. Don

    If I understand the sales numbers correctly. Chevy’s Silverado is third behind Ford’s F150, the new Ram in pick up sales. I don’t think following GM in designs, engine selection or anything else would improve Ford’s sales numbers. The EcoBoost is working well in the F-150. That’s why the 5.0 V8 is looking to be removed from the lineup. It appears that it’s possible the 7.3 may be used in some of the pickup line, I recommend reading Automotive magazine’s article with Bob Lutz. GM issues are much more than engine selections. In Ford’s case. They have stepped it up with their designs, especially with the new Lincoln SUVs. Regarding the F150. Ford keeps it fresh inside and out. If it’s not broke. Just continue to improve it.


    I sure hope they do not remove the 5.0 from the line up. Thinking about trading in my 2010 F150 with 4.6….which has been a great engine and I will be wanting a V8….not turbo anything. I don’t see any great increase in gas mileage, and now you have to use a power adder to get the job done, more heat, more hardware. Personally I don,t want turbo, (in my truck) each to their own I guess.


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