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Summer Is Here And We Want A Ford Transit Nugget Camper

We often lament that it seems we get none of the cool cars here in the States. Ford no longer offers the Focus RS in the states, and all other cars except the Mustang are being phased out. Ford also has some cool versions of the Transit van in Europe we don’t get here in the States, like the Transit Sport. Ford has teamed up with motorhome maker Westfalia in Europe to make a slick little camper called the Transit Custom Nugget camper.

The Transit Nugget camper is offered in Europe only and first debuted there in January. With summer here and vacations coming it’s a good time to revisit the little camper van. It’s powered by a 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel engine and comes converted with a place to sleep, a kitchenette, and if you opt for the long-wheelbase Nugget Plus, you get an integrated toilet and hand basin.

Ford offers the Transit Custom Nugget in an adjustable tilt roof or fixed high roof version. The Nugget Plus comes with the high roof as standard. The design gives the Nugget a three-room layout with the L-shaped kitchenette in the rear, a spacious living and dining area in the center, and the sleeping quarters in the roof.

Since the Transit Nugget sleeps four, the second bed folds out in the living area when needed. Cooking is done on a double-burner gas cooker, and the Nugget has a chrome-nickel steel sink. A 40-liter compact refrigerator is built-in, and the Transit Nugget has onboard fresh and waste water tanks each with a 42-liter capacity. The tanks also supply an outdoor shower at the rear of the vehicle.

The fold-out table inside the Nugget has room for five people with three on a forward facing bench and the front driver and passenger seat swivel to the rear. Nugget has an available fold-out table with two chairs and a retractable awning for eating outside.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Russell S. Lydon

    I was at my dealership today for service…I asked the sales manager about dropping all the cars,except the Mustang…she told me that Ford has decided to keep the Fusion also..any updates on that news..??

    1. Shane McGlaun

      We haven’t heard anything about that, Ford has said 2020 is the end of production for the Fusion in North America. Perhaps in her mind, the Fusion hanging on until next year is deciding to keep the car.

    2. Lori O'Neil

      I am not sure why she said that, but the Fusion is still being dropped.

  2. Joseph Debes

    Okay…the Ford Nugget and Ford Nugget Plus (with a REAL) toilet, small pop-top self contained camper and have been for sale first in Europe, then in the UK…..but not in the USA. Reading the USA comments on the European and UK review sites, you ALREADY have a captive and READY USA buyer audience! As an American automaker, what are you waiting for?!
    Are there REGULATORY issues in the US preventing production (possibly you’re waiting for an EV model, which might not peak US buyers’ interest for LONGER US trips)….
    Don’t let the European and UK buyers have all the FUN!

  3. Dan Dieter

    Wow! I agree with the previous comment! When are you going to offer the Transit in U.S. ?


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