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What Style Cues Does The 2021 Ford Bronco Need To Have?

Like most Bronco fans, we were a bit sad when the 2020 year model slipped to a 2021 year model as things were delayed a bit. The reason for that delay was cited as poor performance in focus groups, leading to a front end redesign according to reports. The style the general public wants from an SUV isn’t always what the hard-core Bronco fans want to see. The delay raised the question, what classic Bronco features does the 2021 Ford Bronco need?

Motortrend ran down a list of what it thinks the 2021 Ford Bronco needs to compete and we can’t say that we disagree with most of them. The first thing is a spare tire on the back, something that Broncos in the old days had and something that the main competition, the Jeep Wrangler, has as well. We would certainly want to see that carried over to the 2021 Ford Bronco.

We’d be happy if the new Bronco looked like this. Image:

Paint colors need to extend beyond the standard Ford colors of red, black, white, silver, and blue. We’d like to see some bright colors; Ford could borrow from the colors offered on the Mustang line. We’d totally buy a 2021 Ford Bronco in Grabber Lime, Grabber Blue, or Competition Orange. Broncos have always offered two-tone paint jobs, a modern Bronco with a combination of colors would be a welcome sight.

As for the shape, it needs to be boxy. The Bronco has always been a box, and fans love that shape. Boxy is the same approximate shape that the segment-leading Jeep Wrangler offers, and Ford would do well to stick with what the segment wants without being too retro or too modern.

Motortrend wants graphics packages; we don’t care one way or the other on that point. Graphics were very ’80s, early ’90s. As long as we get some cool two-tone paint jobs with white roof and matching fender flares, the graphics aren’t a necessity for us.

One significant feature that the 2021 Ford Bronco must have is a roof that opens. A convertible top is one of the main draws to the Jeep Wrangler, and old Broncos offered removable roofs. Beating Jeep here would be a possibility if the Bronco offers an easy to remove roof that blocks more noise than the Wrangler soft top does.

Icon CEO Jonathan Ward says that the 2021 Bronco needs a manual to succeed, we’d disagree. A manual is nice, but we would much rather have a V8. That said, we can count on the same EcoBoost four-cylinder from the Ranger truck being the engine option. One thing the 2021 Bronco needs to be successful and take the sales war to the Jeep Wrangler is solid front and rear axles for off-road prowess. If the Wrangler lands with independent front suspension, as the Ranger has, it will lose the enthusiast market. We have seen images that appear to show solid front and rear axles, so fans are likely safe from that catastrophe. What do you want to see in the 2021 Ford Bronco?

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Source: Motortrend

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. S.O

    How on earth do you see a solid axle in those pictures? I wish one was there, but that is obviously an IFS setup like the Ranger normally has.

  2. 93lightningbronco

    Ok Ford this is not that difficult. You have a Troller. 4×4 solid front axle removable top add removable doors put what ever you want for engine as long as its got 270 hp minimum solid front and rear axles. Coil springs for the best ride. Make fenders removable for larger tires jeep has already converted moat of us but we hate Dodge products. If it doeant have what ive listed we will just buy a jeep for spite. You know how to do retro you got this. Troller meets retro bronco 1970’s front fenders retro round headlights. He’ll do like the 78 and 79. Square headlights on 1 model round on the other with first gen Bronco front fenders. You know if you come out with 1 thing the jeep has better its gonna be a Blazer nightmare.
    Ok recap……
    Solid front axle
    Solid rear axle
    Removable top
    Removable doors
    What ever engine 270 min hp
    Maybe 2 transmissions standard+ auto
    And any additions you can add.
    End of story

    C’mon Ford

    1. Doug Susong

      Agreed, horsepower rating is good but I think you need to have a higher horse V8 for those old school guy, like myself, so we don’t have to go to Walmart and buy a V8 badge.

  3. Bobarella

    What styling cues does it need? How about visible ones. The kind that aren’t covered by a tarp.

    Ford has been playing hide-the-ball with this Bronco long enough. I was never a Jeep fan before, but somehow the anticipation of the Bronco has almost converted me into one.

  4. Charles

    So there now pushing the Broncos till 2021???? Why????

    1. Scott

      Timing issues-its supposed to go into production Late fall/winter of 2020. Should be on the lots in numbers by summer 2021.


    Don’t waste our time if it doesn’t resemble the 60s bronco and you need to under cut them at price WE ARE WAITING

  6. Shannon

    I agree with the 93lightningbronco for the most part. The new Bronco must have the following:

    Solid Axles Front and Rear with a Locker Option
    Fully Removable Top and Doors
    A Manual Gearbox
    High and Low Range Transfer Case
    A V-8 Engine, a 265 HP 2.0 liter Ecoboost is not going to cut it for the off road crowd. It’s great in my wife’s Lincoln MKC but it has to rev to the moon before it starts producing any power. Off road requires low-end grunt that just cannot be achieved from the current 4 and 6 cylinder offerings. I get an article in my news feed nearly everyday about someone putting a hemi in a wrangler. You want to beat the Jeep? Give us a V-8!

    Also it would be great if Ford would go back to letting it’s customers order a vehicle with the options it wants without making them buy a “package”. I may want leather seats and positrack differentials without any other bells and whistles. I should be able to get that.

    I am a Ford man through and through. I currently have a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon for off road purposes though. I hate Chrysler products but no one else is producing what is needed for off road fun. This is Ford’s opportunity to get it right. I hope these so called focus groups don’t ruin the new Bronco.

    Ok Ford, I know the list is long and completely different than anything currently being produced by you. You’ve got this. I have started my Bronco fund and fully intend on purchasing one. I need this Chrysler junk out of my driveway. It just doesn’t fit in with the 2 Lincolns and the Excursion that also reside there.

    Please get this right. It is going to pain me greatly if I have to buy another Wrangler………………..

    1. Juanito Ibanez

      Ford just released a brand new “old school” (non-OHC) 7.3L Gasoline V-8 engine for their 2020 Super Duty trucks.

      I would prefer to see a “new old school” V-8 for the new Bronco.

      To-wit: an aluminum block and heads-equipped 351 Windsor-type design.

      Should have the torque needed for serious off-roading of the new 4×4 Bronco.

  7. trailhiker

    The picture from Bronc6G is nice, but the taillights should not stick out further than the bumper. They are too expensive to replace now, and should be recessed and caged.

  8. Michael S Kirkey

    How about a 8 cyl .with out the noisy 10 speed like the f 150

  9. Doug Susong

    Definitely V8 options, maybe a Roush conversion of some sort, definitely a manual and auto option. If there is no removable top or doors I will not buy one. I would like to see it be as close to my 69 and 76 as possible. To keep the enthusiasts interested they will have to have lots of option packages. Can’t be like buying a Chevy truck we’re you have three choices.

  10. Adam Bennett

    Everyone has said what they want and what it should be, but they don’t listen to anyone but hipsters and housewives. So instead of being a truck, it’s gonna be a pukey little crossover thing like the new blazer

    1. JohnTaurus

      Exactly, which is why it will share a truck platform (per Ford itself, not a rumor). Of course itll be a FWD unibody lifted wagon like the Blazer. Duh.

    2. Lee Anderson

      What a worthless comment. We already know it won’t be a CUV. It’s sharing the Ranger platform. This has been common knowledge for months, if not years.

  11. Scott

    IMO V8 isn’t going to happen.

    The 2.3L I4 puts out more power then the 4.6L V8 did. The 2.7L Ecoboost will be more then capable of moving the Bronco around fine. It’s a freaking SUV, not a Mustang-you don’t need sub 13 second 1/4 mile times with it.

    1. Doug Susong

      That’s a dumb comment you always need sub 13 seconds in anything you drive plus there is no way a 4 cylinder would have the torque necessary to get you through the woods, well I guess it would get you to the grocery store though.

  12. Kent

    First and foremost make it look similar to the 60’s early 70’s in size and shape; at least the V6 Ecoboost if not a V8, 2 Doors not just a 4 door, removable doors, removable top, manual trans standard. And I agree with some of the other comments. Let us choose what options we want. These packages are ridiculously expensive and I personally don’t need most of the stuff that they force on us. I have been waiting a long time for Ford to do this. Please don’t screw it up!!!!

    1. Lee Anderson

      We know both 2- and 4-door versions are coming, and removable doors. And pickups/SUVs have always been the most customizable of all vehicle types when it comes to packages vs. trims vs. standalone options, so you needn’t worry there.

  13. Steve

    Agree on manual, removable top with truck bed rear. Carpetless option. I’d still buy IFS, though the front solid axle would be better. Options for analog gauges, dials, and buttons vs unsafe touchscreen controls (though keep the phone interface; I love sound quality of phone calls with phone connectivity to the speakers and microphone in my F150). Posi and locking differentials as options. Hopefully they are small on the outside and big on the inside–my knees don’t even touch the dash in my 67 Camaro or my daughter’s 96 Cherokee, but can’t fit in the new Ranger or Explorer despite the fact they are too big externally to fit in current parking spaces! The dash comes back from the windshield 30 inches to hide redundant GPS, monthly-subscription satellite radio, touch screens that requires four screens to turn down the A/C, and likely some airbags. And there’s consoles and bins jutting in from both sides. I also want the shift lever coming up from a rubber boot on the carpet of the transmission tunnel, but Ford probably shouldn’t build it that way; I’m probably the only one who wants that. Looking at the Gladiator, but would rather trust Ford for reliability.

  14. Florida

    I just really want a seat like the f-150 has with a fold down console that folds up for a third seat literally gonna be my make or break if it has a separated front seat I’m not buying it

    1. Lee Anderson

      I guess you’re going to be disappointed, then. The Ranger on which this Bronco is based only has bucket seats. So do the Tacoma, 4Runner, Colorado/Canyon, Wrangler/Gladiator…There is no modern mid-size truck that’s wide enough for a 3-person 40/20/40 bench seat with a flip-down console. It’s an unrealistic expectation. In the last compact/mid-size trucks that had a bench, the middle position was a complete joke. Even the old FSB almost always had buckets.

  15. COBronco

    I’m really hoping they follow the first gen style and have both a 2 and 4 door option. I would love to see the 5.0 in it with a manual and solid axles. But please do not make it a crappy crossover like what Chevy did with the “Blazer”! ?

    1. Lee Anderson

      We already know it won’t be a CUV. It’s sharing the Ranger platform. This has been common knowledge for months, if not years.

  16. Don Bac

    It must be towable.

  17. Don B

    It must be towable.

  18. Bubba Gump

    We all know Ford is going to screw this up.

    I mean, they’ve already started with the 4 dr Bronco. Nope, we don’t need that.

    1. JohnTaurus

      Yep, theyll surely screw it up by not limiting its appeal to 20% of those who would otherwise buy it.

      Ever notice how popular 4 door Wranglers and pickups are? Both 2 and 4 door models have been confirmed.

      It doesn’t matter what Ford does with it, someone is gonna b¡tch about something stupidly minor and claim that’s why they wont buy one (when they couldn’t or wouldn’t have anyway).

    2. Lee Anderson

      Why wouldn’t they “need” a 4-door? The 4-door Wrangler outsells the 2-door handily. The 4Runner hasn’t had a 2-door version for over 25 years. Face it, the 2-door SUV market is all but dead.

  19. Steve Colmar

    Wrangler (& Mustang) are the new “muscle” cars for this century. Off roading, or at least the appearance, is the new drag racing.

    GM missed the boat with Blazer. Leaked shots of Trailblazer show style over substance. Reminds me of faux connection Pontiac had racing in the 1990s.

    Bronco will be great. Ford understands this segment which is why they do so well with trucks and SUVs.

    If not, maybe Hum-Vee will return?

  20. Dadbroguy

    I am really hoping for a front bench seat option. Need a 6 seater.

    1. Lee Anderson

      The Ranger on which this Bronco is based only has bucket seats. So do the Tacoma, 4Runner, Colorado/Canyon, Wrangler/Gladiator…There is no modern mid-size truck that’s wide enough for a 3-person 40/20/40 bench seat with a flip-down console. It’s an unrealistic expectation. In the last compact/mid-size trucks that had a bench, the middle position was a complete joke. Even the old FSB almost always had buckets.

  21. Marcus

    Well if we compare everything to the 1960s to the 1996 bronco we will all be disappointed but that’s why we are on here to show (hope) Ford reads this to meet our needs and to bring back an icon not as a disappointment to us all but to compromise on as little as we can get them to listen to. No they will not put a v8 in it. He’ll they have a Raptor full size with a v6. So be realistic. Its probably gonna be some turbo 4 cylinder its gonna suck but if it has the HP and can run thru a creek, climb out of a mud hole, be lifted, and has the solid axles removable top and doors
    Then they did listen. the Jeep has a mini van motor in it. I wish they would put at least a naturally asperated v6. The turbo has to spool up. Not the greatest for trail. Great for keepiing it to the floor
    Prerunner stuff where the rpms are always way up.. Maybe they will at least give us a plane V6. With low range. Remember this is not to compete with a full size it going to be a competitor to the wrangler. Wrangler has a mini van v6. Yes I think its crap but we have to look at apples to apples. Not wrangler and a 460 manual trans badd ass 1978 bronco. I think yalls old Presedent (not mine lol) Obama passed something about meeting certain MPG and EPA standards by a certain date so that would expand Ford’s turbo engines
    So we got to take that into consideration. I’m not real sure but ive heard people talk about it. So yes kinda ignorant on that. Bottom line
    Must have…
    #1 Solid axles.
    #2 Removable everything
    Doors , Top. Maybe fenders.
    #3 low range transfer case.
    Not a puppy set up
    A put it in low and pull a tree stump. out of the ground transfer case. So that also pounts to optional manual. More reliable and tougher. Most standards are appealing, Clutch goes out its a weekend project check flywheel looks good enough slap new clutch in and off you go.
    #4. 4 door and 2 door. Gotta bring the same apples to the table. Single guy or gal might choose 2 door. Family with a couple kids and boat might want more so they choose 4 door. Look up the Ford Troller. It gave me hope. Or it might just piss us all off in the end lol. But Ford already has a jeep type setup. So maybe they know what they are doing. Fingers crossed.

  22. Jef

    Needs to look more like 2004 concept OR the Troller. If it take cues from the F150, Ford has caved to giving us more of what we already have. If it does that, it’s opting for the boring, and I’ll not get one. I don’t Drive boring.

  23. fred

    A wise man once said

    Drink water

  24. Deborah Earle-MacDonald

    Hello Ford. I’m the average 56 yr old married working woman. If I see 1 more cross-over vehicle I’ll puke! Build us a Bronco with Raptor stylings. Give us removable doors and top. Solid axles. Clearance underneath. A decent transfer case for God’s sake and if it’s not asking too much, I’d prefer a manual. I’m not looking for a pavement princess. Give us something big, tough and fun! I’ll wash the mud off when I’m done. Enough of the SUV……..Stupid Underwhelming Van

  25. Jef

    Land Rover just introduced its new Defender. It took the single most masculine vehicle on the mass market, and replaced it with a more feminized version, in order to broaden its appeal. What it did for me was to remove it from my consideration set. I have a Toyota FJ Cruiser. Toyota stopped selling them, or I’d buy another. Toyota keeps sending me brochures for its current line of SUVs, but they look just like every other SUV on the market, so I have absolutely no interest … despite my good luck with Toyota. I hate driving a vehicle that looks like everyone else’s. I sincerely hope the Bronco will NOT be feminized, and will NOT be common in design.


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