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1932 Ford Pickup Hot Rod Is A Simple Classic

When it comes to building a custom hotrod, the sky is the limit when it comes to what the car looks like. The design can be simple and sleek or as wild as your wallet can afford; this is the great thing about custom cars. The 1932 Ford pickup hot rod seen here is one of the classic and simple designs that is understatedly cool. It’s coated in a simple shiny black paint and features red wheels and a red interior.

The 1932 Ford pickup also has plenty of polished chrome bits to set off the black paint. The motivation for this attractive 1932 Ford pickup comes from a 265 cubic-inch V8 engine that is painted in black with polished metal to set the truck off. The engine is fed fuel by a pair of 4-barrel Edelbrock carbs with a dual exhaust to give the truck hot rod sounds.

Power from the V8 is unknown, but it goes to the ground via a Muncie M21 4-speed manual transmission. The undercarriage of the pickup is polished and clean with a hairpin front end and adjustable coilovers in the rear. It doesn’t look like the person who built the 1932 Ford pickup cut any corners. Lots of subtle bodywork has been done to give the truck its look, including cutting half an inch from the roof and a full foot off the bed.

Inside the bed are polished wooden rails and the red wheels wear retro-looking Firestone tires. We don’t know what the truck cost the original owner to build, but at $44,995 we’d wager you are getting the truck for less than the build price. This is one super clean hot rod, but if you prefer your 1932 Ford sans roof, check out this 1932 roadster we talked about a while back.

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Source: ClassicCars

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    There are lots of great Hotrods out there with Ford power. This is a chevy. Please stick with Ford stuff on this website.

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