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1965 Ford Mustang Once Owned By Stallone For Sale


Actor Sylvester Stallone is still a massive movie star and was in some of the best-known movies of the ’80s, like Rambo and Rocky. At the height of his fame, Stallone had to register his cars just like the rest of us. The red 1965 Ford Mustang in the images here was owned by Stallone back in the late ’80s.

The car is up for auction and comes complete with a California title that shows the car was owned by Sylvester Stallone and has his signature on the title. The car also comes with other DMV paperwork proving that Sly once owned the 1965 Ford Mustang.

The car is currently in Germany having spent the last 30 years in a private collection of classic cars. The photos show a 1965 Ford Mustang that looks perfect and original, for the most part. Under the hood of the car are some minor modifications like braided hoses that certainly aren’t stock.

It appears that this car would be easily transformed into a 100% factory car if the new buyer wanted. The mileage is listed at 104,058 miles, and the pony car rolls on whitewall tires. The seller says that the ride is an original C code V8 car with a C4 automatic transmission. Since the Mustang is located in Germany, it does have a customs certificate as well.

The classic Mustang is red with a black interior, a common, but appealing color combination. The current bid is $40,626 and as of writing the bids hadn’t met the reserve price. The auction ends in a bit over three days. According to the auction page, the car is expected to go for as much as $95,920. Do you think being owned by one of the most famous actors in the world will increase the sales price? Check out the 1965 Mustang known as Toxic for a much wilder classic pony car.

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Source: Catawiki


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