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1967 Mustang Wrecks And Completes Power Tour Anyway

A 20-year-old man named Cole Philips from Auburn, Alabama has driven his customized 1967 Mustang on the Hot Rod Power Tour three times now. We always like to hear about classic Ford owners who have cool cars and drive them. We hate to see classic steel like a 1967 Mustang sitting in a garage never being enjoyed.

Philips daily drives his 1967 Ford Mustang and puts about 5,000 miles per month on the car. Phillips and his father fixed the 1967 Mustang up when he was 15, and he has driven it ever since. The car has a Ford small block V8, refurbished suspension, and a built rear end. The car also has a sniper EFI on it to make it more daily driver-friendly.

For the Power Tour this year he added a Vintage Air AC system and 5-speed manual transmission. Philips had a bit of bad luck on the second day of the 2019 Power Tour when wet roads and old drum brakes conspired to see him rear-end another participant in a fourth-gen Camaro. No injuries were sustained, but the Mustang took a beating.

To his credit, rather than going home, Philips continued to drive the entire Power Tour with his crashed Mustang and have fun. To get the car back on the road required a run to the auto parts store for a new radiator. When Philips’ dad and brother came back with the radiator, which was for a Toyota, it was too tall.

The answer was to cut the slot in the hood you see in the images and just let the radiator stick out. Since the entire front of the car was going to need to be redone anyway, Philips allowed people along for the trip to sign the hood and fenders with a sharpie. Everything from the windshield forward was stickered and signed. Philips says that he has the parts from a donor car and will fix the 1967 Mustang in the next few months, maybe he should add some disc brakes too. If you like late ’60s Mustangs, check out this 1968 Mustang with a Ferrari V8 under the hood.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Jarett

    High end disc brakes are pictured… maybe rears are needed?

  2. robert combs

    I have driven my 85 Mustang GT in all types of weather. Snow, and ice covered freeways and high wind T storms. It’s my daily driver and many times it’s drive to work, or stay home and lose pay. I drive. I have never wrecked it, lost control nor slid off the road. It’s never the cars fault in these conditions ( rarely) if there is an accident. The driver is the problem.
    On my last trek across a snow and ice freeway there were many vehicles in the ditch, spun around and going in the wrong direction etc.
    Most of them SUV’s and pick up trucks. It’s the driver folks!


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