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2020 Ford Explorer ST Street And Track Packages Explained

We’ve recently driven all variations of the 2020 Ford Explorer, including the all-new hybrid and high-performance ST model. To us, the latter is by far the most interesting of the lineup. Like the rest of the 2020 Ford Explorer lineup, it rides on Ford’s new rear-wheel-drive CD6 platform, but it’s powered by a high-output version of Ford’s twin-turbo 3.0L EcoBoost V6 engine making 400 horsepower, features a plethora of performance-enhancing components, and is Ford’s first-ever high-performance three-row SUV.

The 2020 Ford Explorer ST also offers two optional performance packages – the ST Street Pack and the High Performance Package. Let’s have a closer look at each to get a better glimpse at what they do.

While the 2020 Ford Explorer ST gets a revised suspension in the form of stiffer springs and recalibrated damper valving, larger sway bars and unique transmission cooling, it comes standard with brakes from the Explorer Platinum. The ST Street Pack, which stickers at $995, changes that by upgrading the braking system.

Specifically, the ST Street Pack delivers vented rotors and larger calipers front and rear, which grow 18 mm up front, and 30 mm out back compared to the stock calipers on the Explorer ST and Explorer Platinum. If that’s not enough, then Ford also offers the High Performance Package. At $1,595, the package adds performance lining to those brakes.

ST Street Pack High Performance Package
Vented Rotors Upgraded Brake Lining
Larger Calipers (Front/Rear)

We couldn’t help but wonder why the High Performance Package is more expensive than the ST Street Pack, as it only adds one component, while the other seems more substantial due to the addition of new rotors and calipers. In fact, the ST Street Pack seems to have a lot more than $995 worth of equipment, and we’re not convinced that the upgraded brake lining is really worth the additional $600.

We asked the folks over at Ford Performance why the High Performance Pack costs more than the ST Street Pack, but they couldn’t give us a clear answer.

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  1. vbondjr1

    I feel like we marvel at mediocrity when it comes to the vehicles these car companies are putting out now. This new explorer is what the explorer should have been all along. A 400hp 3.0L twin turbo V6 should be what the vehicle has as a standard equipment Explorer. Nothing spectacular. ST on this vehicle should stand for Standard Trim. The 3.5L 450hp Ecoboost V6 should be the engine to offer the top of the line performance for the Explorer if Ford is unwilling to put the 5.0L V8 under the hood of this vehicle. Standard equipment should include the 10-speed auto, magnetic ride, E-LSD front and rear, performance axle shafts, Brembo brakes, better looking 21″ wheels with an ultra high performance all season tire selection at least 285-wide in the rear and 265-wide up front, a true dual exhaust engineered to mimic the sound of the Ford GT as best it can with active exhaust valves. The SUV should also be at least 2″ lower to the ground and this should come in as a Standard issue Explorer GT. A GT350-inspired handling pack option should be available as well. Ford Performance needs to get their act together and offer a Ford Performance/Mountune upgrade package for this which would include upgraded intercoolers, piping, downpipes, BOVs, exhaust, suspension upgrades, etc. The inside of the Explorer GT needs to be more performance oriented with Recaro seats, alcantara steering wheel, a true performance digital display, etc. Ford could have done alot better with its vehicles but i’ll cut it short right here

    1. Johnny

      Wanna pay $70k?

      1. Derek S

        Please… do not lower it. the previous gen is much lower on the front and i hit the ground out of all gas stations if driving faster than grandma. its very frustrating. very glad to see they raised it a bit. I test drove one, then put an order in for a new ST. the one thing that really stood out was how much better the suspension is. Even testers agreed magnetic isnt even required in this car. it is very light for its size.. compare it to a durango, thats a relic that costs way more!

    2. Matt R

      I like your train of thought and this is almost exactly what I have said. My only additions were add the GT500 brakes and call it the Explorer RS.

  2. Jake Shadow

    What a total sham! Ford usually gets it right but wet the bed on this car for sure!

    1. Maurice

      Ford should have offered a Brembo package

  3. Barb

    What is release date for 2020 Explorer??? Been anxiously awaiting!!

    1. Harry Risher

      I have already ordered our all-new 2020 Ford Explorer ST. !!! Can’t wait

    2. Johnny

      Got mine today

  4. Charles Jones

    I have confirmed my Agate Black, Exp ST is in production. It includes the Track Pack which will be installed by the local dealer upon receipt in early August. On the window sticker, which is printable, Ford extends the invitation to Exp ST purcherers (and a guest) to attend their “Ford Performance Racing School, ST Octane Academy (STOA)” at Ford’s Park City, Utah training Facility. The full track is 4.5 miles long with 23 turns. The attendees will be issued a 2020 Exp ST for a day, with an instructor and some class training. A Hotel Room, Banquet, breakfast and lunch are provided, along with a ST school and vehicle goodie package. Travel is on my wife and I. A second day advance performance training session is available. i will have a year from receipt of the vehicle to attend.

  5. Charles Jones

    My 2020 Exp ST w/ Track Pack went into the production category on June 27th. i’m expecting delivery in August. I presently own a 2018 Exp Sport which I love driving. The ST will be lots of fun to say the least.

  6. Chris

    High-performance Package is $600 more than the ST Street Pack. Not $1595 on top of the Street Pack.

    1. William Clavey

      Yes, that is correct. The post has been fixed accordingly. Sorry for this mistake.

  7. John

    I own a 2013 Exp XLT it’s a dependable vehicle and wanted to get a new 2020 EXP test drove the Platinum and the ST street pack, the Platnum drove like my 2013 and the ST was worlds away, by far. The price tag is a little high but realizing the amount of technology that is packed in these vehicles is amazing. As soon as they appear on the lot they get scooped up.


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