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2020 Lincoln Aviator Sales Have Begun

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Luxury vehicle shoppers who have been waiting to see the all-new Lincoln Aviator in person should be able to do so soon. The Lincoln Aviator sold no units in the U.S. or Canada in Q2 2019, because it hadn’t begun to ship in either country at the end of Q2. However, the first four Lincoln Aviator units that were shipped ended up in Mexico where the quartet sold.

That means the 2020 Lincoln Aviator is shipping and sales have kicked off. The Lincoln Aviator should land in dealers in the U.S. and Canada soon. We expect sales numbers for the highly anticipated 2020 Lincoln Aviator to be strong for Lincoln.

The Aviator is an important vehicle for Lincoln as it sets the direction for all future Lincoln models. This is a good thing for Lincoln as the new Aviator was universally praised for its style and design. Respected automotive industry executive Bob Lutz said in a recent interview that Ford was ahead of GM when it came to design and specifically said that the Aviator was “off the charts in every respect.”

The standard powertrain for the Aviator is a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 engine that is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission delivering 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. Stepping up to the Aviator Grand Touring gets the same engine with an output of 450 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. Both versions of the Aviator use the same 10-speed automatic transmission.

The 2020 Lincoln Aviator starts at $51,100 for the base model and tops out at $87,800 in Aviator Grand Touring Black Label trim. The Aviator is an all-new model for Lincoln and isn’t replacing an existing vehicle; it slots into the line between the mid-size Nautilus and full-size Navigator.

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Written by Shane McGlaun

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. You might want to revise the way you refer to the aviator as “all new”. The aviator was previously taken out of production in 2005 due to poor sales. That would make the 2020 aviator new, but by no means all new as it is the second generation of the aviator that started production in 2002. Just trying to prevent the spread of misinformation, but great article otherwise.

    • The only thing shared between the Aviator from 15 years ago and the one going on sale this summer is the name. EVERYTHING else is radically different. It is all new.

    • So, is this the same Aviator that was sold back then? No? It’s a completely different vehicle? Yeah. Has it been offered before now? No. So, what can we glean from this? It is not an old vehicle, it’s not the same vehicle, so it is completely, totally, unequivocally, all-new.

    • Even if Ford had been making Aviators for the past 15 years, this one could still be called “all-new.” “All-new” is legally appropriate to describe an entirely new generation of an existing model, while “new” just means a new model year. For example, in 2015 you could call it “the all-new F-150,” but the 2019 model is just “the new F-150.”

  2. Payton’s point is right it is not all new I was just about to buy one..William of course it’s going to be different it’s been 15 years I bet your different

  3. All new is the proper term. There is nothing carried over except the name. Anytime they completely redesign a vehicle the manufacturer says all new. Meaning it doesn’t share anything with it’s predecessor besides the name.

  4. Cadillac has ran ads that has said “The first ever XT6”. That would be accurate. In Lincoln’s case, “The all new Lincoln Aviator” is appropriate.

    It is indeed an all new Aviator whether the name isn’t.

  5. This is the Lincoln we have been waiting for. Its beautiful and will change the game if they execute it perfectly! We get ours soon!

  6. My son was going to buy a new Aviator Black Label and then I suggested looking at the Expedition Platinum for a few thousand less and a lot more safety carrying that 2-year old. He bought the Expedition and loves it. Big 3.5L twin turbo with 385 hp and 22″ wheels. At 6’3″ an 270 lbs., he is much more comfortable in the larger vehicle… and his wife loves driving it too after she sold her Volt.

    • The Aviator Grand touring is at the same price as an Expedition platinum with tax credits factored in, and gets All electric drive just like a Volt. Most people get hooked after experiencing electric drive, and don’t want to give it up. That’s how Tesla and the Volt became popular.

      • The only thing my son’s wife liked about the Volt was the lower cost of fuel… the only thing. It was miserable in the winter with those hard tires. She felt like she was riding in a small box with all of those larger vehicles on the freeways. The Volt makes sense in a dense, urban setting where parking is impossible and gasoline is outrageous (California cities).

        • The Aviator Grand Touring has on demand Electronic AWD and is quite large. It also comes with adaptive suspension. So you get the benefits of a large SUV with the fuel economy of a Volt and tax discount to push the price down. I expect the Driving Dynamics to be more like a Model X and very different from a volt. That really is the best of both worlds. The Expedition feels more truck like, and is more suited for towing a camper with the family. But for day to day, I’d much rather go with an aviator hybrid.

          • I’m sure it will be a beautiful computer with a vehicle accessory, but I’d rather wait until electrified vehicles have the range, recharging times, and don’t require taxpayer support to be competitive. With the price of oil/gasoline as it is (and will be given the world’s supply), I’ll opt for the gasoline only vehicle until the battery only vehicle is a convenient, competitive, and cost-effective alternative. Perhaps in a decade. Hybrids are a stop-gap measure and add too much complexity.

  7. @Eric Spilberg

    Not sure anyone can. I have been looking for one in Colorado and they don’t appear to be available. The Grand Touring is supposed to be later than the gas only engine, and since they can’t seem to deliver the gas only, I am currently looking at the new Explorer. Sadly, the guy at Ford told me that the 2020 Explorer hybrid option may not be available until next spring, so I am not sure what to do. Has anyone actually seen an Aviator out yet? I test drove a new Explorer Platinum today and it was very nice. I am sure it won’t be as nice a ride as the Lincoln, but I can’t wait until spring.

  8. @Drew Nicholas
    I’m beginning to think the Aviator will never get here. I’ve been patiently waiting since May and every week I’m told “yours is being released this week!” And then nothing…. Last week I was told it was on the train but now it says not shipped. If mine ever appears I’ll let you know lol

  9. I have been waiting on my delivery as well. I pre ordered back in January, it has been built and even after the recall just sits and sits with no word. My dealership just received their first one and only one. A day ago from what I hear that one goes to pick up and delivery.

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