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80-Year-Old Gifts Three Mustangs To His Kids


A man named Kaywin Martin is a big-time car enthusiast and wanted to celebrate his 80th birthday in a big and memorable way. He didn’t buy something fancy for himself like a watch or a trip. Instead, Martin decided to celebrate his birthday and give his kids the gifts. Martin is a Ford guy having worked for the Blue Oval in the past.

He had his birthday party at the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum in Auburn, Indiana. The man has a history with the museum having helped them to restore and expand the collection in the past. During his party, Martin pulled the wraps off three Mustangs sitting in front of the building in red, white and blue colors.

These weren’t three cars for himself, the trio of convertible Mustangs was for each of his three kids. It’s hard to tell what trim level the Mustangs are, but the white one appears to have a 5.0 emblem on the fender, so we think the Mustangs are GTs and they all seem to have leather.

We don’t know what Martin does, but he has the means to give expensive gifts to those he cares about. Word is that these aren’t the first Ford cars that Martin has given away; he has reportedly given away eight other gift Fords in the past, but no word on if any of those were Mustangs. Martin himself has owned over 200 vehicles during his life, and more than 20 of that number were Mustangs. That makes us wonder, which of our readers has owned the most Mustangs? I’ve personally owned six in my life, can you top that? In other Mustang news, we found out today that the 2020 Shelby GT500 would be limited to about 5,000 units.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. N.Sine

    All 3 of them are GTs. You can tell by the dual diagonal fangs in the grille.

  2. Karen Nighbor

    That is awesome, at least he thinks of his kids!

  3. Tommy Vargas

    I’ve had two. A ’66 GT coupe that I bought in ’96. Restored it and sold it in ’05. In ’15, I bought a brand new GT premium, which I still have, with 7500 miles on it. I don’t drive it much as I prefer to drive my ’56 f-100 pick up as my daily driver.

  4. Brandon Taylor

    This guy is awesome! His family must mean the world to him! On the second part, I have had 6 mustangs, a 94 gt, a 98 v6, a 2000 v6, a 93 gt, and I still have my 95 cobra drag car as well as my 2013 performance white boss 302 with under 10k miles!

  5. Jeff Taska


  6. Dean H

    Sounds like an awesome person. I’ve had 8 mustangs currently have my 92 notchback , 2018 Roush Jackhammer

  7. Dirk Schrontz

    How awesome is that!!! Well I am 49 yrs old and I have owned 8 Mustangs. An 86 GT, a 90 LX 5.0 twice( I bought it and modified then sold to my good buddy and he further modified then sold it back to me and I continued build) 91 GT, 92 GT, 93 GT then a 2004 GT and my favorite so far a 2003 Terminator Cobra. I also would need a huge pole barn to keep all the cars I have owned over the years from Chevelle’s, Trans Ams, Camaros, Corvettes etc. Got to go!!!

  8. bob vstrom

    Gee, my dad never even bought me a toy Hot Wheels car.


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