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Ford Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over F-150 And Ranger

A law firm called Bleichmar Fonti & Auld LLP (BFA) announced this week that it had filed a class action lawsuit against Ford alleging that the automaker overstated fuel economy ratings on certain vehicles in the 2017 to 2019 model years. The Ford class action lawsuit covers for the Ford Ranger and Ford F-150 trucks. There are multiple lawsuits ongoing right now against the Ford Ranger for allegedly misstated fuel economy ratings.

However, real-world fuel economy tests have shown that the Ranger fuel economy is on par with other mid-size trucks. BFA alleges in its Ford class action lawsuit that customers who purchased the vehicles use more fuel than the manufacturer indicated at the point of sale. BFA also says that its plaintiffs have retained experts and conducted proprietary testing that confirms drivers’ reported claims that the actual fuel economy they see doesn’t meet the standards Ford promised.

The crux of the suit is the same as the other Ford class action lawsuit filings by other law firms. BFA claims that Ford deliberately manipulated testing parameters to derive the “road load” calculation used in fuel economy testing. The lawsuit claims that as a result of Ford’s actions, the fuel economy numbers it claimed were between 3 percent and 19 percent higher than the actual fuel economy the vehicles achieve.

BFA also notes that Ford is under criminal investigation by the Department of Justice over emissions and fuel economy certification procedures. BFA files its class action suit in the Central District of Californa and is inviting owners of the Ford Ranger and 2017-2019 Ford F-150 trucks to call and discuss their rights. So far no settlement deals have been talked about by Ford and its not clear when any of these class action lawsuits might land in court.

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Source: Yahoo! News

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  1. Greg Vanderwall

    23.65 mpg (hwy) mpg in my 2018 2.7 Ecoboost F150 4X4 Supercab with 3.55 gears. This actual mpg total miles driven on a tank of gas divided by number of gallons at fill up. Then computer said 24.5 average mpg. What is the problem?

  2. Mr. Lewis

    This is nothing new. My 2011 eco boost get 15.5 mpg. I have never seen 21 mpg downhill with wind, nothing.

  3. Jim

    had a 2010 F150 4X4 Ecoboost…consistently got 21+ MPG mostly in city driving…when I put my foot in it a lot, the mileage decreased….looks like another attorney money grab to me

  4. Sukhoi31m3

    My ‘11 Ecoboost FX4 with 3:73 gears routinely got 17 mpg, somedays better than others. I don’t know where these people are coming from but when I bought the FX4 I kinda figured that a 5800 lb 4×4 with 3:73 gears was going to use some gas. I was pleasantly surprised at the 17mpg! And, like any gas powered vehicle, if you put your foot into it there will be added consumption of fuel. Surprise.
    My ‘18 weighs nearly 1000lbs less because it is 2wd with 3:73 gears vs 4WD w/3:73, extended cab vs super crew, aluminum vs steel and is much more lightly optioned. The new one also has 18” wheels vs the 20s the FX4 had and this add up too.
    The ‘18 gets 22mpg easily with the 3.5 and driving with the throttle pinned doesn’t change mpg all that much because you can’t lay into it for very long before you hit go to jail speeds.
    Both times, I was buying a truck, so I took the EPAs ratings with a grain of salt; I knew they’d both be gas hogs! It IS nice to get over 20mpg in the new truck though, even if it doesn’t get make EPA ratings.
    Bottom line: buy any truck, expect EPA mpg rating to be subject to interpretation.

  5. scott

    I think most people know they wont get what the EPA rating is but I also believe most manufactures intentionally do everything they can to skew the numbers for example they use pure gas not one ounce of ethanol when they do there testing which a lot people don’t realize they loose roughly 10% fuel efficiency and finding pure gas at the pump is pretty rare nowadays. So I personally always knock off at least 15% off what ever the epa rating is when I purchase a vehicle and figure that’s closer to the real world mileage. so in a since these suits are self inflicted for the fact that if they actually tested them with gas that 95% of the market is forced to buy the numbers would be more realistic and these type of suits would be considered frivols but they would rather play games like I mentioned above and this what happens.

  6. Eric

    They are focused on 2017-2019 F150s……I own a 2017 F150 and the MPG is 35% less than their EPA Figures

  7. Shane Lucas

    I’ve gotten 26mpg with my 2017 f150 with the 2.7 Ecoboost driving 55mph. Plenty of power with decent mileage for a full size truck.

  8. Christian

    I have a 2019 F150 XLT Sport with 3.5 Eco Boost and crew cab. Just passed 2000 miles. So not broken in yet and have been getting 21.5 around town in sport mode. 23 on the highway using cruise. IMHO very good for such a large and powerful Truck.

  9. JT

    My Ford Edge Sport was advertised at 23 highway, my recent trip got me 24.6, what can I do about this?

    1. razin


  10. JP2336

    What on earth am I to do???? My 2018 3.5EB Lariat’s best HWY mileage was ONLY 25.2 MPG with a full tank at roughly 68° F at 11PM at night, from Wilmington, NC to Jacksonville, NC. How do I join this garbage Class Action? Bwaaahahahahaaaaa!!!

  11. Milton

    I have owned over 20 Ford cars, vans, trucks, and an SUV. All of them have got better mileage than on the sticker. It depends on how you drive and where you are driving and your load. I think someone is trying to bring Ford down, and make some blood money. $ for $ Ford is the best deal out there. I chose Ford and I am 74 years old.

  12. Kevin

    2019 Ranger XLT. The best I’ve ever gotten for mileage is 14/17. Window sticker claimed 21/27. It also stated towing capacity of 7500 lbs, anytime I have tried to tow over 2000 lbs the truck starts to hesitate, the pre-collision warning starts going off, then a warning comes up telling me to service the advance Trac system, and eventually the truck stalls. Two Ford dealerships have said that there is nothing wrong because the check engine light hasn’t come on, even after witnessing in person all of these issues. Both have told me that if the vehicle has issues it’s my fault because I don’t have a garage to park in at night to protect the vehicle components from the harsh weather in North Dakota. The “advice” they gave me was to ask a neighbor if I can park in their garage to avoid being charged for service work. It’s a lease, less than 7000 miles and under warranty, but they claim they can charge me full price for work if the check engine light isn’t on and they can’t find an error code while running a diagnostic, even though they have witnessed many of problems with the truck.

  13. John

    The on board computer is typically wrong unless manually calibrated which can be done if it can be put in Engineering Test Mode. You’ll need to Search for specifics to your Ford and manually calculate actual average mileage but my 2019 Ranger was off nearly two MPG average calls. Mid grade gas gave me nearly the same MPG as premium (indistinguishable) and driving style (keeping out of turbo boost) helped. I have one aftermarket intake accessory that has improved my averages from a company based in Hollywood Florida. I’ve almost leveled my Ranger by raising the front an inch and a half giving up most of the rake that probably contributed to previous highway mileage near 26 MPG, now around 25 MPG over the same routes.


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