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Ford Considering Tremor Package For F-150 Pickup

Ford is currently considering a possible Tremor package for the popular F-150 pickup, Ford Authority has learned.

This story starts back in June, when we spied a never-before-seen Ford test vehicle driving around public roads with various F-150 Raptor body components along with a shortened length. At the time, we believed this “F-150 shorty” was a mule of a hypothetical full-size Ford Bronco, but we were wrong. As we’ve since learned, there won’t be a full-size Ford Bronco, and the odd-looking mule in question is actually a tester for a Tremor off-road package for the F-150.

A tester for a potential F-150 Tremor Package

Those who aren’t intricately familiar with what a Tremor package could bring to the table should know that Ford just released the Tremor off-road package for the Ford Super Duty late last month, blessing the single-rear-wheel F-250 and F350 models with a long list of off-road equipment, while also maintaining the towing and payload capability of the Super Duty. Highlights of the Super Duty Tremor pack include huge 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires, a two-inch suspension lift, a new Dana limited-slip front differential, running boards that tuck up underneath the body, and FX4-sourced skid plates.

2020 Ford F-250 Tremor

It’s believed that the hypothetical F-150 Tremor will take a similar approach to conquering the rough stuff, but in a light duty/half-ton package. Like the Super Duty Tremor, a potential F-150 Tremor would be more of a rock-crawler or trail explorer, as opposed to a high-speed desert stormer like the F-150 Raptor.

A tester for a potential F-150 Tremor Package

According to sources familiar with future Ford products who spoke to Ford Authority, Ford has yet to make a decision on whether or not it will actually move forward with bringing a Tremor package for the F-150 to market . However, our sources tell us it’s definitely on the table.

Potential Ford Off-Road Stairstep
Type: Light Off-Road Package Mid-Range Off-Road Package Full-Fledged Off-Roader
Purpose: Light off-road capability & appearance pack Rock crawling & trail exploring with near full towing and hauling capability Desert stormer
FX4 Tremor Raptor

It’s also entirely possible that we won’t see a new F-150 Tremor package until the next-generation F-150 pickups debuts sometime in the next two to three years. However, if Ford did bring such a package to market, it would slot between the FX4 – a “light offroad package” and the full-out Raptor offroader. That said, an F150 Tremor could potentially cannibalize the insanely desirable Ford Raptor, so the decision could go either way. Here’s to hoping for the go-ahead.

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Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  1. J

    Guess I wont be buying a bronco then YOU IDIOTS!

    1. Mark DETROIT

      Be a Man !
      Shotgun and Dog
      Don’t need any more Station wagons Called trucks
      Bring that Bad Ass Two Door Tremor to the Dealers
      NOW !!!!!

  2. Jeremie Saville

    I think its still the bronco, as its extremely short and the why the weird bumpers, but I don’t and know it wont be a “full size” its going to be “midsize” 100% the only thing that doesnt make sense is how wide it is, or perhaps its for the Rivian rt1 testing or perhaps rt2 but not anything to do with the real f150 due to the bumpers situation

    1. cody stone

      my 89 bronco is as wide as my dads f-350 crew cab

  3. A

    I’m sure it would offroad well, but I think there’s approximately 2 people in total who are in the market for a regular cab truck with a super short 5.5′ bed.

    The only thing a frame this length makes sense for is a 2-door full-size SUV… i.e. Bronco.

  4. Mark Henning

    It’s about freaking time finally a two door regular cab short bed real man pick up truck no yapping kids in the backseat ..backseats are for station wagons and families….I’ve done my time in the Family prison.. kids are grown….I want to truck for me and one that fits in my garage like everybody else’s garage …I’m all through with that.. it’s time to buy a real truck they better damn well bring this bad ass looking Tremor 4×4, V8 to market …it’ll sell like hotcakes.. I’m i’m tired of these damn station wagons they call pick up trucks…


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