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Ford Model T Still On The Road After A Century

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There are very few machines out there with 100 years of history to them that still work as intended. This 1919 Ford Model T is one of them.

Owned by Fred Dimock, from Newfields, New Hampshire, this antique automobile just turned 100 as of July 30th, 2019, as verified by manufacturing documentation in Dimock’s possession. The car has been in Dimock’s family since 1954, and is considered a precious heirloom.

Even more impressive is the fact the Model T still goes out for a drive every so often, including visits to the local car shows, or if the great-grandchildren are in town, a trip to the local ice cream shop.

Granted, automotive technology has progressed a great deal in the last 100 years or so, and the antique’s 25-mph top speed is a bit out of step with the times. As such, Dimock mounted a sign in back that reads “I only have two speeds. You won’t like the other one either.”

“It’s not so much the distance of going places that limits where I drive, it’s more the speed of the other cars on the main roads,” Dimock said in an interview with Sea Coast Online.

Dimock’s father acquired the Model T in 1954, striking a trade deal with the previous owner to trade it for a new Sears tractor. At the time, the car required a full restoration, so Dimock and his father stripped it down to the frame and rebuilt it from top to bottom. From there, the two showed it off at various car shows.

“I was a little embarrassed as a kid because my dad’s car didn’t have any brass fixings so it never won anything. Now, every car show I take it to, it either wins the best in show or a people’s choice award.”

The Model T was subsequently stored between 1964 and 2010, after which Dimock’s mother prodded her son to take possession. After hooking up with the Model T Ford Club of America, Dimock got it back into running condition and gave his Mom a ride on Thanksgiving day in 2010.

“It was really special to get it running again. I was just happy to have it for my grandchildren.”

The car currently runs on a new engine, with the original kept in storage for the sake of longevity. “My father was adamant the vehicle remain as original as possible,” Dimock said.

“It’s a real heirloom for us, and we still have fun with it. My granddaughter is already reminding me to think of her when I decide to part with it.”

Source: Sea Coast Online

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Written by Jonathan Lopez

Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  1. I am a Ford retiree and I volunteer at The National World War I Museum in Kansas City. The Museum has two Model T’s on display. One is wood sided truck and the other is an ambulance. A great example of Fords participation in WWI. I think it would make an interesting story.

  2. For truth in details —
    Up until the last car show The T recieved a trophy in all 17 shows that gave out trophies it has been displayed at.
    Some have been “Best of Show” and “Peoples Choice” which was big suprise given the quality of vehicles at the shows.
    At the last show it got a lot of attention but no trophy.
    Although trophies are nice to get, the most fun is talking with people and showing them the difference between a Model T and modern vehicle – like a Model A. 🙂
    Yes – it has a seat belt (an old belt wrapped around the front seat) and an air bag ( a brown sandwich bag attached to the firewall)

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