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Ford Mondeo Coming Back As Crossover For Global Market

As the U.S. automotive market continues to transition from traditional sedan and car body styles to high-riding utilities, something similar is happening across the pond. In Europe, Ford is looking to exit the large hatchback and MPV segments, which includes the discontinuation of the Ford Mondeo (sold as the Fusion in North America), S-Max and Galaxy. All three nameplates will be replaced with one midsize wagon-esque crossover model, the body style of which will reportedly be similar to that of the Subaru Outback.

2020 Subaru Outback

The name of this new crossover is currently unknown, but it’s believed to be slated for a market release some time in 2021. When it does go live, the new crossover will be sold around the world, including in the U.S. market.

2019 Ford Mondeo Wagon

Under the skin, the new Ford Mondeo replacement will be based on the Ford C2 platform, the same underpinnings used for the new Focus – the one that won’t be sold in North America. Notably, the C2 architecture is highly flexible and can support vehicles like the Focus, as well as bigger models. In fact, it’s similar in that regard to the Volkswagen MQB architecture matrix.

Motivation will be sourced from a selection of Ford gasoline engines, as well as a 48-volt mild-hybrid gas-electric powerplant. In Europe, a number of diesel options will also likely be offered. Both front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive will be on tap, though the AWD models could be market-specific.

2019 Ford Mondeo Wagon Hybrid

Overall, it definitely makes sense for Ford to revamp its lineup in this fashion given the ongoing transition from cars to crossovers, along with the fact that the Ford Mondeo, S-Max, and Galaxy have each under-performed lately, as have many other entries in the sedan and MPV segments.

By contrast, a jacked-up, wagon/crossover replacement should do quite well, and not just in Europe either. Stateside, similar models in the body styles have been cleaning up in terms of sales, combining a practical cargo space and a high-riding driving position with greater efficiency and lower running costs as compared to a traditional SUV model.

2017 Ford Fusion Sport

The Blue Oval’s move to replace the Ford Mondeo, S-Max and Galaxy coincides with the automaker’s strategy to exit the more conventional body styles such as sedans in order to focus more heavily on utility vehicles, such as crossovers, SUVs and pickups. However, we’re curious how this new model will fit into the Ford product lineup, especially given that Ford already has a midsize crossover in the Ford Edge.

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Source: Autocar

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    Make it a Fusion/Mondeo Energi (a plug-in hybrid with a 25 mile EV range), and it will outsell most of the imports!

  2. Stephen Savage

    If this is true, there will, perhaps, be a good reason to start visiting Ford showrooms again. Until then, I’ll stick with my Continental SEDAN. More room, comfort and better economy (with the 2.7 twin turbo) than any suv in the Ford/Lincoln lineup with the exception of the massive Navigator and Expedition.


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