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Ford Smart Mobility Acquires Journey Holding Corp.

Ford Smart Mobility has announced that it has an agreement in place that will see it acquire Journey Holding Corporation. Journey Holding is a technology company that specializes in software solutions for intelligent transportation systems and will integrate its offering with Ford Smart Mobility’s TransLoc, a provider of technology solutions for on-demand and fixed-route systems for public and private transit operations.

Journey Holding CEO Justin Rees will continue to lead the new operation. Ford’s Brett Wheatley says that the combination of the two companies will help cities to deliver more seamless, productive, and accessible transportation solutions to citizens and visitors.

He also notes that the merged companies will be key in connecting customers with other mobility solutions that Ford Smart Mobility offers, like Spin e-scooters, which just launched a new generation of scooter, and GoRide Health. The new group serves a combined 1,200 cities, universities, corporations, and other enterprises.

The combined team has over 200 employees and a proven track record of providing reliable services. TransLoc CEO Doug Kaufman will leave the company on August 16. The new scooters that Spin launched recently can go 37 miles per charge. The updated scooters also have a larger frame that is strengthened and a wider platform for stability. The brakes are also more responsive.

Spin also had custom screws made to prevent theft and vandalism to the scooters. The updated scooters also have 10-inch tubeless tires for better shock absorption over rough terrain. The new scooters are still unlocked via an app. Spin scooters are popular ways of covering the last mile after using public transit to an office or lunch destination.

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