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Manual Only? Two Ford Mustangs Make The List

For many of the GenX or older crowd, the manual transmission was common. Many people from those generations learned to drive in a manual vehicle because a stick was available on just about everything back in the day. Manuals were also the transmission of choice for those wanting fuel economy because the stick shift was more miserly than the auto in years past. Manuals are dying out today, and many Millennials in particular famously eschew the stick shift. There are only eight cars sold in the U.S. that come in manual only, and two of them wear the Blue Oval.

Well, both of them are Ford Mustangs which don’t wear the Blue Oval literally, but you get what we mean. The Mustang doesn’t need a Ford emblem on it for people to know it’s a Ford. Two Ford Mustangs are among the last eight cars in the U.S. that are manual only – the Shelby GT350 (and GT350R) and the Ford Mustang Bullitt.

In years past the manual transmission was the only option in many exotic sports cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, and others. That started to change when the F1-syle paddle shift transmission came to be and brought with it much faster shift times. Another nail in the coffin of the manual transmission, in general, was the improvement in automatic transmission technology that made automatics the more fuel-efficient vehicles.

The other cars on the list of rides sold in the U.S. that can only be had with a manual transmission, according to Torque News, includes the 2019 Subaru WRX STI and Subaru WRX STI S209 (we think if Torque News is going to count two versions of the STI as separate cars, we should do the same with the GT350 and GT350R Ford Mustangs). The Camaro 1LE is a manual-only car as is the Hyundai Veloster N, Honda Civic Type R, and Honda Civic Si. We hate that the manual is going extinct. Do you regret the demise of the manual transmission?

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Source: Torque News

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Marcus

    I would also add to that Ford list: Mustang GT PP2. Only Manual and I’m thankful I got one before they disappear.

  2. Paul

    I grew up with stick shift. Have had several manual vehicles over the years. Current ride is a Fiesta ST, it would not be right with an automatic.

  3. Bob Ziolkowski

    Thus the reason I bought a 911 and not a 488.

  4. Big T

    The manual is a great theft deterrent.

  5. Kirk

    Its’ demise has only increased cell phone use while driving.

  6. Dennis Gross

    I have been driving for over 50 years and never owned a vehicle with an automatic transmission. My most recent car is now a Mustang GT Premium with the 6 speed manual. It is such a great car and so much fun to drive.

  7. Dean

    I bought my new mustang with stick instead of auto because I know I can’t get carjacked by a millennial….

  8. Mr. Man. Trans.

    I hate that the collective “They” are taking our automotive choices away from us. Stand alone options, interior colors (other than Black, Tan or Grey) and now the ability to shift for ourselves. As the great Sheriff Buford T. Justice once said “That ain’t nothin’ but plain and simple old fashioned Communism!”

  9. Kieron Griffin

    I’ve only owned one auto transmission car, and i didn’t like it. I felt “detached” from driving the car. Never again!
    It’s another step closer to self driving vehicles, along with self parking, self braking, lane monitoring, hill assit brake and so on and so on.
    De-skilling driving, pretty soon people wont know how / remember how, to drive a car, that’ll be a very sad day.

  10. xavier mccree

    hi how you doing today im big time ford guy and it crazy how only 2019 mustang gt stick comes with pp2 and the automatic’s gt don’t so way I can get one with out spend 55 or 65 and that not putting racing parts on the car can I get help with get this car made for my YouTube it a long shot but I like see this car

  11. 75infantry

    I am 25 years old and am in the military. Recently, I reenlisted for a cash bonus. I want to purchase a 2020 Bullet Mustang, however, this particular model Mustang only comes available with an auto transmission.
    Lots of folks my age have never driven or operated a vehicle with a manual transmission. Hell I’m not sure that I have ever seen, close up and first hand,a car with a manual transmission.
    Why doesn’t Ford make it’s top line Mustangs like the GT-350, the Bullett and the upcoming 2021 GT500, with auto transmissions?
    Does anybody think that Ford might one day ever consider making an auto transmission available for Millennial Mustangs lovers such as myself?


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