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New Lincoln Aviator Sets Direction For All Future Lincoln Vehicles

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The launch of the all-new 2020 Lincoln Aviator is rapidly approaching, and we have yet to hear one negative thing about the upcoming all-new luxury crossover SUV. That’s a good thing in and of itself, but it gets even better, since the new Aviator will set the direction for all future Lincoln vehicles.

“Aviator represents the very best of our brand DNA and signals the direction for Lincoln vehicles going forward,” said Joy Falotico, president of The Lincoln Motor Company. “It offers elegance, effortless performance and unparalleled comfort–a true representation of Lincoln’s vision for the future.”

In saying this, Falotico is foreshadowing that the 2020 Lincoln Aviator will set the tone for and will significantly impact the luxury brand’s future products. That makes us elated, as the Aviator’s sophisticated styling, muscular proportions, grandiose levels of performance, and a myriad of useful features set it up to be a luxury SUV worth drooling over. If the rest of the Lincoln lineup follows in its footstep, it can only mean great things.

In fact, we already see much of the Aviator in the new Lincoln Corsair, which replaces the MKC as the smallest Lincoln offering.

The three-row luxury crossover SUV segment is currently saturated with a myriad of German and Japanese competition. As if that weren’t enough, Lincoln’s cross-town rival – Cadillac – is currently launching the Cadillac XT6 as a direct rival to the Aviator. But Ford’s luxury arm firmly believes that the 2020 Lincoln Aviator has what it takes to win over new buyers.

Two powertrain options will be offered. The standard propulsion system is the twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine, paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission delivering 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque for effortless acceleration. The Aviator Grand Touring, meanwhile, features the same twin-turbocharged engine coupled with advanced electrified technology projected to produce 450 horsepower and a massive 600 pound-feet of torque.

The all-new Lincoln Aviator is expected to launch in the near future. Pricing starts at $51,100 for the base model and tops out at $87,800 for the range-topping Aviator Grand Touring in Black Label trim. The Aviator slots between the full-size Navigator SUV and mid-size Nautilus crossover as a full-size crossover with three rows of seating. It represents a new addition to Lincoln’s luxury utilities range and does not replace any previously-existing models.

Compact Crossover Midsize Crossover Full-Size Crossover Full-Size SUV
Corsair (replaces MKC) Nautilus (replaces MKX) Aviator (new entry) Navigator

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Written by Alex Luft

Ford Authority founder with a passion for global automotive business strategy.

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  1. An absolute winner! It will be a knockout in both the three row and the two row categories. All I can say is “ it’s about time “. Lincoln invented this market, it seem silly to me that they’ve done done so poorly in recent years (decades).

  2. Absolutely beautiful!

    Stupid question but will 2nd row be only captain seats or will there be an option for bench? Is either considered standard vs an option?


  3. Yes, you can get a 35/30/35 bench in the back. I have one on order with the captains chairs, ventilation is available for the 2nd row.

    • I’m so jealous!!!

      I likely will need to wait for a used one to afford it.

      Which trim did you get? What color?

      I want the adaptive cruise control that goes all the way to stop and starts back. I think that’s on the mid-level trim, but not sure.

      The silver looks perfect imho.

      I know 2 completely different classes but my decision for the next car came down to the Aviator and Atlas. The Atlas looks awesome, and for $45k out the door I get everything I was looking for. But it’s no comparison with the Aviator. 275hp vs 400hp! And not to mention the aesthetics.

        • I don’t believe it has traffic jam assist – where the car steers itself also. I believe they just have the adaptive cruise control where the car will slow down all the way to a complete stop (when the car in front of it does obviously) and will start back when the car in front starts moving.

      • I went with a Reserve I with Elements package. Exterior color is Ceramic with Roast interior. I’m excited to see it person.

        • Apologies for the double post if you are the same Billy as above, but does yours come with the adapter cruise control?

          That color I bet is going to be beautiful!! Congratulations!! (jealously! Haha).

          If you don’t mind my asking, how much is the car going to run you before tax?

          • I work at a dealer so I get D-plan pricing, The MSRP was $64,290 the D-plan was $58,953.60. That’s before taxes and fees, but I plan on leasing it at first.

            • Wow, that’s an awesome discount! And thanks for the reply!

              Im pretty sure the car is going to be out of my reach brand new. I mean, I can afford it, but I would feel foolish throwing almost exactly half my salary on a car.

              Damn! Damn! Damn! Haha

  4. With the new engine/trans combo what grade of gasoline will be used and what is the expected gas mileage

  5. Hope it’s true, but heard it all before… How a model “signals…”. Marketing speak. Fix the dealer / service experience too please.

  6. Incredibly dissapointed in my local Lincoln dealer. Went in for info and I got just the worst reception. Was a 50mi drive to get there and asking about the black label service / deliver was off-putting.

  7. Still no information on the PHEV aka GT. Just saw a review on the Range Rover Sport PHEV – very disappointing. Hopefully Ford isn’t going to use the same tiny battery they are putting in the Euro Explorer PHEV

  8. I’ve had a Black Label on order since earlier this spring. Can’t wait to get it; dealer tells me it’s been built and should be arriving soon. I can’t understand why there are so many real driving reviews of the new Explorer online. Apparently, Ford hosted a drive event for auto journalists over the past few weeks. I’ve been Googling to see if any drive reviews have been posted on the Aviator; but nothing seems to have been scheduled yet. I would think that Lincoln would be glad to get auto journalists in the seats for build upon the great early reviews this vehicle has been getting. Sorry to see that lead designer David Woodhouse is moving over to Nissan. Hopefully, his former team will continue with great designs and keep the momentum going.

      • Not really, the Explorer Hybrid is only 318 hp and 322 lb-ft of torque, the Aviator GT is 450hp and 600 lb-ft. Totally different engines. The Aviator is not justs a fancy Explorer. It’s good enough to stand on it’s own laurels.

    • Good Luck, C.J.! Join the club! Lincoln has gone radio silent with shipping the Aviators, yes, even the already built ones. Yours was probably like mine, shown as built, and ready to arrive before end of July. All of a sudden, all Aviators show as being “In Production”. Rather vague description. Either they aren’t being honest with the dealers, or the dealers are sworn to secrecy, but there had to be some type of gremlin that popped up. I Googled every single dealer in the USA, and the ones that previously had ones with window sticker showing Shipped, now show the vehicle as on a ramp. I ordered a Black Label, and no straight answers!?

  9. I preordered a Black Label in February and was given a build date of June 17th. All of a sudden all Aviators that were marked as shipped on the window stickers, are shown as still sitting as being parked on ramps near the factory. Can’t get any straight answer from dealers anywhere. There got to be a glitch somewhere! Maybe you can get some information!?

    • Depending on the model, there could be a delay. What I’ve heard is they are waiting for the “OK to buy” which means they inspect the first batch built for any issues. Once they clear they ship them all out. Mine is still in a “sent to plant” status, was supposed to be built around 06/20/19. I would rather wait and get a model with no flaw or problems. It’ll be worth the wait.

  10. Omg. I want one really bad. Just wish I could afford one. After the experience that I’ve had with my MKZ, I don’t know if I can trust any other brand.

  11. I have one on order with a VIN and starting build date of 6/22/19. My dealer can’t give me any new info or status on timing – which is surprising. Does anyone know of a better resource to check build status? Regards,

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