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Next-Gen Ford F-150 To Get A Wide Center Screen


The next-gen Ford F-150 truck is a huge deal for the automaker. Not only is the F-150 the bread-winner for the Ford Motor Company, but it’s also the best-selling vehicle in the United States. A mistake on the next-gen F-150 would be a terrible thing for Ford, as both Chevy and Ram are waiting for their shot at the top. And now, sources familiar with Ford future product plans have told Ford Authority that one noticeable change to the interior of the next-gen Ford F-150 will be a larger center screen.

Though we don’t have any shots of the new center screen in the next-gen F-150 (2019 model year pictured here), we do know that the larger screen is expected to be in the same general location as the center screen on the current F-150. However, it will be wider. Our sources tell us the new screen measures somewhere around 11- or 12-inches diagonally. A row of buttons above the display will control various functions of the truck, while media and HVAC controls will be below the new screen.

It’s also worth noting that the screen will not be the giant vertical one that sticks up above the dash, as we have seen on Tesla and Mazda vehicles and on some trims of the 2020 Ford Explorer.

2018 Ford F-150 interior pictured. The 20121 model will have a screen larger than the one seen here.

Not many other details are known about the next-gen Ford F-150 at this time, though we do know that it will launch for the 2021 model year. We do know that a hybrid version of the truck is expected, which will be built at River Rouge Plant. Rumors have also suggested that the 2021 F-150 will launch before the all-new Bronco, which was pushed to 2021 after the front end of the SUV didn’t fare well with focus groups.

We’ve also reported that Ford is considering a Tremor package for the F-150 truck. We don’t know if that would land on the current generation or if the automaker would wait until the launch of the next-generation Ford F-150. Anyone in the market for a new truck who doesn’t want to wait for the next-gen F-150 should know that the 2019 model is currently being discounted by $3,500.

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Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. gareth

    Sounds like they stuck with buttons for the important bits thank you ford.Hopefully that means it will be the same for the upcoming mustang styled electric suv a large screen but with buttons for the important bits that beats telsa stupid screen idea for everything any day

  2. Don

    Being the top seller vehicle. Like the Ram, they need to increase the size to match the large dash area. I’ve never used the Ram version, but it certainly looks great. With owning a 2017 Edge Sport Awd, along with a 2017 Escape Titanium Awd that both have the 8.0″ screens, both with Navagation. The Sync 3 system looks and works well, but a 10″+ “infotainment screen would be even better. Better camera views. Larger Navagation maps plus several other uses that would be improved with a larger screen. I’m guessing it will be an option on some models and standard on higher priced models. Better late than never. Just install it like it belongs and not like an afterthought.

  3. gareth

    I do agree that larger screens within a sensible size does make reading navigation maps easier.
    But there are problems with makeing screens bigger intergerating into the dash gets harder the bigger size of the screen gets the dash just has to get bigger and bigger to fit into the dash.
    I personally would rather have a screen in eye line sight and have a slightly tacked on look.

  4. David Boyd

    The Dearborn assembly plant where the F150 is built is in the River Rouge Complex, a French word for red. The Rogue River is in Oregon.

  5. Raymond Ramirez

    A larger screen will help in visibility, but keep the screen inside the console. The 2020 Explorer has a large center screen that sticks up above the dash surface and becomes a target for accidental damages.

    As always, buttons and knobs are the best!

  6. gareth

    If you want a larger screen to make it easier to help with visiblty then it should be in eye line sight so a part of it is always going to be above unless you have the center console the hight of the screen.
    I totally agree with buttons for the main functions though.

    1. Raymond Ramirez

      I have a 2014 Ford Fusion with a 8-inch center console below “eye level”, but I use more of the “Driver Information Center” (DIC) behind the steering wheel to read and operate almost all the same features on the center console, using the steering wheel controls. If you need “eye level” information, add a “Heads Up Display” (HUD). So if the 2020 F-150 console is larger, keep it below the “eye level” for safety and accident prevention.

  7. WisdomLost

    What a waste.

    A truck is a truck. My Ford Sync is the only negative I have in my 2013 F150. It was nice when it was new, but now it is simply outdated. To make things worse, I can’t easily swap it out, because I have to buy an adapter to make a new radio work.

    New tech in a new truck is nice. Old tech in an old truck is a pain. Just make the infotainment system compatible with aftermarket products. Either that, or have an update program that allows you to update regularly.

    1. Raymond Ramirez

      Manufacturers will not make their vehicle consoles compatible with aftermarket products because they will lose money. You can live with the 2013 version (I have a 2014 Fusion Hybrid and I never use “sync”), update it yourself, or buy a new F-150 and go through all this again in seven more years.

  8. Britt

    Looks the same as the 2012 f150

  9. Carmaker1

    Your claim about the Bronco being pushed back to 2021 is inaccurate, unless referring to decision making made WELL BEFORE the 2017 announcement

    The U725 program has been targeted for MY 2021 for more than 3 years, so this was definitely not a last minute change.

    I had warned many entities, that a MY 2020 Bronco was not happening and that media reports were inaccurate, yet many failed to heed my warnings and fell for the clickbait.

    The original target was spring 2020, pre-announcement. It became Q3 2020 in 2016 and now Q1 2021.

  10. cody stone

    are you serious, put the shifter on the steering column. For petes sake it’s a truck not a car the only time the shifter should be in the center (in a truck) is when the truck is a stick shift

    1. David Boyd

      Horses for courses. There are several versions of the truck with a column shifter. If you actually use the controls on the shifter (e.g. changing the max gear you want to use while towing in the mountains) it’s much easier to use them on the console shifter than to reach up to a column shifter.

    2. Tom

      I love the console shifter in my 2018. My hand rests comfortably/naturally on it while driving.

    3. Jeff Caffey

      Yeah, because it’s only the most popular selling vehicle in America and they’ve only had the console shifter since 2002, when the first SuperCrew body came out. Nobody likes it.


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