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Odd Dodge Charger Convertible Is A Mustang Underneath

We are going to file this one under things you can do, but shouldn’t. At first glance, this car might look like a Dodge Charger 4-door muscle car. The problem is two-fold. First, it’s not a four-door. The second problem is that the car is a convertible. A look at the side of the weird Dodge Charger might be enough to tip off Ford Mustang fans that the car is a pony.

The profile of the side and convertible top show it to be an S197 Mustang, which was the generation before the current S550 gen Mustang. As strange and ugly as this Mustang Charger convertible is, someone spent time and significant money on this conversion.

The Charger front clip and headlights look very nearly as if they were put there at the factory. The same can be said of the Charger rear end and spoiler. The bodywork has been done surprisingly well. The Mustang Charger sits on big wheels and thin tires.

Well done or not, the Mustang/charger won’t make fans of the Mustang happy. Ford guys and gals get steamed when we run a Ford product that lacks Ford power. We can only imagine how upset this bizarre car will make some fans.

We wonder if Mopar fans will be as upset that the Mustang is wearing Mopar panels. Perhaps this is something that Mopar and Mustang fans can come to an agreement on hating together and bridge that gap between the two fan groups. We probably don’t need to ask, but what say you? Is this car horrible or sort of cool? Check out the Charger Hellcat widebody compared against the 2020 Shelby GT500.

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Source: Autoevolution

Shane is a car guy with a fondness for Mustangs and off-roading.

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  1. Glen Ulrici

    Just another car with big ugly wheels-

  2. Robin Patton

    It would look better with the newer charger front clip. And the rear could use a nicer lower panel with some nice exhausts. But overall why put it down? It looks better than that POS 4 door mustang abortion they’re planning.

  3. Harry

    Very well done, it gives the owner a unique car. No problem with that. It’s okay with me.
    Not what I’d want but looks good.

  4. GlenU

    As wheels get larger the cars get uglier & more crass-
    I’m stuck at 18″ as about right for a large wheel proportion for cars made today-

  5. Ed

    I agree with Harry.
    Looks like it is well done, Dodge doesn’t offer a convertible, so if you got the talent make one. I assume it doesn’t have a HEMI, so I at least hope they used a GT to get a V8.

  6. Dav

    Well he did it look nice but like me I like small cars bec I don’t consider a four door charger a mopar car. So pony will all ways be a mopar car so great work could of done a nother style of car but yea good car. Great work.And who care what other people say if u like it that what matther or alse the world be boring if everyone is the same.?


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