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Report: 2021 Ford Bronco Will Spawn A Pickup Truck Variant

The 2021 Ford Bronco will spawn a pickup truck model variant, according to a new report from AutoForecast Solutions.

This new Bronco pickup will ride on the same Ford T6-derived platform as the forthcoming 2021 Ford Bronco SUV and will likely share a powertrain with it as well. Ford won’t be rushing this product to market, however, as production isn’t set to begin until some time in 2024.

With the Bronco pickup targeting the Jeep Gladiator, it is likely that it will be a four-door with a focus on off-roading. This will help set it apart from the next-generation Ford Ranger, which is also expected to arrive between now and 2024.

A prototype believed to be for the 2021 Ford Bronco was spotted earlier this year with a single cab, F-150 Raptor body panels and an extra stubby bed. This prototype is probably for the Bronco SUV, however, as the pickup variant will likely have a longer wheelbase.

The Bronco pickup will be built alongside the SUV and the Ranger at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne. Ford invested $850 million into the plant in 2017 in order to retool it for Ranger and Bronco production.

This new report supports prior rumors that Ford was plotting an entire family of Bronco models. That vehicle portfolio will also include the so-called ‘Baby Bronco’ crossover, which will be based in the new Ford Escape’s platform, along with the regular Ford Bronco. Ford Authority also noticed that Ford recently trademarked the Bronco Sport name, which could be reserved for another Bronco model variant of some sort.

Ford had originally planned to show the Bronco as a 2020 model year vehicle, however the project was allegedly delayed after the fascia design received negative criticism in focus groups. It is expected to be shown in early 2020 before arriving at dealerships later in the year.

Source: Automobile

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  1. Scott

    this “new” line-up will be 6 years old then, once they decide to put it in the market. Idiot move.
    For me, personally, a short “stubby-box” F150 regular cab with a removable top or doors would
    be pretty cool. A) Keep it away from Raptor pricing B) Keep it off a Ranger size wannabe type
    Bronco and C) let the Ranger compete with the Jeep and leave trucks to the big boys and big
    designs. People have waited too damn long for a REAL Bronco to come back.. and if you half-ass it
    with a mini version, you’ll lose a LOT of potential buyers. JMO.

    1. JohnTaurus

      I guess they need to cancel the whole thing. No matter what they build, someone is gonna throw a b¡tch fit about it and threaten to go buy a Toyota.

      1. Scott

        true. Since Ford lovers like me have standards. I’ll stick with my ’18 Fx4 before I’d
        buy anything with turd on the fender ..

  2. Paul

    There may well be room for a pickup smaller than the Ranger and we already know Ford is most likely bring out a Courier sized trucklet. Must be part of Fords plan to have lots of other products available for consumers with the killing off of its car lines

  3. Darlene

    I wish I still had my 1970 half cab Bronco. Why can’t Ford remake that truck with a bed that’s width surpasses it’s length. Everywhere I went, I got positive comments. Ford should survey the public and get their opinions

  4. Bo down

    This truck is in final Body Prototype now
    Wow hoow for the story

    I’ll will have round taillights


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