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This 1972 Ford Country Sedan Is Hideously Awesome


We’re big fans of wagons around these parts; we’d so drive a Ford Focus ST wagon if Ford offered it Stateside. A lot of people feel the same as evidenced by the popularity of the Subaru Outback and VW Golf Alltrack in some markets. The love for the wagon for many people of a certain age goes back the road trips of their youth playing in the back of massive station wagons as they cruised the highway. This 1972 Ford Country Sedan is definitely from the wagon era.

It’s big and brown with the faux wood on the roof rack that it seems all wagons in the era sported. This particular 1972 Ford Country Sedan is a one-owner car and resides in Utah. It’s extremely clean, making us wonder if kids ever rode in the beast. Our wagon had spilled soda, pixie stick crystals, and Doritos powder in every crack in the rear.

Every inch of the brown faux leather in the front bench, back seat, and the pair of jump seats in the far back is in perfect condition. The headliner is good, the carpets are clean, and there appear to be no dents or rust on the ride. Ford crammed a 400 cubic inch big-block V8 under the hood of the 1972 Ford Country Sedan; power shouldn’t be an issue. The big V8 is paired with a Ford C6 transmission.

The wagon has no AC, which is a downer. The seller says the car has 95,400 miles on the odometer. The original engine was rebuilt in 2008, which was 15,000 miles ago, and the transmission was rebuilt 10,000 miles ago. The outside of the car was painted in 2007. Anyone wanting a wagon to recall the road trips of days gone by will be hard-pressed to find a cleaner example, the seller is asking $18,500.

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  1. Mike

    I have a ’72 Country Squire just like this one. Same color and interior, but with wood paneling. It has a 400 engine with over 200,000 miles on it. It’s tired, but still runs okay. Has some rust, but very straight. It also has A/C. $18,500 is ridiculous! I think the seller needs to have his head checked. I paid $400 for mine with tons of extra parts. Sold those exact same hubcaps to some guy in Europe and the car ended up costing me nothing.

  2. Notoncrack

    18,500 dollars? Yeah,sure,ok.

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