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1993 Ford Explorer Is An Unlikely Sand Dune Blaster

A father and son duo named Justin and Terry Christenson built the 1993 Ford Explorer you see here together as a truck to run the sand dunes in. The 1993 Ford Explorer doesn’t look much like an Explorer anymore. It has a Ford Raptor conversion kit on the front to give it a sporty look.

The duo says that they wanted a truck that would perform well on the dunes, but look different than anything else out there. Justin says that if they were to start over, he wouldn’t choose an Explorer, but he says he really likes that there isn’t a lot of them out there.

The father and son own an automotive shop and did most of the work on the 1993 Ford Explorer themselves. One of the few things that the two didn’t do themselves was all the welding. The guys also farmed out the bead rolling for the interior of the Explorer.

The truck has a bit of Ford blasphemy with a 5.3-liter LS motor swapped under the hood since the stock Ford motor is no more. The LS isn’t stock with a Texas Speed camshaft and valve springs. The truck also has custom headers they made themselves.

The engine is paired up with a TH400 transmission with a manual reverse valve body and a 2800 stall convertor. The rear is a Ford 9-inch with Giant Motorsports axle truss. The rear has 4.88:1 gears inside and a full spool. Lots of effort went into the suspension with King 2.5-inch coilovers, and King triple bypass shocks in the front with King 2.5-inch bump stops and 22 inches of travel. The rear suspension is a four-link with Ruff Stuff trailing arms. The rear uses the same King 2.5-inch coilovers and triple bypass shocks as the front.

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Source: Offroad Xtreme

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  1. Don

    If you’re building a Ford. Build a Ford, using a Ford engine. The same applies with other brands. I guess I’m a purest.

  2. freddy Mendez

    Ur so right.ima blue oval loyalist .but this does not make it a ford when a shitty engine is involved

  3. Ford Fan

    If ur gonna buy a new engine, buy a 5.0 coyote… stay with the fords y’all


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