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2001 Ford Explorer Drives Into Apartment Building


Over the weekend a bizarre and potentially deadly accident occurred when the driver of a red Ford Explorer jumped a curb, grazed a tree, smashed a fence, and then careened through the side of an apartment building. The crash left half the Ford Explorer inside the apartment. The driver of the Ford Explorer fled the scene of the accident, and there were no injuries.

Rescue personnel said that the family who lived in the apartment were all outside when they arrived on scene and there were no injuries to report. A police officer who responded to the scene recalled seeing a thin, bald man about 50 years old clad in some sort of orange clothing fleeing the scene. The officer said that the person was bloody.

The three people who lived in the apartment were not in the kitchen area where the Ford Explorer drove into the apartment at the time. However, they did report a man exiting the apartment, and two of the people living in the home said they could identify him. The 2001 Ford Explorer destroyed three walls attached to the kitchen and a bedroom. Damage to the apartment and personal property included a table, TV, and lamps totaled $21,130.

The report indicated that the registered owner of the Explorer matched the description of the suspect. Police indicate that the witnesses will be shown a lineup. There is no word at this time if alcohol or drugs were involved, but it’s likely safe to assume that. The apartment was destroyed in the accident and deemed unlivable.

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Source: Ocala


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