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2020 Ford Explorer Dinged For Poor Interior Quality

The gang over at Consumer Reports (CR) went out and bought a 2020 Ford Explorer to write about now that the SUV is available nationwide. The version that CR purchased is a 2020 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD with the 300 horsepower 2.3-liter turbocharged four and 10-speed automatic transmission. The gang added over $10,000 worth of options to the starting price of the 2020 Ford Explorer for an out the door price of $49,940.

CR points out that the 2020 Ford Explorer hasn’t yet entered into its full test regime, but it has offered up some first impressions on the car, and Explorer fans might not like what the publication has to say. The bad points that CR has initially include that turbo four-cylinder engine is noisy and doesn’t do any favors in an SUV that costs nearly $50,000. The publication also complained that the 2020 Ford Explorer has a lot of wind noise and the transmission lurches forward when starting from a traffic light or side street.

It also complained about rough shifts from first to second gear and from second to third. The quality of the interior was not that great according to CR with panels that were different colors in the sunlight, and they complain that the 2020 Explorer is hard to see out of. The third-row seats are less roomy than the last generation CR tested. The initial verdict is that while the 2020 Explorer cost nearly $50,000, it feels like it should be closer to $40,000.

CR did like the Sync3 infotainment system noting that it is among the better infotainment systems on the market and is easy to master. The testers also felt the new Explorer rides better than the outgoing model. It might be hard for the 2020 Explorer to stand out in a crowded market with its price and issues already noted, according to CR.

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Source: Consumer Reports

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  1. gareth

    So if they added all those extras it cost nearly 50,000 pounds but if they did not it been about 40,000 pounds strangely the amount they reckon the price point it feels like to them!.As for engine noise are they compareing to a electric car!.Wind noise what are they compareing to again!.I think it just nit picking for sake of it on those two things as it makes they argument stronger to moan about the price point even though it cost 40,000 with out the extras they choose to put on it.

    1. Raymond Ramirez

      Are you British? The prices were definitely in U.S. dollars, not pounds sterling. If converted, the price would be 33,200 pounds, not 40,000 (one U.s dollar is worth 0.83 pound). Anyway, CR editors are spoiled by their love for imports and hardly defend domestic products. I had six U.S. produced cars in 52 years and all were wonderful, giving up to 26 years of great service each. Yet when CR gave their evaluations on these cars, there were all downplayed and “Not Recommended”. It is obvious because only CR subscribers participate in their evaluations so they are not true!

  2. Adithya Ramachandran

    Please make an Explorer RS with the Voodoo V8 to give the Trackhawk company. I’d love to see this vehicle squat and then launch like a rocket at the dragstrip.

  3. nauticalone

    The new Explorer is clearly a significant improvement all around. However, the interior quality presentation is one of the areas I thought too could have been more upscale….especially at the price of the upper trim levels.


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