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2021 Ford F-150 Interior Screen Spied

We’ve been seeing a lot of the next-generation 2021 Ford F-150 lately. Earlier this week, we found it romping around with the tailgate down, providing us with a view of the bed, while just a few days prior, we posted photos of a prototype model decked-out in black camouflage, showing off bits of the exterior styling and lighting. Now we’ve got a look at the 2021 Ford F-150 interior and infotainment screen.

Looking over these new photos, there’s one very big takeaway here – a larger central infotainment screen. Compared to the current model, the screen on this prototype looks significantly larger, stretching further across the dash and plunging further down the central console as well. We also notice a row of buttons lining the top of the screen with a silver and black finish.

The infotainment screen seen on this 2021 Ford F-150 prototype is mounted in the same general location as that of the current F-150, as opposed to sticking above the dash like the screen on the 2020 Ford Explorer. The 2021 Ford F-150 screen also looks to be horizontally oriented, once again similar to the current screen.

All this confirms what we’ve heard previously about the upcoming fourteenth-generation pickup truck. As we reported last month, sources familiar with future Ford product plans told Ford Authority that the 2021 Ford F-150 would offer a wider infotainment screen, ranging between 12-inches x 5-inches, to 13-inches x 6-inches. What’s more, sources also confirmed the screen would be mounted in the same general location as the current screen, and come with a row of buttons above it that would control various functions.

We’re glad to see Ford going big with the next-gen F-150’s infotainment readout. After all, the pickup is expected to come with a variety of upgraded tech offerings under the hood as well, with both hybrid and all-electric power, so it makes sense to add some cutting-edge equipment inside to complement.

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Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    “stretching further across the dash and plunging further down the central console as well.” This is the correct way to mount that center screen. The Tesla models and some imports have that screen mounted vertically, which is harder to read and at risk of accidental damage. I expect Ford to correct the mounting position for the 2020 Explorer and for all the newer models.

    Anyway, all the most important functions should be seen on the dash center screen, and handled by the buttons and wheels on the steering wheel, so we drivers can operate it by pure touch, and need not reach over or even touch that console screen. Finally, remember to keep real buttons for the environmental and main entertainment functions.

  2. gareth

    The screen placement in the new explorer is the perfect size(the bigger size one) and placement is perfect to use.A lot bigger screen simply only works in trucks as the dash is a lot bigger.I really do not see the problem mounting a centre sreen slightly so the tops is slightly above the dash height.Its great that they have stayed with buttons for the environmental and main functions.

  3. Joshua Low

    Hmmm copying after Ram no suprises there lol

    1. Fx4man

      being behind Ford is Ram’s history. Enjoy your pittense of ego. Took Ram 3 decades to even know what a truck was ..

      1. TruckMan

        Actually, Ram gets its truck first and has a better value, so Ford is behind.

        1. Ford Owner

          Ford made and sold trucks before the Dodge Brothers began making cars, and before Walter Chrysler left Ford.

        2. TrumpLovesRam

          Better value? Does that explain why Ford is dominating all other competitors is sales? Shoot, Ram was struggling just to pass Chevy in sales on trucks, and we all know how pathetic those are right now. Took Chevy a huge blunder just to enable Ram to pass them.

    2. TRUCKS_R_US

      Actually the Ford Atlas concept truck was the first I saw with a big screen. Ford unveiled it in 2013.

  4. Stuart

    Not sure what TruckMan is trying to say. Ford built the first pickup beginning in 1925 and has been America’s best selling pickup for 37 straight years. It appears everybody is chasing Ford in the pickup market.

  5. Michael Fornetti

    I had a Ram 3/4 ton
    Wheel bearings and CV joints every 50,000 miles

  6. MikeO

    Good. I was afraid Ford would massacre the dashboard by making it 2020 Explorer style. Make center console shifter standard or in the sports appearance package (no dial or steering column shifter) use better plastic inside and I’m in for one.

    1. Ryan

      I personally will not buy a truck with a console shifter, has to be a bench seat which means column shifter because I do not like the electronic shifters at all. So I hope it stays an option, but I’m probably in the minority. Mostly been looking at a Super Duty for my next truck because I don’t like most of the new creature comforts and the Super Duty’s come with less standard.

      1. Micks

        You do realize that even column mounted shifters are electric, correct? No matter if its column, console, push button, or dial all PRNDL shifters are now electric.

        1. Ryan

          I did not realize the new column shifts got rid of the cable. I still like it on the column to save space. I know the dial/push button shifters save space as well but they just feel weird. I’m sure if I own one I’d get used to it but not really a fan. For a truck, I want a big lever I can grab while I’m looking elsewhere maneuvering a trailer or such, not have to look back for a small button

  7. DOn

    in a self driving F Series the entire windshield could be the touch screen. Self driving full automated driving will bring a boat load of new options for the guests in the cab….

  8. Anthony Johnson

    Ford The Best Never Rest

  9. JOHN949

    RAM just had one good month and passed Chevy Trucks for the first time. I sell Ford and RAM and Ford is definitely better and the leader in quality. RAM looks good but the quality sucks. I had the cash to buy any truck and I bought the best, 2013 FORD F150 Platinum. I have had 0 problems. I had the cash to buy the best and I did. If Chevy or GM had a better truck I would have bought one. The difference between Ford and Chevrolet is Chevrolet has to offer $12,500 to $13,000 in rebates. Ford doesn’t.

  10. vbondj1

    Obviously it all comes down to personal preference. What would be nice is if Ram would offer a center console with a console mounted shifter as an option. Both Ford and Ram offer beautiful trucks both inside and out, Ford has better quality while Ram has a more authoritative presence due to the fact that Dodge is focused on it’s muscle car image. A lot of car companies are going with large infotainment screens so it’s really not like Ford is following Dodge, just following the trend. Ford’s overall issue is that it rushes too much and it over thinks a lot of stuff trying to be innovative but a lot of times it ends up just wrong. Ford has a lot of potential if they’d just keep it simple. Ford is so busy trying to be a cheap alternative to a “European” car company that it does a lot of dumb stuff. Now I’m all for the whole SUV thing but it is absolutely insane to get rid of your car lineup. Now I agree Ford should have completely purged all of it’s vehicles except the mustang, but don’t get rid of everything so you have nothing. The issue with Ford’s car lineup was that it was boring. Even if Ford only puts V8 engines in the Mustang, Ford should still have an attractive offer as far as a sedan goes. Ford Just brought out the CD6 platform which currently carries the new explorer but will soon carry the next generation S650 Mustang. Ford had a great sedan, the Taurus, which could easily be put on the new CD6 platform, receive different trim levels as far as standard, hybrid, premium and performance, and Ford could use a lot of the same stuff they already have. Same thing with the Explorer, the Bronco family of vehicles, the Ranger the F150, etc. Ford has let so many ideas slip by them because they become so focused on one thing they become narrow minded and get tunnel vision. there is nothing wrong with hybrid technology or even electric technology but don’t forget that people still like regular cars and performance cars, and muscle cars. If you’re not balanced, that’s when you have problems and the market is big enough for all of them.


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