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Baby Ford Bronco May Not Be Called Adventurer

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We’ve been elbows-deep in Ford Bronco news lately, including exclusively reporting that the so-called “baby” Bronco will be called Adventurer. But according to new information, Ford might not call the smaller Bronco the Adventurer after all.

Sources familiar with Ford product plans told Ford Authority that The Blue Oval was initially set on using the Bronco Adventurer name for the offroad-oriented crossover, but the automaker has since decided to use a different name – Bronco Sport – instead. It’s unclear what caused the change in naming direction.

Baby Bronco prototype

The about-face isn’t terribly surprising considering that we’re still about a year from seeing the “baby” Ford Bronco officially revealed. The vehicle will be the first model in the revived Ford Bronco lineup, which will consist of at least two models – the unibody “baby” Bronco seen here and the body-on-frame Bronco. A pickup truck variant of the body-on-frame Bronco is also expected.

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Bronco Sport is just one of many names ford which Ford has filed trademarks this year. The automaker has also filed for names like Bronco Outer Banks, Bronco Big Bend, and Bronco Scout. All or some of these will likely be used to name trim levels, sub-models or packages for the new Ford Bronco family.

Baby Bronco prototype

As for details on the oily bits, the new Bronco Adventurer / Bronco Sport will be built on the Ford C2 platform, just like the 2020 Ford Escape and Ford Focus, and new Lincoln Corsair. A turbocharged four-cylinder EcoBoost motor is expected as the standard powerplant. Hybrid and plug-in hybrid models are possible as well.

A debut in early 2020 will reveal the final details. In the meantime, we’ll keep our ears to the ground to see what further details we can suss out, so be sure to subscribe to Ford Authority for more Ford Bronco news and around-the-clock Ford news coverage.

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Written by Jonathan Lopez

Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  1. If this is the Baby Bronco it suffers from lack of ground clearance.
    Overall, Ford has the opportunity to really mess this up in that the Baby bronco may not have any off road capability and the big brother will be just that, too big.
    The Wrangler JK/JL is hard to beat in the two door version. Their truck is screwed up though, it’s just too long. I suspect it’s not selling, it’s just a poorly designed pickup truck.

    • i’ve seen dozens of gladiators since they came out. They do seem contradictory. An off road pick up, a rubicon at that, with such a long wheel base and a crappy drop off angle because of the bed. But in my small mountain town of 3k people, they are selling fast.

      • I saw one that stickered for $57,000.
        At that price I’d buy the Ford Raptor over the Jeep pickup/Rubicon.
        I turned my 2016 JK into a Rubicon+, 4:11 gears, Eaton lockers front and rear, fox shocks, chromemoly axles, Dayna 44 front axle. 33″ tires and 3/4″ lift.
        Did it for about $10,000 less than the new JL Rubicon.
        Jeep has this market cornered, no competition so they can charge, I was hoping the new Bronco would change that.

    • Heard from one of their tooling suppliers they are pumping them out as fast as they can and still can’t make enough of them. I think the trucks are weird but apparently a lot of people like them.

  2. Your tip: I saw this in a news release from last year. “The 2020 Ford Bronco is expected to become available in the the middle of the 2019 calendar year”

    Here we are in August and I have not seen a thing. are there actual pictures , details? I am trying to decide between a gladiator, rubicon or a bronco but I do not want to wait another 3 years. I have had my f-150 since 2003 and it has 250000 miles on it. obviously I am brand loyal but do not want to wait 3 years

    • I suspect very highly from how Ford has not given any details on the full size Bronco that it will be released at the NEW date of the auto show next year. Remember Ford conveniently moved the auto show to June starting in 2020. I doubt this will be without releasing what the Bronco looks like. When will they allow you to purchase one? Hopefully late in 2020. But that remains to be seen.

  3. This story is not accurate. The body on frame. Bronco will be in production December 2019. I work at Ford Motor Company. I know.. ?

  4. Names get traded around as the manufacturers let trademarks lapse: De Soto Adventurer, Dodge Adventurer (top pickup trim level), Edsel Citation & Ranger, Lincoln Premier, Plymouth Volare Premier, International Scout.
    But in this day of opioid awareness, I doubt Ford will bring back the early 50’s “Mainline!”

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