Class Action Lawsuit Calls For Recall On Corroding Ford Explorer Hoods

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A new class action lawsuit alleges that Ford must issue a recall for corroding hoods on a wide range of Ford Explorer models. The corroding hoods are the product of contamination in the aluminum body panel, which results in bubbling and flaking paint, among other aesthetic issues.

What’s more, the lawsuit alleges that Ford has known about the hood corrosion issue for nearly two decades at this point, but failed to issue a recall or cover repairs.

Apparently, the corroding hood issue first started in the early 2000’s, when Ford Explorer construction was moved over to lighter aluminum panels with the intention of offering greater fuel economy figures.

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The Ford Explorer corroding hood issue stems from iron contamination of the aluminum panel prior to the application of paint during production. Over time, the iron particles move into the aluminum body part, causing it to corrode.

As highlighted in a recent report from Car Complaints, Ford has already created several technical service bulletins (TSB) on the issue. The first was in 2004, followed by a second in 2006 and a third in 2016. A fourth TSB was issued in February of 2019 that recommended outright panel replacement.

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The plaintiff also points out that the two-year extended coverage for body panel corrosion is limited, as it only applies to a body panel that “perforates,” that is, corrodes through completely. However, aluminum panels can’t perforate, making the warranty essentially meaningless with regard to issues surrounding corroding hoods on Ford Explorer models.

The lawsuit includes “All persons in the United States and its territories who, within the applicable statute of limitations period, and as shown by Defendants records, purchased or leased a new or used Ford Explorer.”

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In 2018, a separate class action was filed addressing bubbling paint for 2013 to 2018 Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition and Ford Mustang models, all of which use aluminum body components.

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Source: Car Complaints

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Written by Jonathan Lopez

Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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    • Hi Gareth:

      Can you tell me where you saw the notice that Ford has agreed to replace the hoods free of charge?

      Thank you

    • Hi Gareth,

      Has there been information regarding Ford replacing hoods or even tailgates? If so, where can one access this information? As I am going around in circles with Ford saying it’s not their issue. I have 2017 Ford Expedition.

  1. My 2014 Fusion aluminum hood is starting to corrode and blister on the leading edge. Ford should repair or replace the problem panels.

  2. my 2017 explorer hood is already corroding with oxidization bubbles and the piece of shit has been detailed and protected with wax + ceramics since inception. consult your lemon laws if your car is as bad as mine

  3. I have 2013 Ford Explorer hood has been bubbling since 1/16 have documentation from dealer saying claim denied several times. Do I have any recourse. Thanks

  4. I have 2013 explorer, it has been well cared for, rust bubbling up on the edge of the hood.
    Please tell me how I can get help, The car was bought new, still looks new except for the hood.
    please help, If Ford does not make it right, I have had 8 fords in a lifetime, this is the 4th
    and last explorer.

  5. Is there currently a Class Action Lawsuit regarding the Explorer Hood Paint? I can jump on. I was just informed that the paint is only covered 3 years or 36,000 miles. My vehicle is almost 5 years old, it started about 10 months ago

  6. Please be aware that this is also occurring in Mustangs with aluminum hoods. Ford is refusing to cover the bubbling hood paint after 36 month even though the hoods were contaminated at their factories prior to painting

  7. Are you willing to disclose which legal firm that is handling this class action lawsuit? Any contact information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  8. I Have 2015 Explorer with same issue , I bought it ford certified and just noticed this issue on Hood. Is their a way i have join this lawsuit. I can share all details and picture of my Explorer .

  9. I have a 2016 Expedition, the paint is starting to bubble on the lift gate and peeling on the front grill. Is it possible to join the lawsuit?

  10. Today I was notified by my mechanic that I had corrosion under the edges of my hood on my 2016 Ford explorer…
    Has anyone had their Hood Replaced Free of charge by FORD?

    • No they keep trying to talk it down, wait on it to ho away…Looks like the lawsuit was filed in Delaware…Need to see the follow up Jury Trial..r

  11. Is their a way i can join that trial , as my 2015 Explorer hood is also having paint bubbling issue .

  12. My 2013 explorer has been well cared for looks like new except for the hood corrosion, I have owned many fords this will be my last one. Ford did nothing but deny and make poor excuses. [email protected]

  13. My 2018 explorer bought in august 2018 is starting to bubble on the front of the hood! Its not even 2 years old!!! This is insane! Thank god I’m leasing it, I wont be the one suffering the depreciation…

  14. I bought a 2015 Ford explorer new. It has been kept in a garage and been well maintained. I
    noticed last week the bubbling along the hood. I’m really upset by this. The mileage is only 56000.
    This was an expensive vehicle.
    I would like ford to give me a new hood if it is continue to bubble after painting it.

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