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Custom 1984 Ford Ranger Hides A V8 Inside

The square and boxy Ford Ranger pickup of the early ’80s was only offered with a four-cylinder engine under the hood. The first-gen trucks had either a 2.0-liter or 2.3-liter Lima inline-four according to the seller. This custom 1984 Ford Ranger was modified in 2003 by a professional builder called Anderson Brothers customs.

This 1984 Ford Ranger has a chopped top giving it a sleeking looking profile and is painted in bright yellow with orange ghost flames on the hood and sides. The step side bed of the truck has what appears to be vents on the front of the fenders.

The significant change for the 1984 Ford Ranger is the removal of that small four-cylinder engine and in its place was crammed a 302 cubic-inch V8 engine. The engine sends its power through an automatic transmission. The current owner is trying to sell the customized Ford Ranger for $26,900 with a reported 7,006 miles on the odometer. The interior is clean and has grey seats, and the dash has the woodgrain that was made wide use of in the early ’80s by Ford.

The dash has custom gauges and the little truck and an aftermarket stereo. Ford has only recently returned to the market with the Ranger of the current generation. The first Ranger was built on the Louisville assembly line on January 18, 1982. The first-gen Ranger was body-on-frame design and had a chassis developed just for the model.

The Lima four-cylinder engines were used through 1989 when a twin-spark-plug version of the Pinto engine was introduced a used through 2001 in the Ranger truck. There is no indication of how much power the 302 cubic-inch V8 makes. Other features include power front disc brakes, power windows, power steering, power locks, and working heat. Check out this DIY Ford Ranger EV.

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  1. Fyords

    That truck came with a V6. I had friends with one and drove it a couple times.
    It was quicker than the 83 2.3 mustang m5 they also had. We raced them.


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