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Flat Rock Plant Changes Indicate Lincoln Continental Not Long For This World

The current tenth-generation Lincoln Continental is looking like it may be on its way out the door, as a new report indicates that the sedan will cede its production spot at the Flat Rock Assembly plant in Michigan to make way for a pair of upcoming all-electric crossovers.

The new report was published by Automotive News earlier this week, and cites unnamed insider sources as providing the tip.

Back in March of 2018, we reported that the new Lincoln Continental would be discontinued entirely following the termination of the current tenth-generation model, as detailed by sources familiar with future Ford product plans who spoke to Ford Authority on the condition of anonymity. What’s more, we reported that Ford invested more than $1 billion to bring the current Continental to market, but thus far, sales have been in decline. The latest tenth-gen Continental debuted for the 2017 model year.

Now, it’s looking like Lincoln Continental production will end by 2021 in order to provide production capacity for two upcoming electric vehicles.

For now, the tenth-gen Conti is produced at Ford’s Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan, the same facility that produces the Ford Mustang. However, according to the recent Automotive News report, the Lincoln Continental will need to make way for a pair of EV crossovers, which will go on sale for the 2023 model year, with production ramping up in late 2022 or early 2023.

Previously, the EV crossovers were slated for production at the Ford Cuautitlán Stamping and Assembly plant in Mexico. However, with the EVs now headed to Michigan, it’s possible the Lincoln Continental may bite the dust.

That said, it’s still possible the Lincoln Continental will cling to life following a production move to China, with exports to the U.S.

As for the new EV crossovers, Automotive News reports that they carry the internal codenames CDX746 and CDX747, and will be offered with both a Lincoln badge and a Ford badge. Sizing will be roughly equivalent to that of the Lincoln Nautilus, and will see a combined annual production of 65,000 units.

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Source: Automotive News

Jonathan is an automotive journalist based out of Southern California. He loves anything and everything on four wheels.

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  1. trailhiker

    It was a great effort for what they had to work with, but the new Aviator and Nautilus are competing in the showroom now.
    I don’t see it being a profitable venture for them to ship the China version over here. It would not help ther image either.

    If the large sedan market ever comes back, they could use the platform Rivian will be sharing for the large SUV.

  2. Adithya Ramachandran

    I wish that the Conti could be moved to Chicago and built on the Aviator platform. I would welcome that change. I love the presence a large sedan like the Continental displays.

  3. CrabbyMilton

    It wouldn’t matter to me which platform they would build a possible future CONTINENTAL on. Just so long as they would do it. I’m not convinced that everybody wants a crossover car and I have nothing against them but some of us would rather have a nice quiet sedan. So if it’s carved in concrete that the CONTINENTAL is to be discontinued, then my new dream vehicle would either be outside FORD or the NAVIGATOR.

  4. Thomas Kilian

    I think Ford is in the process of committing corporate suicide by abandoning sedan production. I don’t want a pickup truck or a huge SUV. I want a nice sedan that is fun to drive, handles well and is built with quality materials and design. If they give up sedans, I’ll have to give up FOMOCO and go to either BMW or Mercedes on the used market. It’s a dam shame a CAR company can’t build cars competitively. I say fire Hackett and replace with a real “car guy”.

  5. Chris Payne

    Yeah, I’ve never bought anything but Ford’s. My first car was a mustang, and 3 Ford’s later, my 4th car was going to be the Lincoln. It sickens me to see them abandon us CAR guys. Don’t know what to do…no loyalty. They’ll sadly get what they deserve. Go Chevy!??:gag

  6. Eric J

    I believe that IF the Conti had been born with ‘suicide’ rear doors, they wouldn’t have been able to build enough of them! Drop in a Coyote V8 and offer it at a competitive price. I too prefer a true car to the SUV herd they’re going to offer. I also think the Lincoln needs to be US built, where it belongs. Let the electric vehicles originate, and die in Mexico or China. It doesn’t matter to those places, but it matters to us! The majority of my vehicles are Fords, including my first…a ‘65 Mustang. I think Ford is making a huge mistake in discontinuing most of their car production.

    1. J Gibson

      Its a very big mistake to manufacture Lincolns in China.I will never buy a China Built car .I have always bought Lincoln Towncars until 2017 Continental came out .Purchased the Select…….I love it Now you are not going to build more Continentals and that is the car for me. Please build US Lincolns Not China or Mexico.J Gibson

  7. Tom

    What’s going to happen is this pick-up truck SUV fad if going to end some day and Ford will be left with no customers even if they began to produce sedans again. The foreign competition to Ford sedans is do strong once the customer is lost they will be next to impossible to ever recapture. I’m afraid Ford is on the path to being a just a GMC type operation.

    Speaking for myself, i’m looking for a couple good used Mercedes Benz’s (I put very few miles on my cars anymore) to trade my Lincoln and Focus in on. I have no desire to drive orphans. I can’t believe the Ford family is staying with this Hackett guy’s strategy. I’m watching the slow death of a once great automobile company.

  8. K

    Bring back the ‘Town Car L’. I need a large trunk and loads of leg room. I may have to switch to Chrysler 300 or (Gasp!) Kia 900, but they don’t make a long wheelbase or elongated trunk in the USA. So what if it becomes a FRONT-wheel-drive, it will sell like crazy, especially if they lower the prices too. Fords are expensive (I don’t mean Lincolns [ouch!], just the Ford models are over priced). Mercury’s were worth the ‘extra $100.’ Most SUVs suck – minivans make so much more sense. It appears Ford needs new leadership as others in these comments have indicated, and quick.


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