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Ford Anti-Skid No Squeak Broadcast Changed Basketball

Ford has done something pretty cool in Brazil to promote its anti-skid technology. Rather than talking up the Ford anti-skid technology with a normal commercial, the company said nothing and went very quiet. You don’t have to be a basketball fan to know the sound of squeaking shoes that comes from any game played on the court.

Ford Brazil used technology to remove the sound of squeaking shoes during a Fox Sports television broadcast of the Brazilian Basketball League Finals. The squeaking of shoes in a basketball game comes from the shoe skidding across the court. Eliminating that sound is a very cool way to tout the Ford anti-skid technology.

Whoever was behind the Ford anti-skid technology demonstration that was used during the basketball game needs a raise. Commercials are largely skipped today thanks to DVRs or people don’t pay attention to them. By touting its tech during the game, with the very noticeable removal of something that some basketball watchers find annoying, the constant squeaking, people paid attention.

Ford Brazil broadcast one minute of the game with no squeaking in each quarter of each game of the finals. To do this required some tech to be deployed at the arena, including six microphones, eight channels, and two mixing boards. When the tech was enabled, the announcer told the viewers that the sound was removed thanks to Ford’s electronic stability control technology in action.

The tech used to remove the sound from the game has nothing to do with the actual Ford tech to stop the car from skidding. However, it delivered the message loud and clear and is one of the most creative ways to promote a feature we’ve seen.

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Source: Forbes

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