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Ford Co-Pilot360 May Shush Backseat Drivers

No one likes a backseat driver, but we’ve all had to deal with one at some point in our lives. We all know how it goes, the person telling you constantly that you are too close the car in front of you or that you are going the wrong way. Ford says that the days of the backseat driver may be coming to an end thanks to new driver assistance technologies like Ford Co-Pilot360.

Ford bases its claims off a recent study by a sociologist called Jess Carbino that says 68 percent of drivers believe backseat driving behavior will decrease because of driver-assist technologies. Many Ford vehicles offer available driver-assist technologies like Blind Spot Information System with cross-traffic alert and Pre-collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking. Carbino’s work found that backseat driving behaviors can cause more harm than good.

The study found that the behaviors often do more harm than good for those inside the vehicle. She says that for a lot of drivers continually getting advice from passengers is more than annoying, it’s also stressful. She says that the Ford Co-Pilot360 system helps encourage trust during the drive and can help to create a more relaxed atmosphere in the car.

Some feel that the growing technology in our lives interferes with personal interactions and relationships, but the study conducted by Carbino contradicts that finding that backseat driving can hurt in-vehicle relationships. Driver-assist technology like Ford Co-Pilot360 can help avoid backseat driving behaviors.

Carbino says that since the respondents had confidence in the technology, they felt the backseat driving behaviors weren’t needed. Ford Co-Pilot360 systems have five standard features including automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot information system with cross-traffic alert, lane-keeping system, reverse camera, and automatic high beams.

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  1. Raymond Ramirez

    I have no problems with back seat drivers. If they begin to act up, I just tell them to drive for me. That will ALWAYS shut them up. The same approach works for passenger seat drivers.


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